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Goomba Afghan - crocheted

It took me forever to make this guy! I love the way he turned out though. I kept working on him on and off since last summer.
I love the result though that I'm already working on another afghan.

*edit* Forgot to mention he measures roughly 72" by 73".

Just as a side note, I do take commissions on crocheted blankets. Pixel blankets vary in the amount of time to make depending on size and time I have available so if you want one in a certain time frame be sure to mention that. Also be aware that for the most part it is at least a two month project. You can either send me a note, email at or for other items check out my Etsy shop here:

Special Note: I sent this item into Desert Bus for Hope 4 (2010) and it auctioned off for $4300!
All of the money made in this auction goes to Desert Bus for Hope which then in turn (when they finish their charity run) gets donated to Child's Play.

Please check out both of these.
Desert Bus: [link]
Child's Play: [link]
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Do you mind if i make this?
LunarJadeStyles's avatar
Not at all. Post a pic when you finish. I'd love to see how yours turns out. :) Also welcome to DA!
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Thank you! I most defiantly will post a pic when its done, Im going to start it tonight. are they just regular granny squares.. thats what it looks like in the picture
LunarJadeStyles's avatar
Yep just regular granny squares.
Jackieb91's avatar
Okay, awesomme, its gonna its gonna take me a while to make it, but I will make it :)
MiaHandcrafter's avatar
Waaa *-* So perfect!!!
iSara11's avatar
I'm gonna steal this, then kill myself so no one will take it from me! I LOVE IT! Can I email yuuu with some questions about crocheting?
LunarJadeStyles's avatar
Sure send me an email with your questions and I'll do what I can to answer them.
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i cant decide if this is either:



sad (the wow i cant belive you spent that much time making this kind of sad, not the :'( kind.)

is sawsome a word?

haha, i love it!
LunarJadeStyles's avatar
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*drools* That is just so awesome! Great use of the granny square. As a crafter gamer I am proud to see this.
LordOnisyr's avatar
This is one of the most epic granny square designs I have ever seen. You're giving me ideas now :XD:
JelloCup's avatar
This is the best blanket i've ever seen in the history of epic blankets! :O I love it!
Infernoflow's avatar
I'd buy one. That's awesome.
LunarJadeStyles's avatar
I do take blanket commissions. Price depends usually on the image and size. So if you're ever interested send me a note. It takes about six months to construct this one, though I ask usually for about eight months now cause I've got college classes at the moment.
oldfatwoman's avatar
He is terrific! Are those all different coloured granny squares? and then put together.:clap:
LunarJadeStyles's avatar
Yep you got it! Its easiest to do with already pixelated forms but I've done one for Domo-kun as well in the same kind of idea!
zoro-swordsman's avatar
A Goomba Blanket??? *drools*

nicely crafted! :heart:
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thx4everything's avatar
Single best use of squared ever. Oh man, attatching them all must have been such a pain!
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