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Leader of the Lion Guard,
sworn to protect those
who cry out in times of trouble.
A member of the royal family
that animals respect and admire.
Sometimes I wonder
if the ancestors were right
in giving me the gift of the roar.
Knowing that my emotions
create order and destruction.
Being quick to anger
when loved ones are in trouble.
Unsure in my role as leader
Yet I know the others look to me
for guidance and support.
Each day learning
from mistakes I made in the past.
Learning how to become
the leader my father expects me to be.
:iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 6 2
Mature content
Entrapment :iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 1 0
Mokuba Kaiba
You think that the suffocated screams
of endless pain fell on deaf ears.
Yet I was always there
Waiting to pick you up
when you fall offering you strength
in your hour of need. 
It didn't hurt when you ignored my hand
When you shut yourself off
from the world around you?
turning cold and distant.
Lashing out at everyone including me.
What hurt the most,
was knowing that the brother I knew was dead.
The teen that called me Mokie,
always smiling and enjoying life.
The one who always had time for me.
Yet I know I'm the reason
that part of you is buried.
I often wondered why
we couldn't return to the past.
To the good old days
when we were both happy.
When you were and still are my role model
You claim those days are over
that the past should stay lost and forgotten.
Making me wonder what I mean to you?
You used to claim that 
I was your reason for living.
That you would give up everything
to keep me safe and happy.
Yet now I wonder
if that is still true?
Watching you slowly dest
:iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 8 3
Vergil Sparda
Mother’s amulet,
and Yamamoto.
Trinkets gifted to me from birth.
Assets that will help me ascend.
Assisting in my quest to become a full devil,
destroying the wretched humanity within me.
Dante sees me as nothing more
than a heartless devil who must be saved.
Lacking sympathy for my noble quest,
seeking power for his protection.
Despite killing him while blinded by my rage
igniting the devil within him,
fearing that I killed
my last remaining blood relative.
I will not allow him to be a maunder
for my selfish cause.
Mother’s death rigorously  
haunts my weary mind.
Father’s desertion to family ties
brings his cowardice to the light.
Abandoning treasured loved ones
in their hour of crisis
Dante wears his sentiments on his sleeve.
Acting out childish whims and immatures.
Failing to acknowledge that
emotions is another form of weaknesses?
It's better to keep insecurities hidden
Not giving your adversaries the opportunity
to see your hand, as love o
:iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 10 0
Riku: Key Blade Wielder
My friends think that I have fallen
becoming a shadow of my former self 
unable to see the truth for what it is.
They run from the impending gloom,
not wanting to embrace the unknown.
Thinking that holding the title
of key blade masters makes them
guardians of light.
I admit, my first attempts at playing hero was a mistake.
Making decisions based on anger and jealousy
but I have come a long way since my teenage years.
It’s amazing what you can learn
when you’re no longer a child.
Lessons taught to you
by the passing of time.
I have always been a protector.
sacrificing my own happiness.
to prevent a foolish younger sibling
from hurting themselves.
Despite Sora saving the world,
I will always see him as my little brother.
Leading me to take actions
against his allies and nobody
if it will keep him safe from harm.
Being the voice of reason
when others step away from the light.
When the whispering shadows
corrupting hearts full of light
Making choices that are difficult
:iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 5 0
Comissions Are Open by LunaNyxFrost Comissions Are Open :iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 5 0 Commissions Are Open by LunaNyxFrost Commissions Are Open :iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 1 0
Dante Sparda
A sexy devil hunter, 
protector of the human race.
Able to live off pizza and sundaes, 
keeping this form that women crave?
It's not hard to play pretend
knowing that people never bother 
to look beneath the surface.
Thinking there's nothing behind
the cocky grin and witty banter.
It's amazing what tricks 
you can use to cover up the scars 
To hide the loneness and despair
you fight against every day.
Allowing fresh scars to mask
the demons in your dreams.
Thinking that by slaying demons
will silence the voices in your head.
The constant reminder
that your weakness 
tore your family apart.
My mother’s death;
Virgil's destructive path 
to become a full demon 
Could have all been prevented 
that horrible night. 
Instead of living this life of isolation
allowing my demonic side 
to keep this feeble body alive.
Continuing this endless cycle
of partying and slaying demons.
Until my demise into Hell.
Seeking forgiveness
from my mot
:iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 8 3
Behind Blue Eyes
They call me a monster,
A selfish, cold-hearted bastard
that cares for only himself.
Who uses his brother as a shield,
an object to get ahead in life.
They will never see my pain
and the scars creating a second skin.
Nightmares that bar me from Morpheus’ realm.
The lessons that were carved into my skin
The mantra that emotions are weaknesses
and that failure is a death sentence
Yet somehow, I'm still alive
Clinging to a life
in a world where I don't belong.
Wearing this mask of bitterness and anger,
a parting gift from a vile demon.
There are those who hold the keys
to the prison where my true self is hidden
A last-ditch effort to protect 
the phantom I once called a soul.
Keeping it from fading away completely.
Hoping that there would be a day
Where I could offer the prisoner freedom
But until then,
I will continue to play the role,
of a rich emotionless robot.
Only allowing those I call family
entrance to my internal dungeon.
:iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 9 18
Countless shades pass before my eyes,
subconsciously completing the task set before me.
My mummified hands grasping the golden scales.
I place a feather from Maat on one end
before ripping out the shades heart;
placing it on the other end and wait.
Waiting for the scales to stop moving,
Anticipating to see where to place the shade
Most end up passing on to paradise,
but a few ends up shredded by Ammut.
The testing of souls has long sense
lost their effect on me.
No longer regretting the fate
of those standing before me.
Men and woman shivering in fear
of the two possibilities outcomes for them.
An eternal life filled of joy and love ones,
or one filled with pain and isolation.
For those whose shred souls are doomed
to wander the mortal plane;
never to be seen or heard.
With no chances for their soul
to find eternal peace.
:iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 10 10
Memory of Scars
I sit here preparing for another day.
Making sure nothing is out of place
Using the tricks, I learned long ago
To hide what will get me noticed
It has been over a year
and yet they remain
Scars from the surgery 
that saved my sight.
Forcing me into a life debt
with a brother I barely remember
Who took over the role of my protector.
Forcing me to endure
overbearing friends.
Who never understood
the weight of the word no
Keeping me away 
from the man I admire.
Yet, I always wonder
If Joey had been too late.
Would my life 
turn out the same? 
Locked inside a cage 
guarded by his loyal followers?
Or free lost in the realm of darkness?
Never having that chance encounter 
with my true love
Would my ice prince 
be beside me,
Knowing that 
I would never see his face
To see his climb to fame 
etched into his skin.
The scars are now faded
almost hidden from sight.
And yet they still remind me
Of the price I was forced to pay
to live my life.
:iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 5 0
Honoring My Sister
Thank you, sister.
For the mind portraits
that captures our memories.
portraying joyful memories of the past.
Demonstrating bonds of sisterhood
built towards the future.
Acting as reminders
when times are hard.
When you need a laugh
at acts of foolishness.
to break the harsh reality
of the world around you.
You are forced to endure.
Making you act like a child at heart.
despite your current age.
I thank you. my wonderful sister.
For being the painter
of the canvas in my dreams.
That will last for all eternity
:iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 4 3
Musical Salvation
In the darkness of ones heart 
music is the key in keeping it at bay.
Melodies made of joy and laughter 
are the chains of light 
jailing in thoughts, 
that can turn a person 
bitter and cold.
For Music can never be created 
without emotion. 
Even those who think 
they are lost to the world, 
have their own symphony of sound. 
To ensure their inner darkness 
will remain dormant for all eternity. 
:iconlunanyxfrost:LunaNyxFrost 7 5


