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Hey! Just updating my links to where I post stuff on other places / can be supported. :)

tumblr (includes commission info!)





Thanks you! <3 Sorry I haven't been posting here much!! I'll try to rectify that!
Woah jeez!! I check in on my dA on a whim after a small break and I find a whole lot of comments and a daily deviation for my Majora's Mask poster! Oh... Wow... I.... t-thanks so much everyone!!!
And thank you to the people who suggested and featured it!! 

I made good on that comment in the description, by the way! A print is available here:… and here:…

Thank you!!!!

I've mainly been doing a lot of commission work over at tumblr, which I intend to compile into some posts for here later. For now, if you want to see some of my more recent stuff, it's mostly on my tumblr:
WOAH GEEZ I haven't posted here in a while! Lately I've been doing FFXIV commissions over at tumblr and doing a school project so that's taken up my time. Should probably make a compilation image to post here some time of tumblr stuff.

ANYWAY if you wanna see more art things, best check out my on my tumblr: !

I also have a pixiv if anyone's interested in that?…

O-okay, I just realised I never linked to those, so, uh, if anyone's interested, I have them.

Yeah --- Tumblr (lunie-junk)… --- Pixiv (Lunie)

Pixiv's mostly what I post here (albeit with some additional more animu subject choices, haha...) and on Tumblr I often post works that aren't really polished enough / are too stupid and doodly to post here, so if for some godsforsaken reason you actually want to see more of my junk, well...!

So! I've decided to try doing these! This is the first time I've ever done this, though, so please bear with me and sorry for any mistakes, overlooked details, etc. I'm always available for contact as listed below, so if there's anything you want to ask, feel free!



- Prices are in US Dollars for convenience
- Money Exchage through PayPal ( only at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience.

1 Character: - $ 15 - $20 (typically depends on complexity of character)

--- Any additional characters is + $7 for each

--- A background will range from an additional $5 - 10 depending on complexity

I will do both OCs and fanart!
I will also do more realistically-styled animals (to the best of my ability, anyway)

You can probably guess the typical "things I will not do" categories, eg. I will not do blatantly porn-y stuff because I'm positive there's much better people for that out there anyway if you really want to commission it! And so forth.

As for what I uh, specialise in - if you can call it that ... a quick look through my gallery should be enough indication of the series I have had experience drawing, and the style I opt for with characters! Although your choices for fanart are certainly not limmitted to series I have drawn before.

Regarding OCs: Please provide reference! I can't draw them if I don't know what they look like! : )


Character(s) without background:………………

Character(s) with background:…………………


I'm fine with any customers only paying after they have recieved their commissioned artwork (although if you want to pay a percentage or something prior to its completion, that's fine too!)
     Any complications, such as an unsatisfactory final outcome, I am happy to deal with through either a refund or remaking the artwork.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to present artworks created as a commission deal as a part of my portfolio / body of work commercially. If you take exceptioin to this, please contact me and let me know! : )

... That's all the things I can think to include for now! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment bellow or note me! Alternatively, you can email me at
I can also be reached at my tumblr:

Thank you!
So! Um...
I was, uh, thinking of starting commissions maybe during my next break, which is coming up soon. But, uh, I have no idea what my prices should be. D: I'm no good at assessing my own art, so if anyone can suggest some good prices? I'm willing to make 'em pretty low, since, well, I don't have much else going for me, haha... XD But I'd still like to make a decent profit out of it if possible... if anyone's interested in the first place, that is! Haha... is anyone that interested? I dunno.

So, yes! Rambling. If anyone has any suggestions or is just interested in general, please let me know! :3
Group assignments.




I want to just crawl into bed now...


I can't believe I have to rewrite the whole thing now because none of them could be assed to pick the two frameworks to analyse the artworks from. Then, when I take the initiative and start writing it myself because SOMEONE HAS TO, they decide that nah, they want to do these two~~. I just... you can't just...


And we haven't even done any real work yet!

I suppose I'll adjust, though. I'm liking it more then I liked High School at first, in any case!
Bit of an odd question, but does anyone know any good custom stories for Amnesia: The Dark Descent?

I've beaten the main game and still feel like playing some more. And since Justine is thoroughly kicking my ass due to lack of a save feature, I thought I'd give those a try.

