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This happened today!  by Lunaroyalguard This happened today! :iconlunaroyalguard:Lunaroyalguard 4 0 Skyrim Sights Volume 1  by Lunaroyalguard Skyrim Sights Volume 1 :iconlunaroyalguard:Lunaroyalguard 2 2 Golden Revolver! by Lunaroyalguard Golden Revolver! :iconlunaroyalguard:Lunaroyalguard 1 0
Peer Pressure
Peer Pressure.
Adagio's House 3:00 PM
"Ancient, it was a surprise that you would drop by for a visit."
"Yes, since Sonata is spending time with Aria."  
"I thought I'll come by and ask you a question".
"Of course Ancient",  I'll be happy too. "What's on your mind?"
"Me and Sonatas anniversary is coming up" and I've been having certain thoughts about Sonata."
"Thoughts"? Adagio said.
"Yes, Ancient replied, only to this point me and Sonata have kissed and cuddled but lately I've been thinking about going further".  To show here that I love her".
"Ancient, you shouldn't go any further if it's makes you uncomfortable". "Sonata will understand if you want to wait a little longer before taking that huge step in your relationship with her" Adagio said.
"But Adagio, many of my classmates at Canterlot Academy are telling me that I should be able to talk about that certain actions that will show Sonata that I love her."
"Peer pressure is the worst", Adiago said.  "Ancient let
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Porsche 959 on Forza Horizon 3.  by Lunaroyalguard Porsche 959 on Forza Horizon 3. :iconlunaroyalguard:Lunaroyalguard 1 0
Mature content
Untitled dabble :iconlunaroyalguard:Lunaroyalguard 0 0
1988 Lamborghini Horizon Edition!  by Lunaroyalguard 1988 Lamborghini Horizon Edition! :iconlunaroyalguard:Lunaroyalguard 1 0
Sonata's Sickness
"Sonata", I'm home Ancient said as he walked though the door of their home.
When Sonata didn't answer, Ancient grew concerned and went to the only place in their home where she would be that's the bedroom.  Sonata wasn't feeling well earlier in the day and Ancient wished he could've stayed home with her but he had an exam due and it couldn't be rescheduled.
When Ancient reached the bedroom he saw Sonata sitting up on the bed and sweating profusely.  Ancient out his hand on Sonatas forehead and noticed she had a fever,  Ancient disliked the fact that he'll have to wake her up.  A violent coughing fit was all it took for Ancient to act.  Ancient gently rubbed her back and Sonata opened her eyes and saw Ancient, a small smile graced her face, her lovely blue skin was pale and she was soaked with sweat.  Ancient felt bad for leaving her home alone today but he would take care of her to make up for it.
"Sonata how are you feeling"?  Ancient said has he hel
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 Borderlands 2 Face Mcshooty by Lunaroyalguard Borderlands 2 Face Mcshooty :iconlunaroyalguard:Lunaroyalguard 1 2
My waifu Sonata: lovebirds
The sun is beginning to rise on another lovely day in Canterlot.  Ancient and Sonata finally have a day off to enjoy each other's company.   Between midterms and the holiday break that was finally here, Ancient and Sonata haven't seen much of each other, between classes and having a quick meal along with a few hugs and kisses of course.  The couple was beginning to miss each other terribly, now they can finally spend time with each other.  Let's check on the two lovebirds now shall we?
"Finally it's so great to wake up without an alarm", Ancient said hoping to awaken Sonata who practically slept with her head on his chest.  It was a weird feeling not to wake up and see Sonata's head on his chest.   A sound of pots and pans hitting the hardwood floor caused Ancient to jump out of bed and see what happened.  "Sonata is everything okay"? Ancient asked, "no" said Sonata in the cutest voice you've heard.  "I wanted to make you breakfast but I couldn't
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Honor: Mother And Son do battle prelude
The first rays of the sun beam into your room and wake you up.  You're not thrilled about the day ahead because it can make or break or future either as a knight or you become a puppet to do your mothers will.  You look in the corner of your room and see your armor all the dents and scratches from the training and you even see a little bit of blood, your blood etched permanently on the chest piece.  Today is the the day your day to yourself as you hear the people of the emperor going into the arena going to either watch you fail spectacularly or be a hero being carried out on their shoulders.  Knowing your mother option A is probably the most likely outcome of the battle that will occur today.
Walking from the palace to the arena is an daunting task and you have butterflies in your stomach the entire walk.  You feel confident that you can handle this fight on the outside but on the inside you fail to think about what happens to you doing this battle or would mo
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The night before the battle. 
"May I have a word empress"?  "Of course, you are my most trusted advisor."
"I grow concern for the battle tomorrow?"
