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PMDU Errand 3



A bit messy sorry ;u;

Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014

Wanted: intrepid test subjects for alchemical experimentation. Yes, I know it may sound intimidating, but as Head Professor of the Researcher's guild, it would be extremely unwise of me to ask such a thing of civilians unless I was 100% positive no harm should come to them.

Even so, this errand may not be for the faint of heart. Due to an error on the part of one of our record keepers, a series of 'tier 1' compounds has been mislabeled, and I'm told it's been this way for several months now. While these may be fairly benign mixtures, we cannot have this, and for that reason we are going to need to document their effects again from scratch.

I will require willing test subjects to ingest a series of potions and then report for examination. Rest assured, none of the catalysts used to create these mixtures are lethal or even dangerous. Expected results include temporary discoloration, random spontaneous fur growth, temporary type conversion, and...mild to extreme discomfort of varying degrees at a possibility of 30-40%.

Those brave enough to assist me with this task will be awarded one Star Coin and our medics in training will be on hand to restore you to your previous form after your examination. Those outside the Researchers guild, consider this a fine opportunity to dabble in the delights of science.

All receive one Star coin! : D
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Such fluff, much cute

Omg teach me senpai