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I did this tonight in Photoshop for a member of the forums. She's going to use this for her fanfic site.

This is an updated version of the Knight Industries logo from the 1982 Knight Rider television series. The original version was gold; I made this silver at her request.

This is full vector work, using the pen tool in Photoshop 7 - it's the first time I've really used the pen tool extensively, and I must's very frustrating. I have cursed Photoshop's name many times tonight, but I can't really complain because I'm not running the latest version, so hey....

I'm pleased with this, overall. I think it's a nice update to the original logo; it looks modern with clean lines and angles, but is still faithful to the original design. Well, except the mane, but hey. I like the extra detail. ([link])

Edit: I redid the head, because I'd finished it at 5 in the morning and although I wasn't happy with the results, I'd said fuck it. Went back and did some work and now, the horse looks more like a horse and less like a griffin/seahorse kind of thing. Also cleaned up the shield.
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Interesting take. I don't like the borders touching the horse - I'd strongly suggest centering your horse piece. If you're going to have it overlap the shield, you might consider making the lines thicker so it still feels like it goes together. I'd also round off the base of the chess piece since you have no angular lines anywhere else and it feels to me, out of place. I really like what you've done with the horse, particularly with the sense of movement in the mane but it feels like it doesn't gel well with your shield.

At the end of the day though, if you're happy with it that's what matters.


P.S. that link you posted to the show accurate logos - that's my work.