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I've been busy working a long-term album (Piecemeal), which I'm writing piece by piece. I also just completed an AMUC album for the 2012 RPM Challenge, entitled "The Kitchen Sink":

The created piece of Piecemeal can be found here. It's not that big of a piece yet, but it's slowly getting bigger:…

The "Kitchen Sink" album can found here. The entire album was done in a single month, so it does have a couple rough spots. Overall, I like how it came out though:…

I was also involved in a science fiction anthology entitled Foreshadows: The Ghosts Of Zero. A soundtrack accompanies the book and I was one of many people who composed music for it. (Each story has a music track paired with it.) What's interesting in this case is the music existed first, and then various authors listened to the tracks, and penned stories inspired by the music.

For more information about Foreshadows, go here:
  • Listening to: Arch/Matheos - Sympathetic Resonance
  • Reading: Foreshadows - The Ghosts Of Zero
  • Watching: Storage Wars (Yeaaaaaaah!)
  • Playing: Soul Calibur V
  • Eating: Lots of high-calorie things that I shouldn't be.
  • Drinking: Yes.
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Foreshadows: The Ghosts Of Zero got pretty good review, and Alternate Modes of Underwater Consciousness got mentioned by name:

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March 9, 2012