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Hi there! This is Giulia here, just an italian author and artist. I was born in the good, old '90s. Neo-pagan, nerd, ENTP, family lover, cinema enthusiast, traveller, animalist. I graduated in Law in my country but in 2019 I decided to pursue my artistic dream and so I started my brand: "Lunar Morrigan Arts". I make mostly book covers for publishing houses and indie authors, and everything concerning novels and fictional stories: book layouts, fantasy maps, character concepts, usually through photomanipulations. My speciality are fantasy/sci-fi artworks, and dark and spooky ones are my guilty pleasure. I also love old photos retouching, colorization and restoration.

As I said, I'm an author, too. I've published many books in Italy, both with a publishing house and as an indie. Again, I love to write fantasy plots in every form, especially with deep psychological characterizations. My best selling book is "The Judgment of Persephone", a modern retelling of the greek myth, which is about to get published in English as well. If you're curious about my novels, you can find them all on my AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE.

If you need graphics or book covers, feel free to contact me, here or on my socials! You can also visit my website for my portfolio, services and price list:




Hi folks! I just recently registered my professional activity as an artist and graphic designer in my country. It's a big turn for me and my life, and in the next months I want to dedicate myself completely to this project, making it my principal source of income together with my books. So, yeah... this means, from today on, if you need a book cover, a photomanipulation of any kind, a fantasy map, or anything else, you can ask for a free estimate and potentially hire me! I've also made a little website, meant to be a portfolio, with a price list and also some info about myself, my activity, and my books! You can find it here, both in italian and english: Thank you all, and let's cross fingers for me!
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I've never posted anything on Deviantart, and it's a shame my very first try is to talk about something serious which I really hate. I just found out that "Dreame" (a site/app that sells stories, not even well written if you ask me), is using a lot of stolen artworks by indie artists and authors here on Deviantart. They just take the artwork without permission, they CROP OUT the signature or the watermark adding their own and in some cases they even modify that same artwork (of course, in sh***y quality). They use them to promote their stories on facebook, and these stories in many cases have nothing to do with the artwork itself. I have a bunch of screenshots and exemples, but I don't want to show them myself, since that would be equally damaging for third artists. Now, Dreame, this is STEALING. Using artworks without permission for selling your (low quality) stories is THEFT and it's ILLEGAL. As an indipendent author and artist myself, I feel personally attacked by this behavior; and
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Stunning gallery! I wanna design book covers toooo

Awww thank you, dear! 😍 Books are my passion and creating book covers is just another way to love them. It's such a peculiar and rewarding field of art! You should totally go for it!

Did you get discovered by book people? Or did you send your work out to apply?

Sorry for the delay, I hadn't noticed the notification! I just started making book covers for free on wattpad, and after that growing a little poor of friend authors I started making paid commissions. It's just about being active on social media and people recommending my work! I never "started" officially, it just happened naturally over time I think! So, if you just want to try, I suggest to start making book covers here and there for practice, maybe some premades you can sell, everything else will come in its time! *.*

Grazie per il follow e per i fav! :)