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N5107 | LRS Rain Lily

And FINALLY my Padro's have a new reference background. I decided to go with a simple paddock and sky background with a minimal colour pallette since Padro's are so colourful and crazy patterned, i didn't want to have a super colourful background either.
And who better to show off the new background than my stunning new mare and my first Flowpow Padro, Aria. She's so pretty :love:

Registered name: LRS Rain Lily
Stable name: Aria
Age: 3 years
Gender: Mare
Breed: Pure Padro       ID: N5107
Height: 15.1hh
Phenotype: sooty bay dun FLOWPOW (flaxen carrier)
Genotype: EE Aa nD nf nSty FwpFwp minnSpk
Markings: As shown
Eye Colour: Green
Other Notes: Speckling: Minimal one colour (pink)
                       Mane stripes: No
                       Class: Uncommon I
                       Build: Medium
                       Registered: Yes
                       Rare Points: 30

Lineage: Starter

Breeding Slots: 13
# | Status (Bullet; Red = Unused | Bullet; Green = Used ) | Username | Horse | 
Super simple breeding rules: I get a slot to the foal. If you sell the foal, tag me for first refusal! :) (Smile) 
New If you no longer want the slot, it must come back to me free of charge. You are not allowed to sell or gift the slot to anyone else.  
Ask for prices if you're interested!

1. | Bullet; Red | casinuba |
2. Bullet; Red | IlluminateGalaxies |
3-5. Closed


Herd Mentality:  
Other Notes: 


Art Tracker -
Point Tracker - 


Original design: N5107 Padro Import - CLOSED
Stock reference: RQS Friesian #2 (mostly traced)
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Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
She looks gorgeous!!
If you ever open her slots what price would you be asking (whether it be a slot trade, points, PP, a mix? c: )
LunarRocketStables's avatar
Would you be alright doing some art for the slot? Maybe  two headshots or one fullbody piece of Aria. Let me know what you think :D
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
LunarRocketStables's avatar
Awesome :) You can decide whether you'd prefer to do the headshots or the fullbody. Pose and everything else is up to you. Just tag me when they're done and then i'll mark a slot for you :D
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Ah awesome! I'll have them done asap! c:
casinuba's avatar
I adore her name! :heart: And that background is perfect!
LunarRocketStables's avatar
Thank you :) It took a while to find something that suited her. 
Are your Padro customs open? Because i want another Flowpow :XD:
casinuba's avatar
You're welcome! It turned out fantastically. :D
And indeed they are. :nod:
LunarRocketStables's avatar
I'll be sending you a note about a custom soon :D 
casinuba's avatar
Awesome, sounds good! :D
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