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I create miracles
So, today I finally beat fire emblem Fates Conquest on lunatic. It was hell and I spent lots of time on it. My Corrin is a +Str -Lck samurai build, and I cheesed the endgame using Rescue staff and with my Nina having Pass.

Anyways, many anime just reached episode 3 this week, and I already did bunch of my first impressions on them. Feel free to watch them in my channel. I'd admit that I likely didn't say all the things I wanted to say because the recordings are all one-take and unscripted, but seeing that there's so many anime for me to review, I rather do that than spending so much time writing script.

Also, come to my discord:

I also currently playing Shadowverse semi actively, send me a holler if you're interested.
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Earlier this year, I tried to write more but after some attempts, I discovered that I'm a bad writer, and this really hounded me. I have thoughts that I want to pour out, not necessarily to be heard, see, but instead of just stuck in my head, I at least want to get it out and get it recorded somewhere. So recently I decided to just make a channel where I spam random thoughts. This started when I randomly tried to use my headphone's mic and it worked good enough considering how cheap my headphone is. So, if you guys are interested in listening to my unscripted thoughts about anime, feel free to listen. Excuse my Asian accent though. Anyways, here's one of them, feel free to check out more and I'm considering trying to make at least one video a week.

I know that my voicework needs work and practice, and it is also my intention to use this as a platform to train my voice to speak more properly.

Also, feel free to join my discord. It's a little NSFW though, half the time.
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Previous  Random Talk #14 - Summer 2017 Early ImpressionsI'm gonna do this bit by bit while stating how many episodes I've watched so far.
*UPDATED on 21/7/17
Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu (3 episodes)- A game adaptation anime, but most importantly, by ufotable. It's worth to watch this for the visuals alone, but so far, it has a fairly interesting premise with good diverse cast of characters. It can get a little dialogue heavy but most of the time the dialogues are done well. Episode 1 especially did the character interactions and dialogues really while, able to establish basic plot and premise while establishing the characters' personality. During some actions scene it has, just like typical ufotable, it was really flashy and exciting. But at the same time it has ALL the characteristic of ufotable's art style. Heavy colour, brief colourful flashes and sparks when the blade clashes, essentially, the action style is very similar to previous ufotable works like Fate and Zestiria. After 3 episodes, I think the anime did a decent job to make me

Nana Maru San Batsu (7 episodes) - Previously, I said that this anime is pretty interesting, but as the episodes went on, I feel like the only good part is during the quizzing part, which thankfully takes up most of the anime. Outside the 'battle' scenes, this anime is kinda boring. The characters are pretty uninteresting and stale, their interactions are nothing special, there's no real clever humour or good punchline deliveries to lighten up the mood, the plot is just kinda there with nothing interesting at stake beside the protag wanting to be better. The only character I kinda like is the main rival. Other than that, I find myself just not concentrating much during any scenes other than during the quiz scenes. 

Tenshi no 3P (3 episodes) - I watched 3 episodes of this, and the only good part is the first half of the first episode. The basic plot honestly could be serviceable. Like, imagine this, an estranged teenager outcast, who is passionate about music, wanting to find his place in the world by helping aspiring musicians of three 10 years old orphaned girls to achieve their goal. It could be a decent basic premise and with right execution, could be a great story. But then the writer throws gimmicky tropey lolis and fill the episodes to the brim with fanservice and loli nudity while making the lolis say suggestive things like "I'm not wearing panties" or "Touch me" while wearing sukumizu, nude apron, and such. Any semblance of seriousness in the first half of episode 1 is utterly cheapened. It clearly became just a fanservice slice of life for people who like 10 years old loli. I was told that later on it did get semi serious while some characters do get their development while at the same time still portray various fanservice, but to me, the first 3 episodes pushed me away from it due to its aggressive amount of fanservice, it lacks of interesting character nor good presentation of tropey character, nor its plot is able to hook me in to tolerate the fanservice. It's such a shame because it has nice art and colour.

Centaur no Nayami (6 episodes) - I read the manga so my opinion is a little clouded compared to someone who have only watched the anime. Firstly, the art quality and animation is very mediocre. The colour and lineart are weak, the details are lacking, the animation and movement is nothing special. It's more apparent in many male side characters where most of them look very unappealing compared to the female characters. It is especially more significant in this anime because the major theme is the difference between species and their physical difference which I think should have more bearing in the art depicting them. The art feels very cheap, but does the plot or weekly theme able to cover for it? I'd go, "ehhhh~" and say that some of the time. Out of 6 episodes, I think only 2 of them are pretty competent. The rest felt pretty weak. I mean, it's just okay as a slice of life, nothing really stood out as a SOL compared to some other moe SOL I liked in the past. One problem I have with this anime is lots of time, the way they want to show the difference between species feels hamfisted or unnatural. It's something that I had better feel as reading material in manga than being portrayed in anime 20 minutes episode. The writer clearly made effort in researching some of these stuffs, but the anime presentation of all these interspecies differences feel hamfisted most of the time. It's worthwhile to watch it for the unique ideas, but as a slice of life, I think it's pretty weak.

Made in Abyss (7 episodes) - This is a very exciting anime for me. It has the classic adventure and discovery theme that seems to be lost in current era of anime where characters go have adventure to new place and face danger, discover new things, and unravel mysteries. While it has that Ichigo Mashimaro cutesy character art style, it is without a doubt a dark and gritty anime. However, the best thing is that it did not push or tryhard to convey the grittiness unlike most 'dark and gritty' modern anime nowadays. The uneasiness and horror elements creep on the story bit by bit and presented to you in gradual manner, whilst not forcing down your throat screaming "WE HAVE CUTE GIRL IN THE MIDDLE OF EXTREME HORROR AND DESPAIR STORY!". The plot is pretty enticing and full of excitement, I want to know what happen next, what would they discover as they go further into the abyss, how would they survive, as they uncover more and more truth about the abyss. The synergy between the 2 main characters are also pretty good. It reminds me of the 'brain and brawn' duo. They have good chemistry and good backstory and I would really want to know more about their fate.

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (6 episodes) - This is like Locodol plus Love Live, but instead of being idol, it's about making a local sentai heroes. It's a pretty quirky premise, but I find it really charming. The characters are mostly very basic, but they work as a whole as they recruit more and more people into their merry band of sentai team crew. The 'club/school/town revival' plot club anime may be a hit or miss to some, but I personally really like it. It's nothing grandiose, it's just a bunch of students who want to do good for their hometown. The art is average to decent with the colour choice may feel flat at times, but it has decent story and characters, it's heartwarming at times, and the comedy is decent. The plot is honestly enticing to me because earlier in the anime it does show what is at stake and I am really interested to see where the plot will go. In conclusion, if you like cute girls and club anime, this is a pretty decent choice this season.
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