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Affiliation: Hunters Guild Team 

Jade — Leader 

Nootau Co-Leader 


:bulletgreen: Name:  Jade


:bulletgreen:  Species:  Larvitar


:bulletgreen:  Age:  Mid-Teens


:bulletgreen:  Gender:  Lady


:bulletgreen:  Nature/Trait:  Brave & Capable of taking hits


:bulletgreen:  Ability:  Guts—Increases Attack to 1.5× with a major status ailment.  


:bulletgreen:  MOVESET:  

Headbutt  /  Sandstorm  / Smack Down  / Iron Tail 



Jade is as sweet as they can get. She is a very curious Larvitar that enjoys finding new things and becoming friends with others. She is also pretty intelligent. Much of that has to do with how she was raised by her adopted mother and adopted father. Overtime, however, Jade has mellowed down and is a female with a packing punch! She knows how to use her powers now, but even then, the small Larvitar may lose control. But she is quick to apologies for her mistakes; as well as speaking her mind if she is a bit miffed.


Brief Bio:

:new: Jade is not of Andalusst; rather, she is of a tribe far far from the city itself in the woods. However, because of the side effects of the fog, she has a very hard time recalling anything of her past. The female Larvitar recalls faded images of her parents…her “adopted” parents. Because she dreams of her past more so than she remembers it while conscious, many a time she forgets them but they reappear in her dreams again. The only certain memories she can ever recall without hassle are her lessons and rituals of herbal shamanism, and how she “saved Nootau from impending doom”…


(More info to be added later~!)



:bulletgreen: Jade is a little smaller than most Larvitar, thus is lighter in weight too.

:bulletgreen: She has “birth-marked” tattoos on either side of her face being a small right triangle. Her eye markings are also more curved and fluid than an average Larvitar

:bulletgreen: Jade has some serious strength! She can lift weights 3 times heavier than herself. So…the equivalent of a Snorlax or so.

:bulletgreen: Jade can hear vibrations of individual Pokémon through the soil and/or sand. She can also willingly use Sandstorm as whips, rather than just simply unleashing the move.

:bulletgreen: While using Smack Down, rarely does the female Larvitar use her hands; rather, she uses either a boulder or building piece to use. 



:bulletred:  Name:  Nootau

:bulletred: Species:  Absol*

:bulletred: Age:  Early Teens 

:bulletred:  Gender:  Gentleman


:bulletred:  Nature/Trait:  Docile & Quick to flee


:bulletred: Ability:  Justified —Raises Attack one stage upon taking damage from a Dark move.


:bulletred: MOVESET:

Quick Attack  /  Hidden Power (Fire)  /  Counter  /  Endure



Nootau…is almost, if not completely, alone when he first thought of being on a team. Reason being…he is deaf, as well as a shiny runt. He was looked down upon by his clan, until Jade came along and practically dragged the skittish and nervous Absol with her into the unknown. Nootau can’t exactly speak normal; he speaks usually one or two words. Most of the time, Jade will explain what he means. Nootau looks up to his adopted step-sister because she is so much braver than him. Nootau is honestly a sweet ‘mon, but because he is “damaged” and fears rejection, therefore rarely interacts with other ‘mon. The shiny Absol is sharp with his mind and his feet, though is quite weak with his strength, yet he dreams to become as strong as his blood-sister someday…


Brief Bio:

:new: Nootau was born as a runt; a very sick, deaf, deformed, and close to dying runt. He was given only hours to live. Where he was born into, shinnies are considered rare and not exotic; in fact, the tribal members fear shinnies will bring bad luck, especially runts like Nootau. It wasn’t until Nootau’s oldest sister, who had returned with her new family back to mend things right after so long, came and adopted him as her son, giving him his rightful name for the inner fire that burned relentlessly within his soul and mind. Nootau grew up with Jade, seeing her mostly as his savior, going as far as leaving the tribe when she disappeared, reuniting with her in the fog and thus arriving in Andalusst. And even though Nootau was saved once from death, he fears his nightmares of darkness and eternal silence will bring forth death once more…


(More to be added later~!)



:bulletred: Nootau’s name stands for “fire” in Native American language.

:bulletred: He has tribal tattoos on his head-razor

:bulletred: Nootau has Heterochromia  eyes

:bulletred: He was born deaf, as well as with “deformation” of his head-razor and his tail

:bulletred: Nootau can sense one’s soul, thus can feel emotions and actions through the ‘thumping’ of their hearts/souls. This was his only special trait when born

:bulletred: His head fur is braided to symbolize he comes from a more tribal past.



:email: Mission/Event Log  :email:

Mission 1 – Gigagantic Problem:
Errand 1 - Grafiti Clean Up:
Errand 2 - Egg-tastic Festival!:
Errand 3 - Experimental Potion:
Errand 4 - A Shaman's Blessed 'Show':
Errand 5 - Brush Off the Glassy Sand:

:damphyr: Accessories/Inventory Items  :damphyr:

Tashina Shawl (With Jade):

Wit’é Nağí Nap’íŋ (With Nootau):


:star: Prizes/Money  :star:

Current Amount –  7 Star Coins  
(M1; M1 Bonus; E1; E3)
*E2, E4, & E5 apparently do not apply to the rules and thus are not qualified for any star coins.


:rose: Miscellaneous  :rose:

Shiny Meme (Jade):
Non-Shiny Meme (Nootau):
Sub-Stats (Jade):
Sub-Stats (Nootau):
Virtues & Vices (Jade):
Virtues & Vices (Nootau):
Voice Meme:
Phobia Finder:
Type Swap (Jade):
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Hope you like it!


Moonlight Cascades/Jade/Nootau (c) Cassie/Me
PMD-Unity/Hunters App (c) :iconchillysundance:

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I knew you were familiar when I saw your name pop up in PI!!!
I remember these guys and when they were on tumblr!!! We didn't interact much but ahh its pretty darn neato to see ya around again!!! ///and once again thankies for the rosy hue item I plan on using it on a Vulpix/Steenee bab I have