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My Little Pony - Button Mash Plush by Lunarchik13 My Little Pony - Button Mash Plush by Lunarchik13
This little Button Mash plush was a commission over in my Etsy shop.

This little guy was super fun to make! I love making baby ponies. XD The commissioner wanted him to have a working hat and actually had a friend 3D print propellers so that they actually worked! :D A drill bit was used for the rod and was sewn into the hat, and then I painted the propellers the green color with acrylic paint and sprayed them with a matte sealant. I had to work with slightly different colors with the mane/tail since the pictures online had him with multiple variations of mane and tail colors, so we chose the best colors between the ones shown and this was the end result. :D

I really hope the person who commissioned him is happy with him! ^_^

I might be willing to remake him, but I'd have to do something different with the propellers since I wouldn't be able to have them 3D printed again.

If you would like the filly pattern used for this pony, you can find it in :iconbuttercupbabyppg:'s etsy shop:…

If you would like to see the ponies I have available (and I'm having a SALE on them right now!!), you can visit my etsy shop ~~~> ACreations

**I am a licensed patron of :iconbuttercupbabyppg: and have permission to sell ponies from her patterns!
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