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The capital of Kamîrush, an egypt-like country from Alvarania [link]

The city was built on a low hill near the river. Additionally a man-made wall behind the port protects the city from floods.
The inner ring contains the palace of the beloved Queen Dilshad and houses of the upper class. All temples are built in a way which makes them belong to the inner as well as to the outer circle. The free space to the south-east of the inner circle is a fairground, the western quarter of the town is where the dead are kept in houses like the ones of the living people.

Demeras economy depends on huge salt mines north of the town. Most of the buildings outside of the outer wall are homes of the mine workers.

Papyrus (map key): *stayka [link]
other textures (river, overlay, desert, fields): ~coyotemax [link]
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Nice plagiarism. You litterally took the map of Emon of Critical Role and turned it sideways. GG.
This map is older than critical roles home game
Nice map of Emon
Awesome design! 
I like your maps, trying painfully to do some up for a game I am running. Do you do commissions?

I have some programs like Campaign Cartographer but I am no cad person either.
You mean you like Matthew Mercer's maps?
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Yes, I do commissions. Look here for some examples: [link]
Cool, working on a big pathfinder campaign I plan on running, doing a bunch of back story and the like right now.. and a really crude map.

I have Campaign Cartographer (program a lot of rpg guys use to make nice maps, but its CAD) not a good cad either.

So making good maps is hard for me.

When I get more into my write up I will drop you a line.

Its a DEEP underwater adventure, under some domes, and underground city of gnomes and halflings. Pathfinder is the core rules I am using.
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Sounds interesting, I'm looking forward to it :) Feel free to write a note.
Sorry life got busy and have had no time to progress in what I was doing.  But I will keep in touch when I can revisit it.

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Can I use this for a game design of mine? and can we work together? Please reply at : (or) leave a reply at : map, by the way!
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decent map :) faved :)
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Very good looking map, very well done! :)
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Wonderful, I love the style!
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Ich finde die Karte (mal wieder) total gelungen! :pat:
Es gibt an jeder Seite des Bildes etwas zu entdecken und die Texturen lassen alles so lebendig wirken. Die Häuser finde ich jetzt auch viel spannender und die Kanäle realistischer. Interessanter und toller Stil :-)
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Die Häuser waren davor echt doof, gut dass mir das gesagt wurde :) Man lernt eben immer dazu. Es gibt jetzt sogar, weil du das gesagt hast, einige zweistöckige Häuser im Südteil, aber ich glaub das sieht man nur wenn man ganz genau schaut ^^
Ich freu mich, dass sie dir (mal wieder :P ) gefällt!
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Very nice job on this Demera. I really like the way you made the houses, and the colors are lovely.

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