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Beautiful Whisper
"Beautiful Whisper"
A Beautiful whisper...
A Bittersweet echo...
Reminding me of the beauty
Of this now forgotten place.
Sinking in this lonely sea,
To a place I've never been.
I stand in this barren place,
Can't decide if it's shallow or deep.
A thousand emotions unexpressed,
A thousand oceans lost within...
Affections have gone undisclosed,
The ones that could have saved this.
Memories of the world we shared,
Or was I just a parasite...?
If I could return for just one day,
To soak up the honey sun...
Maybe then I could show this feeling
Of how much you truly meant.
If I could take back all' the pain,
I would take it back into myself.
If I could replace it with brighter light,
I would do so instead, my plight.
Tears of pain replace
The forgotten tears of joy.
Why is it this way...?
I surrendered lifetimes to attain
A happiness I threw away...
Happiness I thought was not
What it turned out to be anyway.
Here, I thought it was them,
The ones who came between...
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Mermaids by LunariaCharme Mermaids :iconlunariacharme:LunariaCharme 1 4 Serpentis by LunariaCharme Serpentis :iconlunariacharme:LunariaCharme 0 0

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Journal {CSS} Guide - Beginners
Hi there,
If you are reading this blog then I assume that you are interested in learning about deviantART Journal Skins. In this beginner’s tutorial I’ll be covering the basic understanding of HTML, CSS and DA’s journal skins. I’ll be explaining everything in details from the scratch so that you do not miss anything. I have designed this tutorial in such a way that I can assure you that you’ll be able to achieve a working knowledge of deviantART journal skins.
A little background about myself: I am a hobby-driven artist who mainly deals with CSS and HTML in deviantART (now). I like to teach people about customization and provide helpful guides to achieve them. I have designed and coded over 100+ skins till now in DA and I can confidently say that I have quite a deep knowledge about dA’s journal and gallery skins.
A point of inspiration (may be):
I never had any kind of formal training or courses on HTML and CSS coding. I have self-learn
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Life Blood
October 12, 2015

Have you ever known anyone in your entire life so far that you could never be without, even when things got really bad between the two of you, it was more painful to be apart than deal with the troubles you two had with each other? Where the good times felt like paradise and the bad times felt like hell. But all along suffering together, but blissful the next and savoring. Someone you'd do anything for, literally. Jump, die, live, survive, protect, give everything to without a second thought.

That, if and when something ever tore you two apart, it left such a huge crater in your life that of which no other fight or fallout break up or argument had ever left, despite the worst problems with others prior to this one person. The very air in your lungs and blood in your veins. The reason for living.

Taken away, leaves you but a hallow shell going through the motions. Feeling like a death, but you know they are still there. You can talk to them here and there but it's never the same. Such an intense bond, that you both build, but easily with one right hit to cracks already placed, could shatter it all, with one last mistake....

Not only did you betray them, you betrayed yourself. And no matter what they might have done to hurt you, suddenly everything you were ever mad about that made you lash out in ways you couldn't even fathom now, suddenly mean nothing in the aftermath. And you're left lost, wandering, searching for a purpose in a strange world that no longer makes sense. 50% your fault. And knowing you could have done everything different. You pick up, and keep walking, harden up, but a shell is just a shell. The hole remains. It always will. Maybe even,  to the point, that person could never fill it again, if ever the damage were repaired and built new.

Have you ever had someone like this? That no matter how long it's been, you're just not over it. And thinking of it just brings you to the tears you thought you had gotten over. What's more, the kind where they returned the feelings.

If you have anyone like this in your life... Don't throw it away... Don't sabotage it. Don't look for more, don't expect more. Savor it. Savor every moment... Trust me. It's right.

I'll never recover... I can move forward... But I know now I'll never recover... And it's a living hell rolled up inside the hole where my heart once was... The heart I left with them hoping to protect them in the only way left I know how from a distance....

I'm still trying to figure out where to go from here... Maybe something will come along as a second chance. And I'll do everything right... By all the Higher Powers I know I've learned my lessons... And still am, as everything processes... I will never be the same.

Don't make my mistakes. By all the love I know I have still, I implore you to not make the same mistakes....


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hello, and Welcome to my world of Art

I'm just another person on here, seeking a little fun with my abilities, that I have been encouraged upon. So, I try and enjoy art, I lost sight of it for a long time, but I'm gonna change that. I hope you enjoy what you see. And please, do ask about the above mentioned in the buttons.

Below are my linkies, but, not all of them are as active... But there they are anyway.

Pawcons from Lunakia ~Here

My attPad

Icon from Th3EmOo ~here

(Quoth DeviantArt Copyright policy.)
What Sort of Things are Copyrighted?
*The easy answer to this question is that just about any creative work that is less than 150 years old you might find should be considered copyrighted by default.
*A work is not required to have a copyright statement printed on it or near it in order to be considered copyrighted so do not assume that the work is unprotected simply because you cannot see a notice written anywhere.
*Also do not confuse the fact that a work is publicly available with the idea that it is in the public domain or free for use. Being easy to find on the internet does not affect a work's copyrighted status.
*There are many exceptions to the 150 year guideline, but you are best advised to obtain legal advice from an expert if you intend to rely on the possibility that a modern work is not copyrighted.

This is a Stamp? by Candy-Swirl Pegasister Stamp by SunnStamp Squeak Stamp by jsotelo Sarcasm Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Bipolarity stamp by HappyStamp Weird Stamp by Kojima2087 Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine Edit Undo Stamp by HappyStamp Anti-religion prejudice stamp by StampWhore Ravens Stamp by sequelle Support Love by StampCollectors To be or not Stamp by Creativeness Little stamp things stamp by deviantStamps + + Stamp + + by eikosalia Howling Wolf Stamp by SunnStamp wolf stamp by war-armor I Love Dogs Stamp by StampCollectors Cat Lover by StampCollectors Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 OP_Chibiterasu Stamp by Stamp221 Sakura Stamp by stomp-stamp Lucky Neko stamp by HappyStamp Anime is Art Stamp by TenneStamp Eevee Stamp by Heart-Stamp Umbreon Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Gatomon Stamp by Stamp221 BP_Kari and Gatomon Alt. Stamp by Stamp221 Lolita stamp 2 by HappyStamp Balto  Stamp by StampAG Disney Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Tim Burton Stamp by StampMakerLKJ I Heart Music Stamp 2 by StampMakerLKJ Music Stamp by Taylorinchains Evanessence stamp by HappyStamp I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh Girl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic


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