I know absolutely nothing about the custom stories, though, or even where to find them, so I'm at a loss. D:

So yes. Any recommendations?
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Getting something that annoys me off my chest...

How come, when people find fanart of a series they hate, they almost always have to comment about how much they hate it in the deviation's comments? It's just... not the right place for it. At all. Go vent on a forum or something, somewhere where people are actually asking for your opinions on the show/game/book/comic, etc. The comments are meant to be for the artwork. It just leads to stupid derailing flame wars. Hell, I know the 'Don't like don't look' maxim is a discredited cliché by now, but seriously - if you hate the series or whatever so much, why the hell are you looking at fanart of it in the first place?

Just... critique the artwork itself, not the series. Add a "I don't usually like this series, but..." if you feel being associated with My Little Pony / Homestuck, etc in any vague sense at all threatens your E-cred or something. But don't use someone else's hard work as a platform for your venting. Just stop. ):

Note: this isn't about anything that personally happened to me, just an observation regarding fanart of popular-yet -commonly-hated series.

Also, totally unrelated and far more positive note: Skyward Sword. Yes. Rapidly rising right up there as one of my favourites. I seriously love it so far. Fanart must be done sometime.
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Sorry for the relative radio silence over the past few weeks, but that was why. D: For those not in the know; it's the final high school exams for students in Australia which determines what University courses we can get into. So yeah, bit of a thing!

And now I will go to Sydney for a few days!

I will post some stuff I did in-between studying when I get back. <3

You guys are all awesome. ;3;

Now let's just pray I did well! 8D;;;;;;;
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I-I'm quite nervous that they bumped us up to Raichu rank... D8 I mean, have you seen some of the others' applications? XD We'll mostly just be focusing on splash pages and stuff, since I still suck horribly at comics. Maybe a few thrown in on the side, to expand on the story? But they likely won't be the main focus.

We are in the Merchant's Guild because we are Mysterious Capitalists.
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EDIT: Hmm, the drop in quality for the .gif solution bothers me too badly. ): Does anyone else have any more ideas? Should I just upload it anyway? @__@ Frustrating!

But it's spoilery! I don't know how to hide it with a preview image like I've seen some people do- does anyone know how to do that now?
What should I do? XD
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And her name is Sassafras. 8U

That is all.
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...Because I'm a dork, and do things like that! Vui helped too~

I haven't updated this in a while, so I'll bore you all with them, since I know some of you Watchers play these games, and... well, really I just want to type something. xD

Applies to Persona 3/FES/P and 4. (And any difficulty setting you want, I suppose~)
Also, like a Pokemon Nuzlocke challenge, these rules are completely customizable, so change them however you want!

1. You may only choose one Persona from a shuffle-time once every 5 floors. If you fail to get the Persona, you cannot choose another until the next 5 floors. (So, floors 5, 10, 15, etc.)
2. You may fuse Personae, but Personae, once fused or discarded, cannot be re-summoned from the Compendium.
3. However, if you encounter a duplicate Persona of one that was fused/discarded in an applicable shuffle-time, you may choose it again.
4. If a party member falls unconscious in battle, they must be immediately removed from the party, and, if applicable, all social link contact must cease. They are not to be used in battle henceforth.
5. If a social link reversal occurs, all social-link contact with that character must cease.
6. if your character falls unconscious, then the game ends.

For added difficulty, try having your character act like a complete jerk!

I chose every 5 floors for Shuffle-time Personae because... Well, once a Tartarus Block/ Dungeon would get you too few to fuse (and I want people to still be able to do that xD), and there aren't really enough floors in P4's individual dungeons to warrant every 10 (my initial plan), so I halved it. xD;;

And, of course, being a Nuzlocke it has to have your party members "dying" on you... xDD;; Comics would be, err, interesting, to say the least? xD

*Sooob*~ When's Deadly Premonition going to get here?! D8 I hope the guy actually shipped it before mysteriously vanishing on holiday, because I did pay for it... >____>;;;
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I've been hearing great things about SAI (the paint program), and I've been thinking of getting it, but... well, I'm confused. D:

So... there's not an official English version? Or is there? I seem to be finding downloads for English patches, which has me worried, but there seems to be an official English site, so, ah...
I'm having trouble seeing what it is I should buy / download... Hell, I don't know where to buy or download it! xD

... Err, does anyone who's tried it think it's any good? I've heard of a lot of people swapping to doing most of their work in SAI, and then touching it up in Photoshop, which sounds interesting and makes me wondering if I should be focusing my efforts on that?

