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The Missing Investment
Ren glared at the clock. It was a few hours before the brothel would open – a few hours before he could see Mei-Mei again.  It had been a few weeks since he had last seen her.  It couldn't be helped.  His job required him to travel across the county for extended periods of time, and his fortune would vanish if he didn't continue to save.  Even when he was away, he sent money back to her.  He felt that it was the only way he could fulfill his obligations at work and still have her see him as her premier client. He didn't want the house mother to force her to find another client.  Even then, he had no way of knowing if she really was safe from being given to another man.  The thought made him sick.
He couldn't take it anymore.  He stood and put on his jacket as he walked down the large halls of his formidably sized house, taking his coin purse as he went out the door.
Despite the slight muddiness of the
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Gift of Love Ch92 deleted scen by lunchy Gift of Love Ch92 deleted scen :iconlunchy:lunchy 0 0 Other OC Meme by lunchy Other OC Meme :iconlunchy:lunchy 0 3 Fanfiction Writer's meme by lunchy Fanfiction Writer's meme :iconlunchy:lunchy 1 6 Wei Rong 01 by lunchy Wei Rong 01 :iconlunchy:lunchy 1 3
Century of Loneliness Rewrite
Heart belongs to You
I pined to care for
But instead it birthed terror
You belong to Who
I thought I left behind
But Love led to my downfall
*All because on the way, on the way
Rain poured heavily
Proof that You were here
Then I blink and I'm in a Desert
Alone with Your mirage
Impossible to Hold
**One hundred years ago, We were not Ourselves
Pain was Real, Tears were Fake
Despair would never end
And now a hundred years later
There's no You and there's no Me
Sky owns the Wind
I wanted to blow
But instead I earned Man's hatred
Who owns the Sky
That I admired
Then I see your Silhouette
** (x2)
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Character Quiz No.1
Choose 10 of your OC's. Or ten of your favorite people. (like friends, family, celebrities. Anyone you think is cool.) But you can't choose yourself.
1: Tao Ren (just for kicks...)
2: Wei Rong
3: Usui Xue
4: Xu Hua
5: Xu/Tao Pin-Mei
6: Meihou Tadashi
7: Tao Ren II
8: Tao Lien
9: Fan Suo
10: Tao Yi
1) 4 invites 3 and 8 to dinner at their house. What happens?
Well, Lien's probably all like "Grandma!", and Xue's like, "Yay!"  But Lien and Xue end up having to cook since Hua can't hold things and such.  But they have a nice dinner of dumplings and sweet things, and a very light-hearted conversation...I think...(Gah, this isn't as easy as I thought it would be).
2) 9 tries to get 5 to go to a strip club.
First of all, OH SHI--
Anyway, Suo would probably do this as a sort of mental torture, and Pin-Mei, pre-GoL, would probably have to go.  If Ren was there, however, Suo would be dead before you could open a milk bottle.
3) You need to stay at a friends house for
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Tao Ren cosplay - AB 2008 by lunchy Tao Ren cosplay - AB 2008 :iconlunchy:lunchy 4 11 Tao Lien - notebook sketch by lunchy Tao Lien - notebook sketch :iconlunchy:lunchy 4 5
In Chinese, Please?
“Alright, here we are,” Ren said as he pushed the door open.
We stood in the doorway, just staring at the confined interior of our new apartment.  It was nothing like our house in Guiyang, which had been a middle class comfort zone.  This…This dark, dreary one-bedroom apartment was…
“It’s…um…cozy,” I said quietly, trying to stay positive.
Ren gave me a weak smile.  We were here because of him.  He had received a student visa so he could attend Harvard here in Massachusetts on a scholarship.  We had hurriedly gotten married so I could go with him, so this was as close to a honeymoon as we were going to get.  Unlike him, my English was not up to par, so the chances of me being able to join him by way of my own merits were slim.  I knew I would have to rely on him in order to get by until I could learn English myself.
We finally went in and looked around.  Ren flipp
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GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P8 by lunchy GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P8 :iconlunchy:lunchy 5 5 GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P7 by lunchy GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P7 :iconlunchy:lunchy 3 1 GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P6 by lunchy GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P6 :iconlunchy:lunchy 3 0 GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P5 by lunchy GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P5 :iconlunchy:lunchy 3 0 GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P4 by lunchy GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P4 :iconlunchy:lunchy 6 6 GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P3 by lunchy GoL Doujinshi: Ch1-P3 :iconlunchy:lunchy 5 0

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Not that I expect anyone to still read this, but i may have some works coming in a month or two. I've started drawing again, and I'm actually enjoying it, so we may see some new pieces, including a small scene from the one-sentence flashback in the AFF version of "A Foolish Offering", and a picture of the Tao Twins as children.

Viva la Ren.


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I remember reading the first few chapters of "a gift of love" anonymously back in 2006 and I loved your OC, But for some reason I stopped reading Shaman King stuff and started to read other series' fan fiction for a while.

Recently I've been obsessing over Shaman King AGAIN and I decided to check out the Shaman King section on Adult Fan fiction. I've just stumbled upon a fic that had an OC called "Pin-Mei" in it. The name rung a bell and I realized that it was the same OC from the Fan fic that I had been reading five years ago!

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Pin-Mei may not really be in the series, but my opinion is that I see her and Ren more Canon than Ren and Jeanne. It'd probably make more sense too!

Keep this up! I seriously cannot describe how amazed I am at your dedication! Sorry I've rambled ^_^"
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