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RWBY Mama - Yang [Waiting for you]
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Published: September 16, 2014
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[Always waiting for you]

"Be careful, darling. Remember, there's two of us waiting for you here now. She kicks hard when you came home late."

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Ok, this is a side project between me, :iconshikniful: , :iconnisukitsune: , and :iconaikiyun: . We had this idea during our discussion in my chatroom to draw RWBY characters in the future as a mother slash wife to a POV character. Think of it as some kinda AU. We will draw them in bunch of daily scenarios as a mother and their children. Just happy normal stuffs. We intended to do this to balance out all the angst and despair other artists seem to fond to depict the RWBY characters of.

Shikni gets Weiss, Nisu gets Ruby, and Aiki gets Glynda. We're looking for more artists to draw other girls as mothers. Come to my chatroom for more details. 


My RWBY group for canon characters: :iconcanonrwby:

My dA Chatroom:…
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Kyoki: honey bunny *kisses Yang* I never come late, the kid kicks because it wants to see me again
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Mankie: *I kiss Yang deeply and passionately* I'll be back * I kiss Yang's belly* I be back dear, daddy's just got to finish some work
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FlaremthefbraxienHobbyist Digital Artist
UMS: it is ok. I am going to visit Eggman for some hours to check on my brother metal sonic. ok
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Pale: Don’t worry, i’ll be fine *kisses yang passonately*
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JokeyZockeyStudent Writer
Alexander (my OC): Don't worry, sweetheart. I'll be back soon...(talks to the baby) and then I'm gonna play some nice music for you.
Yang: Oh, you're so nice, you know exactly what we love.
Alexander: (kisses Yang) That's why you're the woman of my life, and this little bundle of joy is gonna be the cherry on top of the cake. When she's finally here, our life will be perfect.
Yang: I'm pretty sure it will. Alright, take care.
Alexander: See ya this evening. (leaves for his mission)
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Me: Like i would ever let harm come to you...if our child puns i blame you
Yang: aww come on there punny
Me: non of that!
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XDemonic-AngelXStudent Traditional Artist
I know Bae...sorry come here sugar
Yang: Bae~
Me: I'm coming Weiss Bae
Yang: Weiss it just take a minute sis!
Weiss: OK!
Me: I'm in hell right now...
Yang: Kiss me~ I got a craving for your tongue~
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Iskandar: I'll be home as fast as my dragon wings can carry me (My OC is a dragon faunus), bye babe, *Bends down to Yang's belly* and I'll be back soon baby *Kisses Yang's belly
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MachoDionysus14Hobbyist Writer
Fernado: Alright lets go Izzy!

Eva: I’ll stay with Yang in case she needs anything and to make sure she doesn’t get massive mood swings

Reo: Guess it’s just the three of us *grabs his chains*

Anubis: Patience Reo you’ll get time

Fernado: Let’s go
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Iskandar: thanks Eva I owe you 

Yang: *kisses him passionately* 

Iskandar: I will
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MachoDionysus14Hobbyist Writer
Eva: Hey no problem Blondie.
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Yang: Okay hey can you do the grocery shopping while your here
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MachoDionysus14Hobbyist Writer
Eva: Alright
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Yang: *gives Eva a huge list*
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MachoDionysus14Hobbyist Writer
Eva: Damn that’s a lot
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KaiserYoshikageHobbyist Writer
Zakai: Come one Izzy, we gotta get this job done.
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Iskandar: I know I'll be right with you, *looks at yang* one more for the road

Yang: come here *passionately kisses him*

Iskandar: *looks to Zakai* alright let's raise some hell
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Me: Must... not... turn... into... Maes Hughes... must... retain... dignity... in face... of cuteness...
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Me: Nope, can't resist. Hold still honey, I need to take a picture of you so I can make a complete fool of myself gushing over it to anyone who'll listen and a lot of people who won't.
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Palkia: I. Know dear.
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"Just keep your head down... there's two of us in here now, remember."
-Cortana, Halo 3

... No idea why this particular quote popped into my head aside from the obvious...
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Vince:I'm sorry darling, i had to get us some extra money.... Can you tell her that i'm doing this for us?
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Luna! Are there any characters still free to draw?
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