Too many freakin' viruses here lately.

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I've noticed a significant number of browser exploits on DeviantArt since last January.

It's getting to the point where I fear coming here - you hit the wrong page, and one of those banner advertisements will try and install malware onto your machine.

It nearly got me - after visiting DA and getting a "Your Computer May Have Spyware" popup, it totally messed my browser, directing me to a page trying to sell me a mock spyware app regardless of what site I went.

Luckily a friend had Malware Bytes on a USB drive, and it was able to remove the damage.

However, after that, I won't even use Internet Explorer here anymore.

Even Safari isn't totally foolproof, however.

IMHO, The DA needs to really get on the ball here.

They had acknowledged in email that there may be some rogue banner advertisements doing this, but it was beyond their control to seek them out.

I'm going to lay it down simply here -- if people become worried about getting viruses when going to a site, they stop going to the site. That's not good for advertising revenue or a site's long term well-being.
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