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3D Tea package design

By lunatis
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Society is a brand I created for my Branding Class at ULaval.

The design was built and rendered using Modo, a 3D modeling / rendering software from Luxology.

I did everything, from original idea, concept to modeling, texturing and rendering.

The tea is in the raw form inside the bag and can be purchased individually after as refills. The real life height is of only 15cm.
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Hello. I have a need for some creative packaging for a product, I wonder if you would be interested and if I can commission you for it
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I love it! Greeat job! :)
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Thank you very much :)
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I would say this is not a photo just becaus of a coulpe of details like the mirrored logo on the right bag. Btw great work and effort! i really would like to have amazing 3d skills, like you do :D

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never noticed, so obvious!
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eheeh as you sure know most obvious things are the most difficult to realize and see by ourselves xD
wow..great effort
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esti de belle job de rendu 3D JimboJim :highfive:
Si ce produit la sortait sur le marché, j'acheterais surement toutes les sortes possibles
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Nice package! I thought this was just a really sweet photo of it at first, so great render as well!
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