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Komachi is a Judge 2

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Hmm, apparently, Komachi knows Dante's.

Previous : [link]
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Ask-IchinoHikariHobbyist General Artist
Komachi looks cool in Shiki's hat :3
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yuki-otoHobbyist Digital Artist
Now she has a reason not to slack off! LOL
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She's got a great taste in literature, I'll give her that.
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I feel sorry for the poor soul who she sent to hell without giving a second thought! Still VERY cool!
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RageVXHobbyist Digital Artist
This could become a meme xD
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This can only end well!
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blackdove77Hobbyist Digital Artist

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NaturesRoseHobbyist General Artist
Oh dear, she's gonna turn out as bad as Siki, isn't she?
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We'll see.
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Poor soul, never even stood a chance. XD

Also, gotta love that grin of hers at the last panel.
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PorforeverHobbyist Digital Artist
Epic win Komachi! XD
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She's still only half a judge - she'll be only a full judge with the stick.
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This is one soul - we don't know if Komachi banishes all souls to hell - just this one. Also she might just be trolling that soul. But Shinki is in hell - might not be so bad.
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Go to hell!!!
I lol'd
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Ahahaha Go die in a hole!
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TwistedCornStudent Digital Artist
"This job is really easy!"
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Those poor souls. lol
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TheBananaLamperProfessional General Artist
This really ISN'T going to end well, is it? :XD:
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Or is it? We'll see.
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TheBananaLamperProfessional General Artist
Hmmm... Cliffhangers? c:
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Some built-up stress relieving there, eh, Komachi?
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Try handling hyper active rabid fangirl who refused to do her work and played violent and games full of sex all day long.
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