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Surrounded by encompassing walls, a prison stands tall and threatening at the heart of Gorudo city. Guarded by turrets, and an uncountable number of combat androids, the prison was built to contain criminals classified as ‘extremely dangerous’. Criminals that could single-handedly bringing down a standard and unfortified facility.

The most recently appointed Warden of the prison, Warden Asami, one day examined the capabilities of her subjects. What other authorities saw to be destructive individuals; uncontrollable and deserving of a death sentence, Asami saw to be a means of satisfying the thirst for action of those living in Gorudo city; an investment.

On that day, the Warden created a game. One which consisted of in-hauling two criminals on their day of execution to an underground arena. A place where the selected criminals sent would have to fight for their lives. Only one could be left standing, and the victor would be granted immunity to any and all forms of execution until a later date.

Naming it the ‘Beacon Project’, Warden Asami became set on building an underground arena alongside a heavily-guarded passageway for possible spectators. She instructed for her secretary, Quinn, to print out pamphlets.

By the time construction of the arena was completed, the Warden received the pamphlets from her secretary. She herself did not notice however, the spelling error in the word ‘Beacon’ before ordering a distribution all across the city.


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- Donate 51 ➜ 70 and become a Outlaw

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For those of you interested in playing the card game, Bacon Project, would you rather... 

26 deviants said a video explaining of the game?
7 deviants said a summary explaining of the game?
3 deviants said ...listen to a recording explaining the game?




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Lunchkunn's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Other


Hello and welcome to my profile page! My name is Lunchkunn, but please, call me Lunch. I'm a 22 year old Game Designer, born in USA ( Princeton, New Jersey ), and raised in England. At the age of 14, I moved to Geneva, which is where I then graduated from high school. After that I moved to Lyon, which is where I am now! I speak 3 languages fluently, them being : English, French and Dutch. Additionally, I can understand German moderately well!

I have an account here on Deviantart because I have a passion for creating games. Specifically card games! So I figured that if making games is what I love, then socializing with artists is what I must do.

◖Past Experience◗

Over the course of 3 years and 4 months, I attended two art schools; located in Lyon ( France ) where I acquired skills in : 3D Modeling ( using 3D Studio Max ), 3D Animation ( also 3D Studio Max ), 2D Animation ( using Flash ), Game Design, Level Design, Computer Programming ( using Unreal Engine 4 ) and drawing ( traditionally, and digitally using Photoshop ).

During my spare time, I learned how to write scripts, stories and of course, create non-video based games effectively. My current passion for creating card games started growing after only my first year of living in Lyon, and continued to grow the following years.

◖Present Day◗

Presently, I am ex-art school student ( after 3 years and 4 months ) having made a decision back in december 2017. I chose to follow my dream of becoming a Game Designer working ONLY on creating card games. And that is what I have been doing to this day!

◖Bacon Project◗

Bacon Project is a card game of my invention. One that I started making back in August 2014. Destined for devoted fans of ‘Player Versus Player’ type games (PvP), the game pits two criminals renowned for their destructive capabilities in an underground arena.

Note that over the years, Bacon Project has been illustrated by Xenmetalwolf, Ladycheck, Pinguvert and Runshin, with help from Lemonybone, Sweetprank, Rukuluc, Nadart12, Shueren, Runastark, Mochamalkie, Ririaarts and Criselaine.

◖Contact Information◗

Feel free to contact me whenever, and for whatever reason via Deviantart, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or LinkedIn,

Send me a Note! | Lunchkunn #5922 | | |… |…

◖Team behind Bacon Project◗ ✍✍✍✍ ◖with help from◗ ✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍

:iconxenmetalwolf: :iconladycheck: :iconpinguvert: :iconrunshin: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ :iconlemonybone: :iconsweetprank: :iconrukuluc: :iconnadart12: :iconshueren: :iconrunastark: :iconmochamalkie: :iconririaarts: :iconcriselaine:

◖What is Bacon Project?◗

Bacon Project is a card game of my invention. One that I started making back in August 2014. Destined for devoted fans of ‘Player Versus Player’ type games (PvP), the game pits two criminals renowned for their destructive capabilities in an underground arena.

With access to a variety of skills and abilities provided by a selected character, each of the players are charged with accomplishing one objective: To slay their opponent’s character in order to achieve victory. By managing those abilities, players are put to the test of finding most effective strategies and combos to achieve said victory.

◖What do I need to play Bacon Project?◗

Bacon Project utilizes a SINGLE standard 54-card deck of playing cards. Such a deck must be provided by either of the players.

Additionally, each of the players must be in the possession of a Character Profile such as HECTOR HUNT 12 RAVEN GREY 19 or JOE MALLORY 11.

◖How do I play Bacon Project?◗

For the time being, Bacon Project is being marketed as a ‘Print & Play’ due to its unique appearance and in-game mechanics. Players willing to try this game out can find all pages of the rulebook posted here on Deviantart,…

The Character Profiles of Hector Hunt, Raven Grey and Joe Mallory are purchasable as ‘Prints’ for those also willing to contribute to the making of Bacon Project!

◖Available Prints ◗

Postcard ( $ 2.99 ) : By purchasing the Postcard version of a Character Profile, you are supporting me and the team working on Bacon Project; bringing us one step closer to producing weekly content!

Mouse Pad ( $ 9.99 ) : By purchasing the Mouse Pad version of a Character Profile, you are GREATLY supporting me and my team working on Bacon Project; bringing us THREE steps closer to producing weekly content!


Icon Exposure


Icon Exposure + Art Exposure


Icon Exposure + Art Exposure + Computer Wallpaper


Icon Exposure + Art Exposure + Computer Wallpaper + Black & White Exclusive* Katana Cloverfield


Icon Exposure + Art Exposure + Computer Wallpaper + Black & White Exclusive* Katana Cloverfield + Black & White Exclusive* Victoria Gunner


Icon Exposure + Art Exposure + Computer Wallpaper + Black & White Exclusive* Katana Cloverfield + Black & White Exclusive* Victoria Gunner + Cake Badge

NOTE* Black & White Exclusives are drawn by my own hand, and will be unobtainable after Donation Pool ( 1.0 )
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By Deviantart Artist : Saitonart

By Deviantart Artist : Tsunesamaa

Preview : Computer Wallpaper

Preview : Black & White Exclusive* Katana Cloverfield

Preview : Black & Wite Exclusive* Victoria Steel


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