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The Origins of Hollow Shades- Page 143

Start here, my duckies! <3:…

Hmm, I wonder who the 'sad ghost pony' which Destiny can hear is now... Hmmmmm.....  Greetings
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Not the sister I was expecting . . . but perhaps the sister who might show a way that Destiny's destiny was not as final as it seemed.

There is a typo on this page, in left of two bottom rectangular panels. In upper part of his speech bubble, Dusk says "reamain" when he should be saying "remain". You better correct that, # LunarCakez .

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Thanks for letting me know! I have just updated it.

Glad to see that. You are welcome.

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It’s just a small guess but I wonder if all those shadow monsters are Celestia all the times she’s died.

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Celestia on page 122 - 'Time-slips can become very confusing depending on what area of time they are coming from.'

You could be onto something there :ninja:

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His gonna get mad now isnt he

Celestia... How did it happen that you found your sister’s corpse that constantly finds your corpse? And which Celestia? An older sister who has lived more than a thousand years? After all, she could fall into such a trap in time. Or is it a younger Celestia?

Or... Destiny looks up, as if Celestia is still looking for Luna that fell from the chariot. But Celestia obviously sits without strength and weeps at her sister's body, so here everything is still less clear.

Scarlet is acting suspiciously. Why does she need a "disease"?

I want to know if my favorite pony (Twilight)) will appear again and will she interact directly with Luna?

So many questions...

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The 'Twi-alike' has an important role in this story. That's all I'm giving away for now, lol ;)

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This is getting very intriguing, I'm so looking forward to the next page.

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This plot, page after page it becomes more and more intriguing :la:

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So many more questions than answers, the plot thickens.

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Heh, now wondering if Destiny even died at all, (but it didn't look too good for her on p. 131). As for Scarlett, her actions sound quite political, as she seems to be the sole source of this "disease" nonsense. :c And that voice! Almost sounds like page 28 and the top of 29, but reciprocal. :D

But Luna's question... By Scarlett's own actions, she's put herself into a corner wide open for blame, even up to murdering Destiny herself, but that doesn't seem quite fit.

Mmmm... looking forward to more! :la:


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