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I've had this floating around my head for a while, so I figured I would finally sit down one afternoon and actually make it. I know there've been countless times where I've had a bad case of the feels and had no way to get it out of my system, and I thought this would be a perfect way to do just that. :) This isn't meant to be for anything specific: You can use it for a single fandom, across a variety of fandoms, crossovers, yaoi, yuri, het, whatever suits your fancy. This is meant purely for fun, so don't hold back! Enjoy, and good luck! 

(It had to be done. I am not sorry. :icondignitylaughplz: )


Also, just to clarify, here's some additional details for each panel in case you have questions:

- Because it's Adorable: Ships that make you go D'awwwww. These ships primarily run on fluff and general sweetness.
- Because it's Hot: Should be self-explanatory. If you fantasize about them doing risqué things in private, they probably go here.
- Because it's Plausible: These couples would not exactly be out of place in canon. Maybe they have similar personalities, or just seem like they would go well together.
- Because they're Alike: Birds of a feather. They have a lot of the same traits, the same interests, and they generally have a lot in common.
- Because they're Opposites: Opposites attract, don't they? These couples are so different from one another that they actually serve to balance each other out.
- Because it's Canon: Self explanatory. An officially confirmed pairing that you happen to root for.
- Because of Subtext: These couples aren't canon per say, but there's some subtle implications that they may have some romantic tension between them.
- Because of Fanwork: You might not have started off shipping this couple, but after a while of seeing it spammed in your inbox, you began to take a liking to it.
- BECAUSE I CAN: Ships that exist purely for the sake of hilarity. Crack Pairings, ahoy!


If you do happen to fill this out, please link back to me! :D I'd love to see what you guys come up with. Have fun!


Alright, looks like we've got a few examples! Hooray! :D
I Ship It! by ILuvVegeTarbleTrunksLadyC Ships It Meme by LadyCharizardI Ship It Because . . . by Lady-ZaelieaShipping Meme (2014 edition) by Chibifangirl01Shipping Meme by HoshinoDestinyI ship this-meme by ooNerina 

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With your permission, I gave this one a whirl!

I Ship It
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- Because it's Adorable: SpikexGabby. As of Dragon Dropped, Spike-x-Gabby is my OTP. Sorry Sparity shippers.

- Because it's Hot: CharliexVaggie (Hazbin Hotel). Nuff said.

- Because it's Plausible: Luigi x Daisy, Fox x Krystal,

- Because they're Alike: ???

- Because they're Opposites: Sly CooperxCarmelita Fox. Batman x Catwoman. Ladybug x Cat Noir (it's getting there to be canon). Spyro x Cynder.

- Because it's Canon: AnnaxKristoff (Frozen), SimbaxNala (the Lion King), Robin HoodxMaid Marian, AladdinxJasmine, RobinxStarfire(the classic Teen Titans), Spider-ManxMJ, etc. Shall I continue?

- Because of Subtext: AmourShipping (Ash Ketchum x Serena). C'mon, Serena never denies she has a crush on Ash. She just gets nervous and embarrassed about it.

- Because of Fanwork: TailsxNicole. I joined the ship just for the fun of it.

- BECAUSE I CAN: Ships that exist purely for the sake of hilarity. Crack Pairings, ahoy!

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pardon but how in the world did you get that background onto that meme?
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I have done my ver too!  Shipping Meme Vocaloid and Utauloid Edition by Zebracorn-chan
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The add that's playing next to this just said "Free Shipping" so I have to do this.
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PFFFFFFFT  Really???  :rofl:  That's amazing, oh my god.  I wish I could see it.
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dangit i wish I had taken a screenshot 
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