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Omfg it's done.. It's finally doneeee. I'm so happy with the way this turned out like.. Hella. This is so cool and fun and skljdkaljd. <333
Thank you to A-Psycho-Banana who watched me during the first half of this! <33 >w<

GAH. I'm just so happy with it. *^^* <333

A gift for my boyfriend, for being a cutie when he rambles about things he likes >o> <333
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Purtty! I have the actual desktop of this.
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Hey, League of Legends showed you in their DJ Sona fan art.…
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Yeah, my friend sent it to me as well. :)
How did you made that paint looks so awesome?
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;a; idk i just.. paint like I normally do Dx lol
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You... are awesome. I love this!:happybounce: 
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Thank you! ;//;
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Love this skin!! And you've made it even more awesome!! :nod: :love:
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Ahh thank you so much! <33 :love:
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This looks great, I love the bright pastel colors. DJ sona looks great in your style :heart:
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Thank you! <33
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You are amazing!! I adore how great their surroundings look because every time i try to draw a background/ objects a character is interacting with, it looks so unnatural! Gorgeous!
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Oh my goodness <33 Thank you so much uvu <333
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Awesome work! I love the vibrant colors *^* Little Pixel Heart 
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Thank you so much Yuuki!! <3
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Wow, this is absolutely stunning! ♥ Wonderful work!! :love:
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Thank you so much uvu <333
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Hehe^^; Thank you!
You're too amazing <3
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Aww baby <3 stop it. You're amazing the amazing one. c;
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This turned out so so so very well, the colouring is amazing and i adore the lighting so so so much!
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Thank you so much Suii!! <3333
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