"Why are you concerned", " I have everything under control there's no need to worry my son will have to learn that his destiny has been written for him"
"My empress, I implore you to not go through with this, "the kingdom will not like to see their crown prince be defeated by his own mother".
"I know how this will look to the kingdom but the people will understand that my son is disobedient".
"You gave him permission to join the knights my empress, wouldn't this turn your son into a sympathetic figure?"
"My son will never be a sympathetic figure but merely a perfect crown prince who will be an ambassador to my kingdom and he will become the son I want him to become."
"I have been with you since you began your reign as empress but I must advise against this and I ask you to make this battle private."
"My son must know the embarrass
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You continue to sit in tub the hot water soothing your aching muscles from the difficult training you've endured all day.  You continue to think back on the day you found out who would be your trainer for knight training.
"You're my trainer?"  You say while looking at the women in front of you.  The women who you've called mom in your eighteen years of life.  "That's right son", I will be training you and remember our deal.  " You fail the entrance exam or quit, you will begin crown prince training". "I haven't forgotten mom, believe me I haven't".  
"You begin training tomorrow morning under my guidance".  "I will mold you into a perfect knight or a perfect crown prince."  
"I don't like that smirk on your face mom, it sounds like to me that you're hoping I fail.". "not at all son, I want to see you succeed at becoming a knight or a crown prince, "just know this so you won't be surprised I'm going to put you through hell tomorrow morning."
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When it pours
I had an emotional breakdown today, it's hard to explain but there have many things on mind lately and finally I snapped.  I caused my friends to worry about me and that's wasn't good and I feel terrible about it.  I spent the entire day crying off and on to the point that my eyes hurt.  I'm beginning to think that maybe I need to seek professional help for my emotional issues.  I can't seem to control my emotions and before I know I'm this entirely different person and these outburst can last for hours and when I'm in the particular state, I become irrational, moody, sad, angry and frustrated all at the same time and there's nothing I can do about it until it passes.
I feel like I'm two different people trapped in one body, I know that's a weird analogy but that's the only way I can describe it.  When I'm "normal" I'm the friendliest, loving person that you'll even meet, I'm saying this taking the risk of sounding egotistical but to be honest I don't have a hi
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The throne room doors opened and there's my mom sitting on the throne talking to closest advisor, she finally looks up and sees my me walking towards her.  "It's good to see you my son, what can I do for you"?  "Mom I wish to pursue a career in becoming a knight".   "My son becoming a knight"?  That's preposterous you're crown prince of this kingdom and I won't allow it"   "Mom this isn't preposterous, this is a dream that I want to see though and if you don't understand that mom then I'll go sign up without your permission".  "How dare you speak to me in such a manner",  "I've raised you to be the perfect prince, the one who shall lead this nation when I'm gone".  "Mom that's your dream for me, "I see myself becoming a high ranking knight protecting the citizens from the creatures that would cause them harm".  
"So you're willing to disobey me"?  "If I have to mom".  "Very well my son, you may pursue this dream of yours on one con
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Prologue: Why the hell did I sign up for this?
That's the one word that's comes to mind after being hit in the chest with you trainers
shield,  you hear him yell at you "your defense is still lacking, get up to your feet and
finish this session" You struggle to regain your senses and thoughts as everything
around you looks blurry.  "I'm disappointed in you, I expected more from the empress
son" you hear your trainer remark to the other knights in training.  Finally your regain
your senses looking at your classmates they're less than express by your
performance.  "Alright class that's enough for today, be back here at 8am for more
combat practice, you're dismissed".  You began to walk to your dorm,  bruised and
beaten from your hard day of training.  Nothing will feel better than a hot bath and a
good nights sleep.  You finally reach your dorm and you shut and lock the door, you
began to take off your pieces of a armor and throw th
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Contest (Update)
Hello there!
Update: Yes, I'm still doing this! Sorry for the interuption, now that I've gotten my finnce issue somewhat settled, time to get back to the fun stuff!
So I've seen a lot of these "Draw My OC" contests and I thought it would be a fun to give it a shot
All you have to do is draw Spicy Demon!