Halloween Keebo by riyuta Halloween Keebo :iconriyuta:riyuta 273 5
Spiderman/Lady Bug the ultimate enemy EP 13
Inside the Shield warehouse on the outskirts of Paris, Tony Stark has taken Rena Rogue, Chat Noir and Spider-Man there as a safety measure. However, once they were all inside Chat Noir was taken to an interrogation room and was tied down with restraints and a shock collar. Rena thought it was overkill, but Tony couldn't take any chances, especially with Chat's cataclysm. Rena then asked Tony if she and Spider-Man could try to reason with Chat Noir, catch him up to speed. Reluctantly he opens the door and Spider-Man and Rena enter with the door closing behind them. It was sealed off, especially from all the other shield agents, only Stark had special access and watched them through a special camera built in his suit.
"Rena are you sure you want to go through with this?" Spider-Man asked in concern. Rena then crossed her arms and looked away from him. Even she was unsure about wanting to tell Chat Noir everything.  
"I don't know. But it seems we're running out of altern
:iconnevillemadan007:Nevillemadan007 15 6
Shall we dance? by SKTachi Shall we dance? :iconsktachi:SKTachi 23 9 +Belle - Tale as Old as Time+ by larienne +Belle - Tale as Old as Time+ :iconlarienne:larienne 3,861 188 spidey she hulk by AlexPascenko spidey she hulk :iconalexpascenko:AlexPascenko 1,035 29 Pirate Angel by AnaPaulaDBZ Pirate Angel :iconanapauladbz:AnaPaulaDBZ 57 29 Katarina Death Sworn - League of Legends (2v) by Sciamano240 Katarina Death Sworn - League of Legends (2v) :iconsciamano240:Sciamano240 4,493 55 Vision of My Mermaid by AlexaWayne Vision of My Mermaid :iconalexawayne:AlexaWayne 17 22 HT - Aunt Lydia 116 Candles by AlexaWayne HT - Aunt Lydia 116 Candles :iconalexawayne:AlexaWayne 16 16 HT - Aunt Lydia Drooling by AlexaWayne HT - Aunt Lydia Drooling :iconalexawayne:AlexaWayne 16 5 Musa by RocioRodriguez Musa :iconrociorodriguez:RocioRodriguez 5 0 HT - Mavis by AlexaWayne HT - Mavis :iconalexawayne:AlexaWayne 33 18 HT - Aunt Lydia with Goggles by AlexaWayne HT - Aunt Lydia with Goggles :iconalexawayne:AlexaWayne 17 32 CM - Mai - Power Rangers by psyclopathe CM - Mai - Power Rangers :iconpsyclopathe:psyclopathe 84 20 TLG - Fuli by AlexaWayne TLG - Fuli :iconalexawayne:AlexaWayne 25 43 Superman Rebirth - Commission by AlexaWayne Superman Rebirth - Commission :iconalexawayne:AlexaWayne 22 2



