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Shikieiki is a Fangirl 8

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Yeah, we all hate those kinda guys.

Marisa plays as tanker, Patch as healer, Shiki as DD.

I want a Super Cirno laptop...

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ConormcalHobbyist General Artist
If Shiki was actually DarksydePhil.
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Yep! This is pretty much every match in LoL.
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Not quite as bad as those guys but far more common are the DPS who pull off the tank and blame them when they die, or the tanks who rush from one fight to the next without a break, then blame the healer who ran out of mana because of it when they die.

Aside from the latter example:
1) When the tank dies, it's the healer's fault.
2) When the healer dies, it's the tank's fault.
3) When the DPS dies, it's their own fault.
3) When the DPS dies, it's just plain funny.
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"y heal so slow? masterbating? lol virgin"
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Siver-69Student Digital Artist
o.o i was just ranting up a storm about trolls
but Shiki is the one troll i fear LOLZ
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lol shiki you troll
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No one commented on the Clannad know the dango..
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It supposed to be Poring and Drops, but dango works fine too.
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Speaking of which, is the guild name in any way suppose to be a reference to God Speed Love?
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Not really, just something that came into my mind spontaneously, not sure if it even make sense...
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Is it Cirno's guild?
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I don't know having Cirno as a guild master a good thing or not.
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Oh, god...this reminds me of multiple scenarios when I did play World of Warcraft...and judging from what I've seen on the forums recently, IT HAS ONLY GOTTEN WORSE.
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AlexKunHobbyist Writer
Sounds like RO.
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And this is how Shiki became Douchey McNitpick...
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miasakaHobbyist General Artist
I try to be nice on online games~
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Shiki and K-ON seem like a great combination somehow. One that I support, anyways.
And Patchy is as unflappable as ever, to a point.
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You need a lot of patience playing a supporter class.
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TobiObito4everHobbyist General Artist
I'm guessing some MMO like Dream of Mirror or Mabinobi. Something like that. :lol:

It irks me when people get all bitchy and type like that. It's hard to decipher what they're saying. ^^; "Speak some freaking English, will you!?"
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hairclipzStudent General Artist
Haaaaaate people like that. D:<

hahaha cirnolaptop do want.
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DeekirbyDeeLHobbyist General Artist
Shikieiki's mac is a bad apple.
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blackdove77Hobbyist Digital Artist
Marisa on a SamZUN~!
Shiki is a secret K-On fan? Well I never. ^^b
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