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The Origins of Hollow Shades- Page 21

Should she follow or should she not? Thaaaat's the question... Muahahahahahaaaaaa! This page may be short, but there is actually quite a lot explained for further on...  :ninja:

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She forgot the letter! *facepalm* 
Because you wanted to break there rules all along. It would be pretty pointless contrarian behavior to rebel now.
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Celestia's keeping secrets from Luna? Heh! I know how she feels.
"I don't know why I still follow you."

THAT.  Was brilliant; excellent foreshadowing of Nightmare Moon.

Whether or not that's relevant to this story doesn't matter, it's still brilliant.
noobymaniac's avatar
Wow stellar work. This has to be my favorite comic page to date!
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Celestia's sudden turn of behavior on pg 19 creeped me out. But then an ominous staircase that takes up like, 70% of the page?

awh fack
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Don't worry Luna, in the future, you won't....:evil_smile: 
TheDracoJayProduct's avatar
Dark, ominous stairway that takes up 75% of the page?
I sense a massive reveal/spook incoming.
Brace for impact.
Loving this. Keep up the good work! :D
LunarCakez's avatar
:excited: yup next page just miiiight start showing where the story is going hehee... and thanks :D
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Just explain it!!!!!
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...Okay, I'm with Luna on this one. Just EXPLAIN things, damn it!
LunarCakez's avatar
XD In the next page, you might start seeing where the story is starting to go :3
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Now you know how it feels like to play the game Destiny. lol
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Arghhh why is Celestia being so secretive?  
LunarCakez's avatar
There will be a good reason behind it! :3 
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LunarCakez's avatar
Yaaay! Glad you think so! :3
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