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Luna Nyx Frost
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Hi. I am a writer/contributor for The Geek Initiative and also for Gothic Bite Magazine while being a proud LARPER. Welcome to my world.

I have been writing for the last fifteen years. I am inspired by nature, ancient history, and classic literature.

My works are also inspired by the short stories and poems by Edgar Allen Poe, poems by Emily Dickens, sonnets and plays written by Shakespeare, fables by The Brothers Grimm, and myths and legends from Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, and Britannia.

Writer | Poet | Researcher
Luna Nyx Frost


Come by to see what the ghouls of gothic bite have been working on. There is such a diverse range of topics and media covered from articles recipes, and reviews and interviews of gothic, spooky, and paranormal topics.…

thank you,

Leader of the Lion Guard,
sworn to protect those
who cry out in times of trouble.
A member of the royal family
that animals respect and admire.

Sometimes I wonder
if the ancestors were right
in giving me the gift of the roar.
Knowing that my emotions
create order and destruction.
Being quick to anger
when loved ones are in trouble.

Unsure in my role as leader
Yet I know the others look to me
for guidance and support.
Each day learning
from mistakes I made in the past.
Learning how to become
the leader my father expects me to be.

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When Dante is taken to an underground arena where he is forced to fight for his freedom. He is saved by his brother and a demon named Cellist.

I do not own any rights to Devil May Cry and its characters only the story which comes from my imagination and love of the franchise.

Chapter One

The door to Devil Ma Cry swung open allowing the violent wind from the storm outside to slam it close behind the new arrival. The stranger glanced around the store lowering her hood on the light tan jacket she was wearing. Her delicate face made a look of disgust at seeing the leftover beer bottles and pizza boxes littering the floor along with other piles of trash. She spotted the owner of the shop leaning back in an old armchair with his head buried in a dirty magazine. 

