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March 1, 2019
Feverghost by Lunegrimm
Featured by RezaBisuto
Suggested by Vyrosk
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"Surely, I can heal your loved ones from the inner fire devouring them away, surely I can lift your sorrow getting your children out of their beds return them to playing and laughing again, surely I can, a great healer I am. All I ask in return from you is to leave your door open for me to and to lend me your time and to share your home and house with me, for you will not toss me after my deed is done. No, I'm not a Vagabond which out the doorway you throw, once he doesn't bring you delight anymore. No, no, dare to toss me, or to ignore me like I'm nothing to you anymore and I will go, in peace,  but will leave behind what once you begged me to lift from those you hold dear and will give it back to them, for I have no need for unnecessary weight"

The "Feverghost" a spontaneous creature design I came up with this weekend, when I finally got to draw something again the last weeks have been quite stressful for me, as well as I was spending a lot of time visiting a loved one the hospital, and still got a coursework to do as well so I'm very glad got to something personal again between it all. And for once something I'm kinda satisfied with how it turned I tried a fair bit of new brushes and techniques and I definitely continue down this road. Its hands are sadly a bit messy but considering my current schedule I either would have finished it today or it would have stayed on my hard drive for quite a while... 
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I thought he was very cute

YikYik's avatar
Wow, awesome and pretty freaky! :D 
GHOST-FEVER's avatar
Hi it's me Ghost Fever, that's all.
Snakekiller667's avatar
Soooo... He will heal if i let him in mi house? why the hell not? Not lie i dont have a crazy black cat in the house all ready.
Suthay's avatar
Love the face.
ConzillatheGreat's avatar
Feverghost: Can I haz ur orginz?
HarpWings's avatar
I can't decide if this is a windigo or Norwegian chupacabra but I love it
I-am-His-artist's avatar
Just looks like a normal chihuahua to me xD jk

Congrats on the DD 
Esolai's avatar
Uuh. Creepy sauce. (:
ShezzLuvsShadow's avatar
Great work, love the shading 
jijifun's avatar
The posture makes this lil man seem quite? Dapper, haha. I’d like to see him with a top hat and a little bow tie. Perhaps a lil pat on the head.

Fabulous work! This was gorgeously done, stylistically, it’s beautiful.
CayCay384's avatar
ZerotheGreninja's avatar
I mean as long as he pays rent I don't mind him staying in my house if he can heal people and restore youth. Sounds like a sweet deal to me
TMNTFanfictionHub's avatar
I was scanning the Daily Deviations and had to do a double take when I came across this one.  Seriously unique and compelling - well deserving of a DD.
Holy crap!! this scary...and really well done too!

Great Job!!
michaeljagersma's avatar
Droeme space arts this is fantastic animale
LindArtz's avatar

Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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Great design,  but the story is fantastic. Very romantic and sad...which fits with the look of the creature. Hideous and beautiful at the same time.
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