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Lyra and Twilight



Phoe took over EqD, and I was inspired to draw something Lyra for her!

I thought after all her lessons in friendship, Twilight might take the time to wave hello to Lyra when they pass nowadays! And Lyra's happy to have the friendliness returned (even if it has been a long time since she waved to Twilight in Canterlot) ;)

Kinda went with a slightly looser style; not sure that I like it. Also, it could use more refining, but I don't really have any more time tonight! :(
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Amending Fences confirmed her full name is Lyra Heartstrings and that A: She's an old friend of Twilight's & B: She moved to Ponyville the same day Twilight did, the reason we see her in Canterlot in previous episodes is because she was visiting Minuette, Twinkleshine & Lemon Hearts(Also explains why we see those 3 in Ponyville, they're visting Lyra).