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Roo Fee Oh
Here be my bard boy's profile pic. 

He's not alive but won't believe it.  He's a self-proclaimed non believer in magic even though he's being personally haunted by a god of death.  He likes pillows, opulence, money, and relaxation, but can never sleep, had all his money disintegrated, and party members who despise him for being a hoity toity noble.  He's got issues. :D 

I drew this about a year ago, but with the demise of tumblr, I'm going to try to slowly upload some 2018 art here. 
Fookin Yule
This is the kind of shit I've been on for my DnD group.  It's a quick, lazy style and I've actually grown to like it.  Quick is the imperative part because rip time.  Anyways my dude is bottom left, the dumbass bard.  He's a special boy. 
lmao @ tumblr destruction coinciding with the da overhaul
lmao^2, one might sayeth
I forgot how painful it is to upload stuff here.  You'd think after however many years DA would have learned to streamline.  It takes forever!  x_x  Anyways, hi, posted bc Denise doesn't use much other sm.  Now, I go again, farewell. 

I'm reading last year's nano, which I'm planning to finish, and it gives me chills with HOW GOSH DARN AWFUL it is. Thus said, back to basics, I'm reading articles on how to introduce characters properly. Here's a few just in case you're even a fraction as horrified by last year's work as I am: 

1) landlockedscreenwriter.nwoscre…

  I like this article because of the 3 H's thing, and also it reminds me I don't need to be as phobic of metaphors and descriptive speech as I am. 


  This generator is awesome because it will put random words in the bullshit machine and excrete stuff that ranges from amusing to plain awesome.


  Good examples from movies.  How do I feel tho about physical description as an intro? I dunno yet. Apparently it's way common and I've gone so far beyond ever describing people physically that I feel I should take a step back and just do it.  Maybe?  Thoughts? 


    Novel intros of characters!  I love these.  They're just fun to read, and more relevant than script writing techniques to nano.

5) I DUNNO??? Lay 'em on me?



create nothing out of something
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Hey Heather,  I let my core membership on dA lapse, and just recently renewed it. All of that pretty formatting you did for me is now gone except for my ID photo. Do you know how I can get it back? Help! 
LunaticStar Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018
I have no idea, I haven't used the da interface stuff in forever D: 
denlm Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2018
Sad. I miss it.
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I know you are barely here anymore, but still....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! All the best wishes from Germany!
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Happy birthday, dear girl. I hope you have a beautiful day.

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