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Autumn Planet

*Full View Please!*

I watched a vue tutorial hosted by Geekatplay Studios that demonstrated how to make a tiny planet. I wanted to make my own, and this was the result!

Here's a link to all of the Geekatplay Studios Vue tutorials. They're free, and they're excellent!


Side note: I was planning on creating an entire series of these (one planet for each season), but it turns out that the idea isn't as original as I had thought. I've turned my focus to other things, instead.

EDIT: Uploaded a higher quality JPG. Thanks :iconaquariuswolf:!
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Hi LunaNegra! I found this photo on google to use as filler for a design project for school for the Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto. I've been working on getting around to making one of my own and won't have time before my project is due. I'd be happy to show you what it looks like. Would you feel comfortable me using it for this class? I won't be getting anything from it except a mark.

Please let me know as soon as you can. This assignment is due within the next 2 weeks.

Thanks for taking such a beautiful photo! You can email me at sammy_phillips@
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its just wonderfull, perfect in every aspect
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Very beautiful!!! :D
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I recognised the tutorial as soon as I saw this :D I make my little planets the hard way, modelling them first in Cinema 4D, then manually placing the Vue trees afterwards (since I'm picky with what trees go where lol) But this method is just as realistic if you just want random nature :relaxed:

The planet seems to have a warm, afternoon colour and lighting, but the sky is very pale and a bit "cold daytime" looking...I probably would have given it a bit more light deacy and glow to get that warm afternoon hue (which may brighten the look of the orange colour trees too, Autumn scenery always looks amazing at early sunset :sun:) just a suggestion though, not necessary if you don't want (I hate re-rendering scenes too lol)
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Thanks for the constructive criticism! I've admired your work for a long time, so your comment means a lot. :)

P.S. Sorry about the late reply! I've been on a DA hiatus for awhile! :D
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This is my favorite of your recent uploads. It reminds me of lazy afternoons; warm sunlight, soft breezes, and drowsy tranquility. Great piece of work.
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A comment from the elusive a~syndikai! :D :D :D

Thanks for your thoughts. It's nice to hear what feelings these pictures evoke in others. :)
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I really love this one :) There needs to be a Spore plant like this :D
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...although a spore plant that looks like this would also be cool... like a hovering ball of leaves. Thanks for your comment. :)
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Okay, this is totally in Spore but it is just so tiny you can't see it: [link]
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Oh wow thats absolutely lovely! The tutorials are cool...i have no idea how to do the stuff, but its still cool LOL. I think your little planet is awesome! I so want to go exploring on it lol :D
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Thank you. I'd like to take a little stroll around the planet myself but I don't think I would get very far given the planet's radius. :D
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it looks real. i like it and wanna play with it
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Thanks. :D

I want to live there... or at least visit during the Autumn months so that I can rest near a trickling brook and watch the amber leaves flutter to the ground.
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i like the different color leaves! they are sooo pretty and the bright colors! *dies*
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