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The Origins of Hollow Shades- Page 58


Every tree is a happy tree. :3
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It's good to have neighbors who don't like change.
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hey have been okay , you haven`t  made a comic in awhile. i`m just checking up on you cause i know already why .but that also might not be the reason . Worried v3 btw i`m not rushing you to make your comics I can wait a whole month for that , i`m just checking up to see if your fine .
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Aww that's sweet you ask <3 Yeah I've been a bit behind lately, but I'm alright. How are you? And hoping for it to be finished very soon but I plan to post two pages at the same time to make up for the wait! Thanks for the motivation with the whole comic ^^
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i`m alright thx :love: . I hope your comic and comics ( if you make any more for the future ^__^ , you better ) . and I hope your comic turns out well for you in the end . ( is it just me or do I go crazy if I see red lines on my page to signify that's wrong) . any ways Strawberry Ice Cream Cone .
and np its my job to make peoples day cause I to have bad ones lets just say i repeated the Alex's  line in Madagascar 1 here " me / Alex : " hi there * to a toddler* ; toddler * starts to cry * . the thing about me my condition affects my face so kids( my left eye is shut ) are often afraid of me , but once they get to know me they love me ^__^ . lol how about you do kids love you
LunarCakez's avatar
Ah, that's good to hear and thanks :3 me and my brother have lot's planned for it hehe!

And aww  that's so sweet <3... to be honest, I don't really know many kids as I tend to spend most my life on the computer so I don't really know XD but I admire the fact you are able to make the effort with them as I'd probably be awkward unless I can talk cartoons/films with them :D
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lmao you'll be the awkward type XD . lol all you have to do is play with them ,then they stick like glue =P (Razz) . to be quite honest when I my mother had a friend that had three children 1 baby one was 4 one the oldest was 7 so the , 4 year was afraid of me and starts to run away when I got close to after chasing her and picking her up to restrain her after a few mins she loved me and asked if I could come to her birthday XD. my face when she asked that (-_-) . lol any ways thx for watching me ,even tho if I tired to draw ill turn it half possessed . sometimes life is just a pain right :happycry  oh yea good morning XP
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yup lol. And you're welcome, I love making new DA buddies ^^ Ice Cream - Kaito 
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Dragons are the best Homeland security.
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It's been a while since the last.
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Yeah, I've had art block for a bit but finally getting back into it! :D
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"We didn't even fight?!"
The most heroic kind of victory. 
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XD Yup. Leave it to the dragons to scare them off.
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reminds me of 'When a good man goes to war' from Doctor Who.
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lol sounds like me on the first day of grade eight lol i almost fell asleep cause i was bored
LunarCakez's avatar
lol, aw must have been a very boring class XD
Icecream6789's avatar
lol yup but "we Icecream6789 is in grade 9 thou likes her classes " lol i tried to sound like Luna but failed *btw its me icecream5678 i forgot my password and couldn't get in so i made a new one Xd *
LunarCakez's avatar
Don't worry, I read it in Luna's voice :D And yeah don't worry, I'm bad a remembering numbers and recognised you from your name as whenever I read it I want strawberry ice cream XD
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lol you reconised me lol , do not  starve my child have some strawberry icecream , oh um do you want a cone or  bowl oh well u get both XD Icecream Strawberry Icecream Icon Banana Split 1 i  like personally chocolate ( chocolate 0__0 ) but you know people have their flavors

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Awh yeah!! Virtual strawberry ice cream!! <3 in return have some virtual chocolate ice cream! XD Ice Cream Icon 
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  Icecream Splat Emoticon Hershey Eat - For FemaleSpy thx lol ill put virtual strawberry ice cream when ever i post a comment on your comics ^_^   * licks screen *

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Interesting  =)
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Yay! Glad people are liking this idea :D
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Dragons are not force to be reckon with so...always keep them close to your home xD
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