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Shikieiki is a Fangirl 7

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Shiki is playing eroge.

I'm not really sure switching from ultra violent game to eroge is an improvement.

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pengguchanHobbyist Digital Artist
do people really play eroge with joystick?
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RiderB0yHobbyist Digital Artist
O w O
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coldLordHobbyist General Artist
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is this based on a ral eroge or just made up?
LunarisFuryAileron's avatar
Made up. But I think the cliche held up to the standard.
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well it certainly is an improvement
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I like how Shiki has that unamused expression despite the situation.
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Oh my, that is rather interesting...but why is she playing it with her eyes closed? XD
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TobiObito4everHobbyist General Artist
Mom thought the same thing when I told her about a School Days figurine. Unfortunately for both of us, the figurine was hentai material. You could take off Kotonoha's blouse to reveal her knockers. Until then, Mom never knew School Days was an eroge.
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Yeah... kinda hard to explain the concept of visual novel and eroge to someone who knows nothing of it. I have hard time enough explaining concept of 'fan arts' and 'fan comics'.
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dj-MaraHobbyist Writer
xD if you thought the past one was ultra-violent? PFFT. the new Mortal Kombat redefines that.
But what a transition anyway!
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blackdove77Hobbyist Digital Artist
My my my my...

Komachi can't handle the heat like Eiki. XD
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ShadowNCSHobbyist Digital Artist
Should I be worried that I knew Shiki was playing an Eroge as soon as Komachi mentioned the French Maid dress? :paranoid:
Well, you could say it is an improvement, since Komachi has stopped bothering Shiki that she should go back to work again. :D

Nice comic!
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NaturesRoseHobbyist General Artist
Wow, nice non-emotional face, Siki.
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nyrin-triballHobbyist Writer
It's an improvement in many eyes :3
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DarkMarxSoulStudent Writer
Heh, what a straight face she's got. :XD:

Poor Komachi, having to witness that. Or...lucky Komachi? I wonder what the aftermath is. :iconthinkingplz:
LunarisFuryAileron's avatar
The aftermath is Shiki became deluded and has lost any interest in 3D.
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Well, this being a comic, Komachi might still have a chance if she breaks the fourth wall!
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Orbital-DarknessStudent General Artist
This follows perfectly in the fact that Shiki is a 'violence' master... Really! I mean, just TRY to beat her in Lunatic or Extra! And also, try to beat her at a game like this, it won't work. |D

Okay, yeah, sorry... I'm still not awake right now.
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Yeah, Shiki special danmaku makes Lunatic way harder than fighting others.
Orbital-Darkness's avatar
Orbital-DarknessStudent General Artist
The only reason I can't beat that game is because of the birds, though. I could beat Shiki much easier without the damned birds.
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AdrolynHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, this is all well and good...but what game is she playing this time??

We need links! Links I say!
LunarisFuryAileron's avatar
U was just stating generic characters in eroge, so no particular eroge in my mind.
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AdrolynHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, and I was SO download ready, lol
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