The man was dressed in black jeans and a crimson long sleeve dress shirt. A red trench coat hung on the chair behind him. His long white hair hung low over his face hiding the blue eyes. “Mr. Dante Sparta, I presume?  Despite your sloth nature, I was told to come here and speak with you.  I have a demon investigation that needs your urgent attention,” The woman explained, after clearing her throat, seeing that she had the man’s attention at last.

Dante heard the woman enter the store reading her aura. She was a normal human though he placed her as the rich type by her over sprayed perfume. He watched the woman from under the magazine taking in the expensive looking jewelry along with the latest style of fashion. Hearing the woman address him Dante sighed putting the magazine down realizing that he could no longer ignore her.  “I’m surprised you didn’t get robbed on the way in here lit up like a Christmas tree. Look babe, I’m not sure what your friends told you while you were sipping tea in your estates, but I only hunt the creatures that go bump in the night. If you’re so-called demon is a loan shark or gang members looking for some fun time, you got the wrong guy for the job,” Dante explained, going back to what he was reading.


“I was warned that you lacked manners Mr. Sparta, though I didn’t realize I would be so poorly handled by someone in despite need of a job. The vile beings I’m referring to were demons they killed my friend and I fear that I may be next, since they seem to feast upon those of us who are rich for no apparent reason.  I can pay you anything you wish Mr. Sparta. All I ask in return is that you kill this creature for me,” Shekel explained, seeing the grin appear on the hunter’s face climbing to his feet.  

“Wait right here, babe. I’ll be right back,” he noted, gathering his belongings.

Shakel watched Dante walk through the storm before she pulled the necklace from around her neck using the sharp stones to cut her wrist, making a pool of blood on the floor. Soon the pool of blood was large enough before an image appeared in the center.


“You were right that half breed son of Sparta, will do anything for a damsel in distress. He’s heading for the trap as we speak master, and shall be yours as soon as he steps foot inside my home,” Shekel explained, shedding her meat suit and leaving it on the shop floor.



Dante glanced up at the old two-story home or what was left of the estate. The once light blue house was now a dull gory husk with the paint peeling and hanging front the wood like stretched skin, showing the gaping wounds underneath. The upper windows were caked in dust while those on the ground floor was either broken or covered with nailed plywood. It no longer had a chimney but a few broken bricks hovering over a tent on the verge of collapsing.

He stood under what was left of the awning on the porch leaping up onto it not daring to walk on the sunken steps.  “Damn, and here I thought from the babe’s appearance I would be fighting the devil in a mansion.  Oh well, I guess I should be used to this by now,” Dante muttered, shaking the rain out of his hair, drawing twin pistols before stepping inside. Pointing his guns out in front of him, Dante slowly walked through the building as he watched his step making sure he didn’t step on any rotting wood. 


Dante entered what he assumed would be the living room, using the standard outline most houses were built in. Trash and papers littered the floor carrying the stale stence common in rooms that were not used for a few months. The dust was heavy in the air his footprints leaving deep prints in the dust like snow that covered the ground..  Sending his senses throughout the house he realized that he had been sent on a wild goose chase as there was nothing there.  “Figures I should had known someone as rich as her was just looking for a good laugh.  At least I’ll get paid for wasting my time here.” Dante muttered putting his guns away.  Not sure what to do he decided to finish searching the rest of the house to see if maybe he had missed something.


Dante jumped up the staircase leading upstairs knowing that the steps that remain wouldn’t hold his weight. He wandered the hallway coming to a stop when he reached the master bedroom and kicked the door open with his guns at the ready. He glanced around the room noticing that this one was bare as well moving further into the room. When he reached the center of the room the door slammed shut behind him.

An intense pain had brought him to his knees. Glancing up he saw the walls which were faded white became covered with demonic text upon his presence. Cursing at seeing that he had fallen for a trap. Dante tried to use Rebellion to climb to his feet only to feel something slam into his back knocking him to the ground.


“Sorry devil boy, but you’re not getting out of this that easily. My master will make a lot of money off you and wants to make sure that you come along quietly. Of course, I never thought it would be this easy to capture you,” A female voice called out mockingly. Dante had raised Ebony behind him and fired at the girl before using Ivory to shoot at the wall.


