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Update 10/16: I've decided to lower the limit to 3 people, the current amount of entries, as it could still be held and be kept "secret" this way. However, it would REALLY be great for more artists to join.

Hello fellow Lunar fans. I hope everyone has been well.

This will be our 7th year doing Lunar Secret Santa, which has become a rather fun little event/tradition for Lunar Club members. To any new members curious to what it is, here are the rules and guidelines:

Comment on this journal with up to 3 possible ideas for images or one-shot stories you'd like from Santa. The deadline to apply for a Secret Santa is the end of Wednesday, October 31st. Notes will be sent out the following day!

Example of wishlist:

Dear Santa, For this year I'd like to see...

1. Anything Nall (Silver Star or Eternal Blue)
2. Nash/Mia for the Holidays
3. Jessica and Kyle fighting over presents

The Gift I will create will be a: Story
Gift I would prefer to receive: Either
(OPTIONAL)Lunar I am most familiar with: Silver Star only

We added that last bit to better match up members. There may be some who would really prefer a drawing over a short-story, and others who don't mind either. Please let us know what you prefer to receive so to not be disappointed!

-If you ask for a Secret Santa, you will be expected to draw/write for someone else in return. (1 work per person is mandatory, if you (the artist) feel like doing another Secret Santa request from your list that is fine, but completely OPTIONAL.)
-We are allowing writers to enter. Again, if you leave a wishlist, you are expected to either draw or write for someone else in return.
-Please don't request OCs; Keep it to canon Lunar characters.
-Pictures must be colored. Cannot be done on notebook/lined paper. Needs to be an actual finished deviation for you to upload and must also abide to DA's rules! Doesn't have to be super extravagant (unless you want it to!) but please be considerate and do your best for the person you will be drawing for.   For you writers, minimum of 1,000 words...cannot exceed DA's word limit (which I'm currently unsure of, but I think its a fairly large number.)

Check out previous years' gallery to see some examples! ---………

-On Dec.25th - Jan.1st, send your gift to the person you were assigned (i.e. Send him/her a note with a link to the pic).
-I understand a lot of members are busy with finals and Holidays in general, try to meet the deadline of NEW YEARS January 1st, 2019 (Tuesday) ASAP.
-Please don't post the pictures early either... and don't tell anyone who you're drawing for. It's a secret.  
-There will be a minimum 3 people to join for this to happen. (It has been lowered from the previous 4)

-Also, don't forget...if you decide to participate, but fail to produce your gift in time, you will be put on our Naughty List. Fortunately no one is on the list this year and everyone got their gifts. Being on the Naughty List means you aren't able to participate in Secret Santa the following year and you will be ignored if you leave a list.

So don't leave your person hanging without a gift this Holiday!

Comment away with your list! !
kimmipen Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2018
Dear Santa, For this year I'd like to see...

1. Human Nall and human Ruby playing in the snow
2. Kyle and Jessica decorating a Christmas tree
3. Ronfar and Mauri by a fireplace

The Gift I will create will be a: drawing
Gift I would prefer to receive: drawing

Lunar I am most familiar with: TSS and EB for Sega CD
praxcrown5 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hell yeah!

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year, I'd like:
1. Anything involving Nash x Mia
2. Anything involving Nash looking badass
3. An older Nash (ref  Nash Bromide by praxcrown5 ) facing off against the Star Dragon (ref…)

I will create a drawing and I'd prefer to receive a drawing. 

I'm most familiar with Lunar SSSC, Lunar EBC, Childhood's End, and Vane Airship Stories.
Shinto-Cetra Featured By Owner Edited Sep 20, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Dear Santa, For this year I'd like to see...

1. Romance option: Anything Ghaleon x Xenobia. I ship them in the SEGA CD and Childhood's End continuities, so it must be reciprocated affection. I like to draw pregnant ladies so feel free to make Xenobia pregnant if you like, though this is NOT required. Please don't censor her outfit if you do.
2. Comedy option: Any crossover between Lunar and Monty Python's Flying Circus, OR Revolutionary Girl Utena OR Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

The Gift I will create will be a: Drawing
Gift I would prefer to receive: Drawing, or sculpture/custom action figure if applicable
(OPTIONAL)Lunar I am most familiar with: Lunar: The Silver Star (SEGA CD(** best one IMO)), Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (PlayStation 1) Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (PlayStation Portable) Lunar: Childhood's End (manga) Lunar: Vane Airship Stories (manga) Magic School Lunar! (manga)
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