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Saxophony: Part 1

WELL!!!! for those who don't know (which is probably a lot of you) I play music, and I LOVE my sax...absolutely gorgeous little thing...And this is an idea that I've been wanting to try out for awhile and yeah it's probably over done, but...I don't care....I'm doing it anyways.

Please take a look at the other images in this series of works... I'm quite proud of them really

Saxophony: Part 2
Saxophony: Part 3


bordered and made prettier in so doing...don't you agree?

I might put the original un-border-ed one in scraps...
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oooo...your sax is super sexy!!! (yay for alliteration!) being a flautist, i might be partially biased when i say that the flute is the most awesome instrument *ever*, but sax is pretty gnarly as well.

do you just play alto, or have you tried some of the others as well? tenor, soprano, etc.
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I play flute as well, saxes just photograph better. I have tried other saxes, baritone, tenor, soprano and sopranino, but alto is the only one I own.
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saxes do indeed work better for photos. as for that "art" that was removed, be thankful that you never had to see it. first, it might have made your eyes bleed, and second, i'm slightly ashamed of the comment i wrote for it. i was a little ruthless, okay *very* ruthless, but copying someone's original work without even mentioning the artist has to be at the top of my list of pet peeves. let's just say that this person's reply back to me was *not* pleasant.
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I did find it, but it's fine. We had a bit of a chat. Person said that it wasn't theirs, twas a friend's and the friend wanted it up there or something-a-rather, but it's down now, so that's all that really matters.

I agree with you completely. Artists need to be mentioned, even if it's an "inspired by" piece. but so what? give credit where credit is due.
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i gotta say this is a great pic....i tried so hard to work my saxophones into a few pictures with epic failure lol....i couldnt find a good angle on did a wonderful job on the entire series
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Thank you very much indeed.
hang on... saxphones..? multiple? How many do you have?
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at the time i had a soprano an alto and 2 down to just 2 tenors a bit of a music nut.....
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i so want a soprano, and a sopranino too for that matter.
All I have is my alto, my clari, a trumpet and a flute...
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sopranos are a lot of fun....ive never messed around sith a sopranino tho....but man sides the saxophones i got an arsenal of musical instruments lol...never been able to pick up a flute tho...
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most guys never can pick up a flute, and I don't mean to stereotype or anything, it's just that it's true...I've met maybe two male flautists, and I've known a fair number of people...
Get into it though... gotta admire a man with a flute.
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lol ive tried and failed....i cant get a sound out of it :( lol
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it's easy really... a whole lot of trial and error to begin with. It's exactly like blowing across the top of a bottle.
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Wonderful image with really nice lighting and composition!! Like it alot! Definite :+fav: from me!!
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thank you very much!
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thank you very much. It's my personal favourite piece, so I'm glad you like it too.
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Nice mirroring picture :)
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this is just captivating .. love everything about it what a georgous photo you took here music is a big part of my life and this just made my eyes pop :)
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I'm glad you like it... And were able to tell me so and why. Thank you!
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Nice Job! I love my Sax also.... check my gallery for a more unusal look to a sax pic :D
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hrmm...I think I shall!
And thank you!
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