So... yes. Any help is appreciated! xD

EDIT: Oh, and another unrelated issue to ask about!
Basically, there's a forum I lurk at quite regularly (I'm not registered or anything), and there's a mod there that's... well, really getting on my nerves.

It's just... he regularly debates with other members on controversial issues, which is fine, but his "debates" always turn into name-calling and generally nasty snarkiness and a perpetual "I-am-better-than-you" attitude permeates every line of his posts! It's really frustrating! He'll say things like "Okay, I just had to respond to this idiocy..." when the person was posting something perfectly valid that just happened to oppose his opinions!

Normally, I'd let it slide. Okay, he's a bit of an ass, so what, that's his problem. But recently I've seen regular forum members scolded for acting this way in debates and even temporarily banned, and this guy gets away with it because he's:
a) A moderator.
b) Oh-so popular and lovely and wonderful and let's all suck up to him!

It's just... wrong. =/ My "Injustice detected - Engage Swift Vigilante Justice" responses are itching! I've been ignoring all of it as none of my business, but now I'm wondering if I should register and just quietly PM another Admin to see of they can put a tighter leash on him, or something?

I normally wouldn't care, but his actions, and the fact he gets away with them for being popular, are really creating a negative environment where I actually feel that, if I was registered, I'd be scared of expressing my opinion, lest it clashed with his, and I'd be the one getting in trouble for calling him out on it!

Really, I don't know why I'm worried, since I'm not even registered. It's just... this guy prides himself on being an intellectual and on his debating skills, but beyond the big vocabulary, he's just throwing petty insults and disregarding everyone else's views!

Sad thing is, he is really smart, and a lot of the things he has to say are really interesting - I even agree with a lot of his arguments! But the way he goes about expressing his views is just... Well, once again, I wouldn't mind it if the regular members could get away with acting that way too!

... Meh, I dunno. Maybe I should just ignore it and avoid reading any debate where his username pops up? xD

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Because for some reason, a quick experiment-scribble of a bird that I, admitedly, liked enought to save (I'm a a hoarder! I hate to throw things out, espcially drawings. >: ) but didn't like enough to keep working on it (Just kinda stopped with a "Mreh, it'll do! >:" attitude and closed the tab... xD) and didn't think it was worth it to upload here, just got featured. o_o

Yeeeah. o___O

I would be elated, but I'm starting to worry it's random chance or something, and I just got lucky! xD
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Yaaay~ Finished my last test! Well, for now. They'll be more later, but that's not for a while, yay!
I can play P3P again! 8D

Also, I watched my brother play Other M. I liked it. >: I don't think Samus' characterisation was that bad. She acted just like she did in Fusion (Which I don't hear anyone complaining about), only with voice acting this time.

I swear, the fanbase just wants your typical FPS MAAAHNN :iconffffplz: character, but who just happens to have boobs. They don't actually want a genuine female protagonist. And yes, that includes having feelings and weakness and, y'know, BEING HUMAN, and not just mindlessly killing thins. A FEMALE character with FEELINGS who doesn't only mindlessly blast things?! How sexist!!11!!!


Baby metroids are still adorable!

...So yes. I just wanted to updte my journal so I seem more active here then I really am. ;_____;
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So, uh, I'm not the llama giving sort, mainly because I have no idea what they even do! xD Not to mention I've seen angry journals of people complaining about llamas and don't want to make anyone mad! D8
But I gladly give Llamas back to anyone who does give me one, since that only seems polite. xD That's my policy at least, and I have no problem with receiving them, or giving one back. xD

But when I checked my messages this morning- sudden Llama explosion! D8
Not that I mind, of course, I mean they're obviously meant to be kind gestures! xD So, uh, thank you, everyone?! o3o

But... Why? o3o
Is it that birthday thing? o3o Well, that would explain a lot...!
Do they even mention your username this early? >_> It's not for a week... xD
Oh, maybe they do.
Errr, yeah. T:

... I need to be more productive...! D8