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i finally got a twitter guys! :3c so if you prefer following there i guess thats cool

i ammmm still incredibly more active on instagram so let's see how twitter goes 
  • Watching: ok ko
  • Playing: dark souls
  • Eating: crab sticks
  • Drinking: juice!
how many ppl on here even active?? 

i wanna know how many would join a raffle for some arts- or if i should even do one (' w ';

(★´ω`★)ゞ it has been decided! for those whom have commented; awesome! we shall have a raffle~ 

it is not nessesary but spreading the word would be very kind! the more the merrier! (and the more prizes!) 

if we reach over 10 there will be two prizes and over 20 there will be three ヽ( ˘з˘ )ゝ

i'l prep some stuff when i got the time >:'3c 
  • Watching: ok ko
  • Playing: dark souls
  • Eating: crab sticks
  • Drinking: juice!
i guess i've been on here for 6 years

whoop dee doo
did i show u my new flipnote?…
1.) post these rules
2.) Post 8 facts about your character
3.) Tag 8 other ppl along with their characters you want them to talk about (lol dont do 8 if you want)
4.) Post their avatars and write their character’s name next to them
5.) NO TAG BACK (feel free to break this rule)

i was tagged for neo and niko so i'll do both


1) Their mom is a great horned owl and their dad is a lynx! 
2) they have 2 siblings, both younger and still with their parents
3) they have a hard time doing things with their zygodactyl hands 
4) they gamble a lot- and typically get kumomo involved unwillingly 
5) they try to be cunning and witty, but are clumsy and transparent 
6) big mess maker- knows no organization 
7) eats all the mice they can get their claws into
8) is super nice so they can take advantage of people 


1) neo is an alien mutant thats wallaby and chameleon 
2) loves dressing up- usually changes outfits often, maybe like 2 times a day 
3) is shY
4) loves to travel- >:'3c cable cars are a favorite in cities 
5) body parts can be regenerated at a slow rate
6) is a shape shifter
7) loves to eat food with friends 
8) has a hard time taking compliments 
i have ultra moon that im looking to get cool pokemon on! 

i really like shiny pokemon (who doesn't) and I just cant seem to get them on my own so! we can bargain if you like 
hey! so i dont think i can really upload videos to tumbr or to deviant art without troubles so i'll just link my instagram here!…
im just getting back into it so im really sketchy but i hope to improve! 
anybody wanna play lethal league with me? im not amazing at it but i like playing it 
today kinda started out as a bummer- but when I got home and saw the box !!!!

im so happy to have it back heck! 
no harassment please- 

SO as some of you may know- I have been dealing with someone stealing my Neo since April, but she has been stealing for quite some time (as early as 2013; suggested by her dA account

her accounts…
I haven't really been vocal about the situation since she threatened me with self harm (Self Harm Threat )
But .... I don't want to be harassed, manipulated, or mocked. She currently is criticizing me for even speaking of this at all (wanting my silence)

Throughout the extensive months of rude treatment- I have however gathered evidence to prove she is stealing from me 

here is the big file ->

After she blocked me she publicly mocked me on her Instagram story

She always paints herself as the victim of this-

recently found!!…

she said she sold her dsi, which is ANOTHER lie because she posted this! 

I would really appreciate if this maybe could be spread around to spread awareness of the situation. 

It's upsetting to think someone who's homophobic and transphobic (some transphobia) taking my pan trans character and taking that away. Grant also draws numerous porn and sexually suggestive images of my neo (which causes me great dysphoria). 

There is so much more to this- and plenty evidence provided. 

Any proof or evidence any of you find I will take it and add to the master file! 

support is greatly appreciated! I will keep this updated

edit: her deviant Art is inactive ( i can only assume because I am here) while her instagram is where she is the most- just a heads up 
Not so active

I'll finish commissions tomorrow or sometime this week

Also neogrant on instagram isn't me- i heard about ending up with similar characters but not similar names and characters 
Oh well 
I'm tired
so i was widdling some wood and started to saw off a smaller twig on the branch and ended up slicing into my pointer finger twice

the cut in the meaty part doesnt hurt so bad it's just the one in my finger tip that hurts so much
i had to go to the er -and i sat there for like an hour waiting-
they glued it instead of stitches, and on top of that i got a tetanus shot 
this sunday has been crazy

and i start new classes for college tomorrow freaking great ~^~;;

so as if i havent delayed art enough its gonna have a little bit of a delay 
i dont care if people are "illegal" they are PEOPLE AND SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE PEOPLE 
Eeeeee he is a big BIG BOY he's a German shepard and he's so sweet. 
Our first night i think went good but now it's morning and he's kind of clingy. I'm hoping he'll do fine while I'm at school.

so yeah!
keeping it short and sweet 

just in case anyone missed it
I'm a boy and i dont """prefer""" male pronouns, thats what me (a boy) uses. 

also just cuz i like feminine things doesnt make me any less valid ok 

peace :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 
i am awake studying for a world civilization exam at 2 am listening to songs from 2006 cartoons on nickelodeon and if that doesnt shout college i have plenty more crap to tell stories on 
trump supporters unfollow me
pack your bags
you're being deported from my page
If you are sad, and have suicidal thoughts, YOU CAN  TALK TO ME

i will not judge you, and i will do my best to comfort you
it can be about anything

and if you don't want to talk about it
just know that the world WILL miss you, we will miss you, so please keep your thoughts about you
and stick around for us
we're rooting for you