Shekel sighed at seeing the half devil’s pathetic attempt to fight her even if his attack had taken her by surprise feeling the bullet bury itself deep inside her left shoulder. Sighing in annoyance, she removed the bandages letting the rotting limb fall to the ground before she strolled around to face the slayer knowing that his bullets alone wouldn’t be able to break her master’s spell.


Dante started coughing trying hard not to gag on the smell of rotting flesh that filled the room. His limbs felt so heavy from the demonic symbols seeing someone standing in front of him. The woman was covered from head to toe in bandages allowing a pair of black eyes to peek out from underneath. The symbols on the wall glowed a faint red matching the same symbols on her body.


“I apologize for my appearance, but I can’t last very long in a human body since they rot too quickly. I know being the devil slayer that you are Dante that you heard of underground fighting going on in the underworld.  My master oversees this little sport and wishes for you to fight for him. Of course, he knew that you would say no to this, so we had to trick you into coming here.  It’s amazing what you’ll do for a pretty face and the woman was just a greedy mortal that thought I would give her more power,” Shekel explained, reaching her hand out to stroke his face amused by the look of disgust. Crawling backwards to avoid her hand.


“So, a talking corpse is telling me that I have to act like a good boy for your master while demons pay him to watch me fight? No thanks, babe. You can tell him this when you go back to hell,” Dante cried, making a mad grab for the giant sword known as rebellion on his back.  His sword slammed down on the corpse only for it to hit a shield that appeared out of nowhere.

The force threw Dante against the opposite wall knocking him unconscious.  Shekel glanced toward the closed door seeing a portal was open as she fell to her knees in front of a tall devil that was wearing a black suit as his grey hair was slicked back from his forehead as his face was covered with scars.


He walked into the room ignoring the girl and came to a stop in front of the fallen slayer kicking Dante with his black loafers to make sure that the half devil couldn’t try and attack him. “I see that even with my wards he was still a match for you, my pet. It’s a good thing I came in time otherwise, you would be nothing more but a pile of dust,” Ivir explained, snapping his fingers before two greed’s appeared and dragged Dante through the portal. He bent down to pick up the fallen bandages touching Shekel’s left arm repairing the damage. “Come along, my pet. We have a match to oversee and we need to inform them of our newest fighter,” Ivir explained, as Shekel climbed to her feet before following her master through the portal.

Devil May Cry fanfic Chapter one for Entrapment When Dante is taken to an underground arena where he is forced to fight for his freedom. He is saved by his brother and a demon named Cellist.

I do not own any rights to Devil May Cry and its characters only the story which comes from my imagination and love of the franchise. 

An interesting idea for a journal from HappyHyenaGirl  There were more questions but I just chose a few.

1. What does your Deviantart name mean and why?
Alexa help me create this since I need a pen name for being a writer. Luna Nyx Frost means moon dark frost which describes me. I always been connected to nature especially the moon and my writing muse is considered dark. Also Nyx is a minor goddess of night in Greek mythology another past time of mine.

2. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined and what are you in now?
Too many, Kingdom Hearts, Sailor Moon, Disney, The Phantom of the Opera, Marvel, and DC, Yugioh, Devil May Cry and many more
3. How many watchers do you have now?
Right now I have 46 watchers.
4. Name 3 of your favorite artists on DA:
I have many artists that inspires me and these those who supported me in the beginning when I first joined DA
AlexaWayne, LokiDalton  sktachi
5. What are your favorite non-anime TV shows?
The Lion Guard. Tangled the series, Hotel Transylvania the series, baking shows on the food network, and the amazing race to name a few.
6. Anime or Manga?
Both they are both in English dubbed
7. Read or TV?
Reading I prefer a book to watching a show but will put a book down to spend time watching a show with others.

