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Ceslestia's Royal Guards SFM-Gmod ponies

First of all, these models were originally made by :iconlt-citrusreuben:
I only decompiled the models and did polycount tweaks as well adding them to the new model version made by :iconbeardeddoomguy:

Anyway, Yup, Royal guards compatible with SFM and Gmod!

these models are Alicorn by default, but the wings and horn are bodygrouped. and the grey and white versions are actually skingroups.

Also included their armour as bonemergeable props, now go ahead and Praise the sun.
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i figured out how to download the mod. where ya see the 3 dots there's the arrow with the line symbol. click that and yer all set

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i need the source file of armor helm and shoes i cant find it but anyway the models are very good
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Where are the spears from? Didn't find them in the pack.
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Are there any mare models of these guards?
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look under favorite there is a big button with the words download.
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Sir! permission to create the female variant of your armor, sir!
jokes apart, the idea is creating a resize of the male armor (helmet and shoes included), in the same way i used for my new OC e release it stand alone and in SFM version. Obviously i credit you, so we have a deal?
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Looking all over for these, thanks!
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ah i like the lunar guards more they are a bit... more meanish and tough for some reason i like that +they look so darng cute

and i know tis mite just be whistful thinking but is there any QC or SMD files from the armor parts?
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those guards were just watching  people  well when they say hi to them they didn't answer they were just paying attention  watching if there was anything going onThe Guard of Emotes 
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My small nitpick on these guys....

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I KNOW RIGHT DX they should be fired!
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Is there armour for night guards?
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i cant find them in gmod.
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i tried searching for these in Garry's mod and they don't exist in the search section so can someone help me out about how to get these royal guards so yeah i need help on getting them please 
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Lookin' hot as always
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Praise the sun? I am disappoint.
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Awesome models!!
i;m allways happy about new Bonemerge Costume props for Gmod for downlaod <(^_^<)
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Woo!, Finally Now just need some females for both night and day and we'll be good!
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