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I draw things sometimes.
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Hey, I'm Hazu/Lily and I like to draw things sometimes.

I have a webcomic called DreamCatcher. You should go read it.

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Happy Birthday!

Also, I think I have finished my fanfic enough that I can commission another Ref sheet. I should have the references together by July.

P.S. Sorry if my being the only one commenting here is getting creepy.

In the old canon, Riza was seen bringing a CD player and some CDs to Sanvolae (page 477). Is that still possible in the new canon; and if so could she bring things back to Earth (maybe even bring people back and forth)?

What would happen if Riza went back to Earth and she was still a Halcrea, or went to Sanvolae and was still a human?

Unrelated to the story, what happened to the fan art, jokes/extra comics and extra content?

I would have asked anonymously, but CuriousCat wanted me to sign in to post links (even though there are no links).

In regards to the CDs, no, I changed that in the new canon--you'll see what adjustment was made at some point, I think it gets mentioned in a few chapters. As far as people go, technically speaking anyone can travel through the Gate World, but the only gate they can go through without some sort of "key" (i.e. a Dreamstone) is the one to their home world. So, no, Riza couldn't bring people back to Earth with her unless they had some sort of key to go there.

If she did, however, most people from Sanvolae would appear human on Earth; the Gate World automatically transforms you into whatever form it thinks most suits the world you're headed into, so Riza couldn't go to Earth as a Halcrea or vice-versa unless she found a way to bypass the Gate World entirely (which actually is possible, but it has weird effects on people and doesn't come up in DCR).

I still haven't created a gallery page on the new site to display fanart and extra art and stuff. It's on my to-do list. Everything is buried on my computer somewhere so eventually most of it will get re-uploaded.

I'll check on the Curious Cat thing. It shouldn't be trying to make you sign in. I'm sure it's just some kind of spam filter setting.

So that’s why Riza’s clothes change when she goes between Sanvolae and Earth?

What kind of ‘weird effects’?


I did copy and paste the whole thing into it, so maybe that tripped the anti-spam thing?

One more question I thought up a while ago. Is Riza older than she actually is due to the time difference between Sanvolae and Earth?

Something like that, about the clothes. The Gate World is weird and semi-sentient in a way that no one really understands, and likes to make adjustments as it sees fit.

"Weird effects" mostly in that it makes you sick. Headaches, nausea, etc. It gets worse the longer you're there.

The copy-paste may have been the problem; I checked the settings on Curious Cat and there wasn't one pertaining to links so apparently it's not something I can turn off.

Finally, no, I kind of changed the way the time warp works in the new canon specifically because of that plothole. It'll be explained at some point.

Happy Birthday!

Two unrelated notes to give this more substance.
1. I still intend to submit those other two commissions, but I’m having trouble writing the fan-fiction they’re in and their looks could change while I’m writing.
2. Would… be the right place to ask weird/random/borderline creepy questions about the current and old canons?

Hey thanks!

1. No worries, my comms are pretty much always open.

2. I do have a sort of comments page set up on the DCR site, but I'm easier to get ahold of on Twitter (@hazuarts or @DreamCatcherRef) or Tumblr (hazumirein).

(Eventually I'd like to set up a Discord or something for it, but we're not quite there yet.)