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Baptism is a ten minute track that I recorded for the Dead In The Water album last year. I wasn't completely happy with the way it turned out. It seemed to drag a bit, so I set my sights on retooling the track.

It took me about six weeks, but this is the end result:…

It's definitely a headphone sort of track -- any feedback is appreciated. It seems like I'm engaged in a never-ending battle to get the levels right.
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I've noticed a significant number of browser exploits on DeviantArt since last January.

It's getting to the point where I fear coming here - you hit the wrong page, and one of those banner advertisements will try and install malware onto your machine.

It nearly got me - after visiting DA and getting a "Your Computer May Have Spyware" popup, it totally messed my browser, directing me to a page trying to sell me a mock spyware app regardless of what site I went.

Luckily a friend had Malware Bytes on a USB drive, and it was able to remove the damage.

However, after that, I won't even use Internet Explorer here anymore.

Even Safari isn't totally foolproof, however.

IMHO, The DA needs to really get on the ball here.

They had acknowledged in email that there may be some rogue banner advertisements doing this, but it was beyond their control to seek them out.

I'm going to lay it down simply here -- if people become worried about getting viruses when going to a site, they stop going to the site. That's not good for advertising revenue or a site's long term well-being.
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Just checking if any of the musically-inclined Deviantart folk would be participating in the RPM Challenge this February.

Basically - the goal is to create an entire album (35 mins worth of material) entirely in the month of February.

If anybody is game, here's the website:
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I've been working on a new Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness album for at least the last eight months.

It's nearly completed, but I'm so #!?^ sick of hearing these songs now, that I need other people's ears to assist.

So, I'm going to begin posting the songs in order on Soundclick. They're pretty much done - at this point, I'm just nitpicking the little stuff, for the most part.

The first track is the title track - it runs over seven minutes long, and incorporates ambient, synthesized music, and even some more conventional sounding hard rock [well, sort of..]

It's freely available for download here:…

Or here:


Feedback is appreciated..
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I've posted a lot of new music over the last few months. (In fact, I just completed an album called Well Of Thoughts for the RPM Challenge in February. I've been slowly leaking that onto my website.)
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I was trying to cross the street on the way home from the market. The intersection in particular is very difficult to cross, since there's a never-ending stream of movement. You generally have to taken any opportunity that you get to try and cross. I waited for there to be a lull in the traffic on the road, but when I tried to cross, this guy turns onto the road, trying to sneak his car in before more traffic comes. I see him coming, but stand on the street for a sec, assuming that the whole 'pedestrians have the right of way' thing will get him to stop and let me go.

Of course, it didn't work out that way - I hop back up on the curb with a "my mistake" sort of oops, only to get listen to him lecture me on how I should have my eyes open for his entire stint at the red light.

It makes me boiling mad - I'm willing to play the apologetic card until they get all high and mighty like that. But that always rubs me the wrong way, particularly when they're in the wrong, and damn well know it. (Legally, he should have stopped and allowed the pedestrian passage.)

I gave him a one-finger rebuttal as he was driving away - I actually kind of feel bad for it now, since there was a kid in the car. However, I doubt I could have gotten many words in considering the speed he was moving, and the gesture admittedly did convey my general sentiment quite nicely.
Don't get me wrong - I'm not a violent person for the majority of the human population - however, I think cruel and unusual punishment is more than justified for spammers, particularly the ones that try and add a lot of junk messages to guestbooks and blogs.

Why can't we draw and quarter them?!?! Or tar and feather them? Or at very least flog them?!?!

I mean, it would definitely provide a lot of incentive to not engage in such slimeball practices.

DISCLAIMER : My opinions probably don't represent those of the Deviantart administration. They're merely a product of my own deranged mind. I forgot to take my medication today. (Okay - it was Petey the invisible pink elephant that told me to write this.)
Websense reeks of internet fascism.

Let me give a quick rundown of what this vile program does - basically, employers run it in the background, and it keeps you from accessing a variety of sites that it deems not worthy for a workplace setting.

Don't get me wrong - this would make perfect sense if the filter had realistic words that it prevented you from seeing. Obviously, a block on porn sites is completely realistic in a workplace setting.

However, Websense falls flat because its filtering mechanism is very, very, very, very, very, very anal. It will block practically everything and anything. We can't even access basic internet radio stations from work any longer, which stinks.

When all you do all day is stare at a computer screen, and enter data, it's very important that you have good ear candy to keep you motivated. Let's face it - airwave radio has been dead for about fifteen years, at least. And even with CDs, there's only so many times you can play the same ones before you start to go bonkers.

Internet radio is a never-ending source of fresh music to listen to as you work. If one station starts to bore you, there's an infinite number of other stations to listen to. I don't think employers realize what an impact this can have on your productivity! They're so self-convinced the internet is this distraction from your job, that the notion it can actually be used to enhance productivity just boggles their mind.

To sum up ---> Websense sucks, and the people responsible for this abomination can take a long jump of a short cliff, for all I care.
I saw the DA page of one of the higher-ups, and found a link for this site. Now I'm addicted. It's pretty neat. It will compile what music you're listening to on your default media player into nice-looking charts. Being a left-brained geek, I love charts of all kinds. It also creates radio stations based on your individual tastes. (It's sort of similar to Yahoo's launch service in that regard.)

Here's my page there, if anybody wants to peruse through my antiquated musical tastes:

(I'm also working to upload the
Alt Modes Of Underwater Consciousness
catalog there.)
I added a new song to my Soundclick page called Annalee Anomaly :…

The genre is kind of tricky to explain - it's like some mongrel halfbreed of acoustic piano and experimental electronica.

Why not give it a listen? :stereo:
I tried to take apart my Epson printer and fix it, since 1) it's not under warranty and 2) it won't print anything.

My conclusion after about three hours worth of disassembling :

Don't purchase Epson printers, unless you strongly desire to own a $150 paperweight.
I am thoroughly disgusted with my Epson C-82 Stylus printer. It won't print anything.

I went to Epson for assistance, and they suggested replacing all the cartridges. After wasting more money on new cartridges, it still won't print. It makes all the motions as if it were printing, but the pages come out blank.

I'm reading online that this is a common problem with the C-82 series. The heads get gummed up.

Obviously, if I have to replace the printer completely, it won't be with another Epson. Blech.
I dropped my AOL because AOL is run by a bunch of internet fascists. I wouldn't wish their substandard service upon my worst enemy at this point.
Soundclick promised to send me some groupies in the mail if I could get at least three listens to my music:
Sorry - been doing more audio-related stuff than visual-related stuff the last few months, so I haven't posted a heck of a lot. (I know - a grand total of one photograph..)
I'll post more inevitably - I'm starting to get sick of working on music. Trying to master sound dynamics is a pain in the keishter..
I found it. The dog was chewing on it.

(I didn't even know I owned a dog.)
I could have sworn I left it in the fridge. It was in the plastic bag next to the ketchup bottle.