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Good morning, I am your pilot today

Commission for Amazing Mr. X. A time travelling princess meets up with a skillful pilot before going on an adventure! In space, you need an experienced combat pilot to get around.

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I love it.

Only one thing.. have you ever noticed how big the sidewinder actually is?

Those horsies must be huge :P

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I had to ignore realistic 1:1 ratio to make them actually visible on such a large canvas

I tried playing with angles but basically this was the sacrifice I had to make.

Aand it's Cobra Mk.III

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"Aand it's Cobra Mk.III"

I feel dumb right now.

Well, my only excues is, that I don't ususally look on to ship's butt's :P

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Cool crossoverOwO!

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Escort mission in a Cobra with a princess.

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It's mesmerizing, like the ship, especially the background with guns. But it would be better for me to portray the pony in a bit of a classic way. I understand that the future is a new race, I'm just saying that I would like to change. Well done.

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This is grade A cool. Really well done.

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