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DreamCatcher Chap. 7: Cover by Lunaromon DreamCatcher Chap. 7: Cover by Lunaromon
Color! Because I felt like it.

Well, I wasn't hiding anything with this cover. XD I hope none of you are afraid of horses. Luna's not on here mostly because I didn't have room for her, but also because she sort of takes a backseat in this chapter. We're dealing mostly with Riza and Dae here. Luna got the important part in the last couple chapters, she can take a break XD.

Actually, I couldn't have gotten to this chapter at a better time. I spent an hour or so this morning riding a horse (a white one, coincidently XD) for the first time in like, 3 years. We've had horses forever, but we don't have the land to keep them at our house, so we board them elsewhere. Well, we got kicked out of the field we were keeping them in because the owner passed away, and his son's a jerk. So we moved a couple of them to my mom's friend's (I've always referred to her as my aunt, and will do so from here on out) farm, at least for now. And that's about five minutes from our house, so I actually get to see them almost every day now, along with my aunt's two horses. Anyway, her daughter pretty much jumped on the chance to teach me to ride as soon as I asked about it XD. I knew how to an extent, but as I found out this morning, there's a lot more details involved than anyone's ever taught me before O_o. But it was fun.
Anyway, I'm hoping spending more time around horses will improve my anatomy and other knowledge of them XD. I know it's off here, and I'm pretty sure they don't actually run like that. I'll be working on that. Horses aren't easy to draw XD.

Anyway, moving on.

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UnbearableBurden Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2009
I loves em
To draw em and such
Im excited for this chapter
Yrior Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2009
Eh, the stride's only a touch off. ;3 The near foreleg (left, for non-horsey folk) should be further back, and supporting the body weight, if you know what I mean, but otherwise the stride's obviously a canter. :D I have an awesome book called something like "The Horse in Motion" or "The Illustrated Horse" or something that goes through the horse's gaits and explains and illustrates them. It's awesome.

If you couldn't tell, I liek horsez.

Also: Definitely excited for the next chapter. :D!
Lunaromon Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD Yeah, I thought so. I think I drew this in school, so I couldn't get to any references, and I was too impatient to wait until I got home XD. But yeah, I did have a canter in mind, so I'm glad that's obvious anyway XD. And I think I've heard of that book or something like it, but I don't have it. Buried somewhere in my room in a really old "Draw 50 Horses" book, but I never liked it because it just gives you poses and shows you the steps to draw them instead of actually explaining anything about the horse or what you're drawing(in fact I don't think there's any text at all). It's okay to have around if I'm looking for a basic pose/angle, but otherwise isn't much use XP

And yes, I could tell XD.
Yrior Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2009
They're useful to learn how to break animals and people down into basic shapes, but yeah, you need to have some sort of knowledge of the animal before they're of any real use. ;3
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