8. What are your top 3 favorite books? (not mangas)
Hard question for a bookworm, Phantom by Susan Key, Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Poems and short stories by Edgar Allen Poe

9. Name 3 of your favorite bands/singers.
Evanescence, Linkin Park, and Simple Plan    

10. Have you been on a plane?        
Yes I been on a plane a few times and wish to go again to see a new place

11. What is the last film you saw in the movie theatre?
Justice League

12. If you could go anywhere in the world?
Lots of places I have yet to see Ireland or France
13. Favorite time of the day?
mid morning
14. What do you want to be now?
Writer and baker
15. When is your birthday?
April 12th

16. What is your zodiac sign?
Aries the ram but I associate with the water sign Caner the crab

17. Last book you read?
The Medusa Files

18. What was your favorite show when you were a kid?
I watched a lot of cartoons card captors and teen titians stands out to me.
18. What's your Personality like?
shy, snarky, quiet, likes to share knowledge with others, sharp wit, intelligent, hard to read

19. Favorite Day of the Year?

20. Favorite video game?
Jak II

21. Favorite Day of the Week?

22. Favorite animal?
timber wolf

23. Favorite thing to do outside?
Take a walk explore a new location, hike in the woods

24. Favorite thing to do when it's raining?
read, write, bake something new, watch movies

25. Favorite Disney character?
A few questions of my own
26. Favorite Movie?
Beauty and the beast
27. What gives you inspiration?
Music, bodies of water, going to a new place, reading, and hearing others stories
28. Elemental alignment?
Water and ice
29. What are your hobbies?
Baking, chess, writing, playing the piano and violin, playing video games, LARP, and acting
30. What is your favorite quote?
“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”
― Edgar Allan Poe
psygcosis507 a5l-legion galactic-red-beauty
~ Rules ~

1. Write the rules (or copy/paste, whichever you prefer.)
2. Write 13 things about you.
3. Answer 13 questions asked by the person who tagged you, and ask your 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 Deviants. Make sure they know they are labeled.
5. Do not say '' You're labeled if you read this. ''
6. It is forbidden not to label anyone.
7. Rear labels are allowed.
8. If you do not make this label in a week, you must obey a wish of the person who labels it.

1. Do you consider yourself a Nerd? Yes, I’m a gaming and a comic book nerd. I spend a lot of time playing puzzles or video games. Also, a theatre nerd enjoy performing on stage or merely in front of my friends and family.
2. Marvel Comics or DC Comics? DC I go to cons and cosplay as Raven from Teen Titans or Nightwing from the Batman univerise. I read both Marvel and Dv vomivs and there are some marvel character I find have a sarcastic humor but the comics are a bit too lighthearted for my tastes.
3. Superman or Batman? Batman Superman is nothing more than a whiny boy scout. Batman is intelligent and can think on his feet.
4. Star Wars or Star Trek? Not really a fan of either but if I had to pick Star Trek.
5. Comic Books or Manga? Both Love reading both styles though manga is a bit easier to read with a magnifier wanting to get back to comics but trying to find the best way to read them online.
6. Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings? Lord of the rings love Middle Earth would want to be an elf in that world.
7. Vampires or Werewolves? I like both, but I feel vampires have the advantage. They are immortals that are the superior race in the paranormal realm. Werewolves are hybrids of wolves and humans who lose the battle with their wolf. Vampire have their urges but still have a connection to their human nature.
8. What superpower would you want? I already have super hearing I guess the ability to control the elements.
9. Catwoman or Black Cat? Black Cat she’s sarcastic and makes fun of Spiderman whats not to like about her?
10. Spider-Man or Iron-Man? I say spiderman but only the classic version not a fan of the new version.
11. Red Hood or Punisher? Red Hood love Jason Todd in this form.
12. Teen Titans or Teen Titans GO!? Teen Titians the joke that is Teen Titians Go does not exist in my world.
13. Darseid or Thanos? Thanos I don’t see him as a villain and this sounds wrong but his idea wasn’t wrong.

1.    Digimon or Pokemon?
2. Anime or Cartoons?
3. Devil May Cry or Castlevania?
4. Do ghosts exist?
5. What period of time would you want to live in?
6. Elf, dwarf, or human?
7. Dragons or mermaids?
8. Cosplay or Live Action Role Play?
9. Musicals or Plays?
10. X-men or Brotherhood
11. What is your favorite novel?
12. Mage or Demon?
13. Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?

tag SKTachi AlexaWayne Nevillemadan007 @ lokidalton EmberlyLSummers
Come by to see what the ghouls of gothic bite have been working on. There is such a diverse range of topics and media covered from articles recipes, and reviews and interviews of gothic, spooky, and paranormal topics.…

thank you,




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