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1st place:
Free artwork, anything you'd like, fully colored and shaded.
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Free Flat Color pic and a mystery MLP/Blindbag figure.
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Free Sketch
The deadline is October 25th at 12:00am PST, good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing all your entries! :) (Smile)
Contest Entries:
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200 Watchers RAFFLE! [ENDED]
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Raffle ends28/10/2016

If you really want a drawing of mine please, consider commissioning me!
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A shaded Fullbody pony in my style
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Third Base
It’s Starco Tuesday. And our cinnamon buns end the night of their First Date.

I wrote this one with a help from a friend. I wanted it awkward. Star and Marco have been close, but not really dating-close. I wanted awkward teen situations, but without pushing the limits. I’ve always liked Marco being clueless, with just enough awareness that this relationship is happening. I’m not sure if there will be more instalments of this, but The Starco Something New AU has been very fun to do. I hope you guys enjoyed this little trilogy. Maybe there’ll be more.


No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.
"Star vs. The Forces of Evil" & Original Characters © Disney, Daron Nefcy & DisneyXD
mlp ptrndAfoot3 by dm29 Be a Patron! Monthly Commissions, Sneak Peeks and More!
Second Guess
Picking up from First Date, Star and Marco make a decision.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.
"Star vs. The Forces of Evil" & Original Characters © Disney, Daron Nefcy & DisneyXD
mlp ptrndAfoot3 by dm29 Be a Patron! Monthly Commissions, Sneak Peeks and More!
Fluttershy is adorable and has an amazing singing voice.
Marco Attempts to Flirt (PART 1)
My first Starco comic! I'm so happy I was able to finish this today and share it with all of you!


Hope you guys like it! :happybounce:
An update on the spammer situation.
For once I decided to simply wait and see what DA is going to do. After about 30 minutes or so from blocking him, his account was banned and his comments automatically hidden by DA staff.
He tried to phish-scam my info by sending me links (but I'm not dumb and I didn't click any), which proves he has nothing on me yet.
I was at least contacted more directly by DA staff and they apologized for the situation but sadly if he can dodge IP bans, they can't do much except for cleaning after him.
And yes, we're contacting authorities in the UK about it, since that's where he is from.
That's why commenting on my page is not advised at the moment. It's not comfortable because normally I love receiving comments but enabling them on all art would make random people vulnerable to his attacks.
I believe he will get bored eventually because I'm not going away.

What can you do to help or support me morally?
You can like and share/retweet this... tweet…
promoting the comic in question
You can fave this comic  The Great And Powerful Brag by Pony-Berserker  he says he doesn't like it because it "disrespects Trixie"
And spread information that  me amd RAVE-IX who commissioned the comic are not culprits here - sadly, some people apparently believed the spammer who put our names in the content of his posts, which, if you are somehow unaware of the situation, usually contain very disturbing gore images of human bodies.
Also, he created more than 20 accounts to spam as of now - I'm writing it because some people thought it's 1-2 accounts and "advised" me to block him... surprising they thought I wouldn't do that :D

I'm of course very sorry some of you might've been disturbed but also imagine how I felt when I had to hide every single of his hundreds of comments he left with same images... Well, I'm a tough guy, it's not enough to scar/scare me, but I'm concerned about you, guys - because a few of you reported to me how disturbed you were. Sadly, reporting his comments doesn't make them disappear from your notifications.
That's why I can't enable comments on art at the moment. I'd like to have them enabled, but you see that I simply can't as of now.

But I hope you guys will stand by my side and won't leave me because of a cyberbully attacking us? 


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My thoughts on the Destiny 2 Single Player Beta

My first impressions of the Destiny 2 (Single Player) beta.  It was pretty interesting.  The story is much better than the first and this is based on one mission they start you off with some legendary gear and weapons which gives you a slight advance.  You can pick up a exotic weapon during the first half of the mission that really helps.  

The gunplay is excellent, all of the weapons feel different when you use them which was something that was missing for the first Destiny.  The story picks up where the first one left off your guardian of your choice is returning home from a mission and home base is attacked by the Cabal and the traveler goes missing and it's up to you to fight off the invasion on home world and help rescue them the traveler.  Well things don't go as planned and the Cabal commander named Bal emerges and destroys the travelers which then destroys the light which keeps the guardians safe.  

It's not all good though as the bullet sponges known as the mid level bosses return and even with the legendary weapons they were hard to kill and their weapons were OP which means you have to take cover a lot during the three bosses that you encounter during the mission.  The light system returns as well I wish that was scrapped because in favor of a more level playing field because that you don't have to worry about grinding your way though the game or strikes to find equipment to increase your light level.  Hopefully that system changes because that's a huge red flag to me that grinding will be a huge part of the game again which is something I'm not looking forward too.  

The mission was fun and the story so far keeps you interested I'll give 4 stars because there's some potential there and I hope that the rest of the storyline is as good as the first mission.  Is it worth the download to experience the mission for those you don't really care for multiplayer?   Yes it's worth it as long as you go in with a positive attitude knowing this just a taste of hopefully will be a deep campaign to experience

Final Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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