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The Origins of Hollow Shades- Page 23


I am right now rewriting some of the script as I feel quite uninspired ever since Starlight Glimmer wants equality. I am also planning to start picking up the pace by the next page.
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lmao Luna doesn't know how to whisper XD
Only for a very loose definition of "from."
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"I am not from Hollow Shades. But YOU are."
Oh gawd :scared: Luna what are you doing don't go into the forest omg stahp
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From the previous pages, I got the impression that Luna knows something what Luna does not know, but for some reason she did not want to tell it. She realized something, but what? Also, I think the new pony also knows something what Luna do not know.

I look forward to the next part.
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Glad you're looking forward to the next part! :3
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Please, finish next part quickly.
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Yup, just needs colouring :D
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Commencing messing with Luna's mind...O-o
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What if, Luna and Celestia were the sources of magic in Hollow Shades a long time ago that led all the creatures from the forest to the village, destroying it terribly, and they flew away in fear? 
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Ooohhh! I won't say but you have a good theory there! ;D
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This is getting confusing.
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Don't worry, very soon you'll see where the story is going ^^
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