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Commission Info by Lunaromon Commission Info by Lunaromon

Hey guys! It’s around this time of year that I’m not as busy with work as usual, and while it’s nice to have the free time, my income is not as high as I’d like it to be considering that I’m trying to pay off a car and student loans and have video games and things to buy.

So, after a lot of consideration, I thought I’d make myself officially open for commissions! Let me draw you things for money.

Ground Rules:

  1. Payment is in USD via Paypal only at the moment–half before I start drawing, the other half upon completion.
  2. Please send orders via email to! Questions and such are welcome on DA but I don't get on here super often anymore, so to make sure I see it you're better off going to my Tumblr askbox (
  3. Don’t worry if I don’t respond to an email right away; sometimes I’m just away from my computer for awhile. If I don’t answer within 48 hours or so, feel free to resend as your message may have gotten lost in the depths of my inbox.
  4. I am pretty flexible, but reserve the right to refuse to take any commission for any reason.
  5. Prices listed are base prices; I may raise them for an especially complicated image or design.

Order Form:

  • Name/Username: (mostly so I can tag you when I post the art)
  • Commission Type: (see options in image above)
  • Character(s):
  • Refs: (images are preferred but I may agree to work with a detailed description)
  • Other Info: (a sentence or two about your character’s personality or story is helpful when drawing them)
  • Special Requests: (poses, expressions, specific outfits, etc.)
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January 23, 2017
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