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Middle Earth Theme Park

Edit: Color facelift! I redid the color on this a bit ago and realized I didn't have it updated on here.

Here is the Middle Earth Theme Park design I did for a project back in 2012. Slowly I've been adding more art and finally got it colored up.
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I wish this would be real! I'd so love to visit that place over and over again! <3

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Same here! Maybe some day... we can hope, right?

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I would go to this park. 
Shut Up And Take My Money Shut Up And Take My Money Shut Up And Take My Money 
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Haha right!? Needs to happen. ;)
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Considering the competition Disney has with Universal Parks, since the latter has the rights to Harry Potter, I would like to see a Middle-Earth themed area (based on both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings) at any of the Disney parks (particularly at the Magic Kingdom in Florida). I imagine it would take forever and be very difficult to realize, considering the Tolkien Estate was fond of the Disney company. So, I'm curious to ask what you think.
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Well it was said that Tolkien didn't like Disney. That's not actually true I believe... the letter in which he wrote it he was condemning the look of Disney's dwarves in Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs where he felt that they were too cartoony and goofy looking. I imagine he would have been more appreciative of a grittier dwarf like in Peter Jackson's films... but that said Disney is the pinnacle of theme parks... problem is Universal is hot on their heels and while they may not have operations down quite so well they have style and theming that's made Disney look bad a couple times.

The big problem is more the Tolkien Estate which would likely not allow the content to become a park for fear of cheapening the experience. They already were not very happy with the movies (the second 3 I can understand... I understand only a little bit with the first 3 as PJ and the writers sorta threw Frodo under the bus in character development for favor of the more heroic looking Aragorn and others. ...apart from the other weird story changes to put in more 'cool' bad guys and fight scenes.)

My only hope is if it somehow does happen it doesn't happen like Dreamworks or Lionsgate properties have... where the rights are sold out to other companies and then they are just tossed into a park that makes no sense. Universal did this with Harruy Potter initially because at the time they too didn't seem to get how important cohesion was to the experience (which Disney is a master at.) Also they didn't know really the huge fanbase of the IP. They're trying to make up for it with adding Diagon Alley and rumor has it there may even be more. Really they should have had a whole park devoted to Harry Potter like this one for LOTR. I know that Disney would realize this and either have a very good area with proper transition or go whole park on it...

Big problem is the fanbase for LOTR is not as strong as Harry Potter... It appeals to less people so it would almost be a disservice to make it a reality unless it was a LARP/Faire-style park as well or had that element. Because it just being one attraction or even a land would just be... tragic.

That may be a bit more than you bargained for, haha, sorry! I grew up in the industry and it's what I do art for as a job now so sometimes I prattle on about all the what-ifs!
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Thank you for the reply anyway, and I just realized I made a mistake in my comment, but didn't notice before submitting and I would like to apologize for it. In the comment I meant for it to say that, "I imagine it would take forever and be very difficult to realize, considering the Tolkien estate wasn't fond of the Disney company."

I didn't realize until now that I've typed was, not wasn't. Please forgive me for that error I've overlooked.
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No worries! I wondered if that had been a mis-type. And of course! Sometimes I take a while to get back to people because I get so busy, but I try to reply when I can give things time... especially stuff like this, which I clearly get a little over the top about, haha! :)
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Thank you for your understanding.
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Excellent job!
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What a great basic layout! Clap  I would definitely visit this theme park.
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Thanks! :D Maybe one day we'll have something close hehe!
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Yes, yes please!!! Oh I would SO want to live near this theme park, would it be built :heart: 

You designed it lovely, too! It's awesome that Rivendell is in the middle of the park <3 And I would love to climb in the trees of Lothlorien. I seriously hope this theme park can be realized one day :D
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Hehe. Thanks! Yeah, since Rivendell is in both story lines and the center for knowledge I thought it fitting there in the center. Maybe one day we will get our dreams!
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Very clever thinking there! :D I love the idea! And I like your last slogan~ and I hope this dream will become reality =)
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this is fantasic   :+fav:
... and btw ... I think Isengard is at the right side ... in front of the mountain looks like the tower of Isengard 
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Isengard is a feature in a ride, rather than its own land. :)
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this place should exist!
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Great work! I love it and the idea to do a Middle Earth theme park is great Love But I also wondered where Mordor and Isengard are :D
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Mordor and Isengard are both featured in rides within the park. You can see the tower of Isengard over behind Lorien as part of the boat ride there.
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