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Happy New Year for everybody here <3

LunaticDolls is working hard to keep touch with the growing numbers of items our shop contains - we now have a range of accessoires from Kreepsville 666, Liquorbrand and PattyHayton in stock.

If you are looking for a custom made wig or hairpiece please contact us at - the current turn-around time is 8-10 weeks for dread wigs or dread falls.
I did not show up often here the last weeks - I have been quite busy making new jewellery & searching new items for our shop!

You can find my new handmade jewellery on etsy & dawanda:

etsy: [link]

dawanda: [link]
Just in time for the nearing Amphi-Festival we managed to get our shop started - you can now check it out at www. lunaticdolls. com
There are already several pre-made custom wigs, hair falls, cute corsets, lots of make-up, hair dye, latex-chokers and other accesoires available - but we are always adding new stuff to our shop. Subscribe to our newsletter to get all news!

Please feel free to leave us any comments and critics - we are still trying to improve our shop and will be adding more products and pics soon!

If you find any broken links or pictures that won't work drop us a line at - thank you!!!

Our gallery is still under construction - but it will soon show you all our defective dreams & nightmares ;)

You can also find some handmade stuff on etsy and dawanda - just klick the following links or copy them into your browser and you will directly be there!