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Why Hello

By LunarUmbrage
Discord reminds me of the Cheshire cat. What with the riddles and the way he changes shape and form and stuff.

It's neat.

Discord (c) MLP
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DISCORD:  About time, too, Twilight.

TWILIGHT:  Ugh!  You again.  I'd rather you keep yourself shut.  I'm already on edge.

DISCORD:  Purrrfect.  When you're not on edge, you're taking up too much space.

TWILIGHT:  You're no help at all.

DISCORD:  But you know I can be...

TWILIGHT:  I was hoping to have landed somewhere so I can have some peace.

DISCORD:  Abandon that hope!  A new law reigns in this Wonderland, Twilight.  It's very rough justice all round.  You, be on your guard!
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Discord: What do you call yourself?
Twilight: Twilight Sparkle.
Discord: THE Twilight Sparkle?
Twilight: There's been some debate about that.
Discord: I never did get involved with politics.  
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"Are you seducing me Mr. Discord, sir?"

-- friend's response to seeing this. I lol'd, royally.
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Perhaps he is... lol
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Let's hope that somepony he's looking at starts running, and fast~ But then again knowing Discord, once he sees someone it's too late xD He'll never leave them alone :giggle:
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Discord is awesome
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Hehe, I guees if there ever a MLP/Alice in Wonderland parody, Discord would be The Cheshire Cat.
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He definitely would be :U Then Twilight would probably be Alice...
choco-latte-squirrel's avatar
True, and Spike would be the White Rabbit or Dinah the cat. :P
LunarUmbrage's avatar
YES. Pinkie could be the Mad Hatter...
This idea is genius. -3-
choco-latte-squirrel's avatar
Yes, it does. Both are crazy, hyper, ad just plain silly.
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this is all the truth
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It sucks that you're grounded and can't go out with your girlfriend...
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Yeap, the Cheshire cat. Or mine is preferred.

:iconimmeenplz: : "Why hello, little bookworm. I do hope you're enjoying your whirlwind tour of my labyrinth? Hmm..." *disappears*
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Love that pose. :heart:
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He looks adorable :D
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