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You got real talent there 
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Beautiful jewelry...the kind that a Daughter of Coldharbour would be proud to wear. Keep up the good work.
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OK. This is really cool. Keep up the good work.
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should be made a daily deviation
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Don't let Kars and Wamuu see you with that thing.
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wow these are so eccentric and captivating. A lot of your pendants say sold. Is there a way to still order the same or similar design?
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Nice necklace
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These are very beautiful! I might consider buying one of your works from your shop one day ^^
This is a very nice work of jewelry and very detailed.  Thank you for sharing this piece with the rest of us.  
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the shine looks so fake to me
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I have a question, are you a gem expert?
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no but it just looks added. so... fake
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This artist has place a lot of time into making this, and it turned out beautifully.

If you were a gem expert then I wouldn't say this, but since you're not, I will; If you have nothing nice to say, then please don't say it. 

If you were a gem expert, your comment would've turned into a critique of some sort and that's alright, but to purposefully say something like that when the artist had put so much time and effort to make such a beautiful piece, it is just downright rude.

Good day.
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woah calm down i was just saying how artifical it looked... im saying it looked like they added the pure white after the pic...

please dont freak out woah calm yourself
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It’s so pretty.
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Your pieces are so beautiful!
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