Net Neutrality!

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As predicted, all three men voted to dismantle the protections. Please go to their twitters and call them gopher fuckers.

You may panic, but be smart. There are plenty of lawsuits waiting in the wings. Net Neutrality repeals have failed twice before when taken to court. However- do not bank on it, there is always a chance for this slimy shit to slither right through.

What you should do right now is call Congress and tell them what you think.
If we are quick enough we can force them into using the CRA- the Congressional Review Act. You can tell them you want that.  
We have 60 days to do this.

Here’s a link with some info.
You’ll see a script on your screen, or you can say something like this:
I support Title II net neutrality, and I urge you to use the Congressional Review Act to pass a “resolution of disapproval” reversing the FCC’s December vote to repeal the Open Internet Order.”
You also need to call your Senators and Representatives, especially if they received money from any telecom companies (Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and so on). Give. Them. Hell.
You can also Text “BATTLE” to 384-387 to use a simple chat-bot to send a message to your lawmakers.
Text “RESIST” to 50409 for ResistBot.
Here is a page from the ACLU with instructions.

If you are outside of the US, consider donating to these organizations- they will continue the fight for the free internet.


Also FCC people to spam with emails
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If it helps, big internet service providers aren't going to be making any big changes or block any websites since they know they'll trigger their customers and/or cause lawsuits; they don't want to get involved in that. I'm not sure if I understand the situation fully and I don't know the whole story regarding which company is on which side, but it seems like companies like Comcast and AT&T, just to name a few, are more on our side than Pai's. It may be to protect themselves, but we've still got some big companies with us. Thankfully it's not "Pai and All Huge Corporations vs. Society as a Whole". That does make things a bit less scary.

Although we'll still have to be on our toes since the only thing protecting us now are these companies who could hire the wrong people and succumb to greed. 

This is where I got the info from:…

And you're right, we can still fight. It ain't over yet.
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it might, but this is a bad start to things
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Night 1 of emailing the FCC brought up interesting results.

When I emailed Mignon Rosenworcel, I got an automatic (and obviously robotic) response.  In the pre-prepared text, Rosenworcel actually said she fought for Net Neutrality and is in favor of keeping the internet consumer and citizen-minded.  She also included a fact sheet.

I have not read the fact sheet yet, but the email itself seems to indicate she's on our side.  If the fact sheet says otherwise, I'll let you know, but Rosenworcel may not be one of the bad guys and may already be on our side.


(Opens the fact sheet.  First words are "Understanding Chairman Pai's Plan to Dismantle Net Neutrality.")

Maybe I was wrong and she IS one of the bad guys...I'll have to read it over before I pass final judgment.
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anyone on that boat is either corrupt or doesn't understand they're onboard the titanic.
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Thanks for sharing this info!  I wasn't sure what the next move was going to be or how to do anything useful.
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Soon as I get the chance (and I work up the courage) contacting my flipping congressman (again). Seriously, I thought they wouldn't be this level of stupid and corporate driven but again I was proven how wrong I was to think the best of people. I just hope this enrages people enough to get them to drive congress to not let it go forward and die here and now. I hate we have to fight for something so many people know is wrong and said is wrong but by God they just don't want to listen do they.

I don't let myself get this heated online but just FUCK!
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or you could use the emails, copy and past those names in and type in net neutrality in the topic

I just put in:

The internet belongs to the people of this country not to the companies.
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DevinitalHobbyist Digital Artist
Huh. that's a thought.
Thank you.

Still going to try and be active, I'll try and link my friends to this (not DA friend RL friends). but I know some of them have a bad tendency of being lazy or just passing it off as unimportant. But I'll definitely have to do what I can.
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yeah this is too big to ignore
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