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The Origins of Hollow Shades- Page 18

Tia's noticed something important here... and I'm hoping it was darn obvious. xD

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TanukiTagawa's avatar
Seem that some dark secret gona raise... :frightened: 
Dawnfur8888's avatar
HE KNOWS HER NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keeper-0f-souls's avatar
He called her Luna! Throughout the whole comic, they have been calling Luna Selene! O.O
Kartoffelkamm's avatar
Well, actually Selena, but yeah. Also, only Celestia has adressed her by name in this comic, as far as I can remember, meaning that Selena may be just a fake name for their secret mission.
Oh my you! Your half-assed attempt to conceal your identities has failed! Who would have expected that anypony would ever see through it?
Animatorsnake's avatar
is a hollow shades the village or... a thing
EpicPokemon13's avatar
Oh gosh! How do they know!? :O
aldodger's avatar
There's one thing that gets me. When the speech bubbles are squares/rectangles they look like thought bubbles...
LunarCakez's avatar
I occasionally make it square when there's a lot of dialogue -it simply looks a bit neater. But I will take your opinion into consideration! So, thanks :D
dragonstories101's avatar
They know... DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheDracoJayProduct's avatar
Oh my lawd :la: This is giving me such an uneasy feeling and I love it. Wonderful work as always. :meow:
LunarCakez's avatar
Heeheee! Aw thank you! <3 Glad you are enjoying it!
foxred1988's avatar
She knows her Nickname... and Luna's name... the Real Name.

Just like that... Poop....

drawingshady's avatar
lol they call Selena 'Luna' xD woop woop xD
Delta52775's avatar
Oh no the sisters have been compromised!
TheDemonOfSloth's avatar
Woah, how do they know Luna's name when she's been using "Selena"?

Hollow Shades is not safe... And somehow reminds me of Story Of The Blanks.
LunarCakez's avatar
Yes, I was inspired by a number of different things for this story, I'm pretty sure that being one of them. (I love that game! XD)
kahas's avatar
That game is creepy :icondashiswiggingoutplz:
LunarCakez's avatar
Definitely! First pony game I've played so far which is actually scary. It's awesome xD
Alexander-Krozz's avatar
H-how do you know Luna's name?
StreamSecret's avatar
Wait, if they're so isolated, how do they know about the griffins? Or did they make the village because they were trying to hide from the griffins? 
LunarCakez's avatar
They made the village to hide from the griffons. ^^
Alexander-Krozz's avatar
they made the village to hide from the Griffins!
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