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And you don't know what you've got until it's gone

And you don't know who to love until your lost

And you don't know how to feel until the moment's passed

It's truly AMAZING what you all drew!! A total of 22 very strong entries! I'm so happy with that and I'm really proud on you all. It was a hell to judge this, really, you all deserve a great place but that's not possible ;___; So I'm really sorry if you're dissapointed, but I simply can't put everyone at the first place D: I was quite strict with judging to get the best and fairest results, and I really took my time to judge everyone against their gallery, so I'm sorry for the long wait :/ You all did so great, so I decided that it would be fair to write a comment/critique/tips/somethinglikethat from about 100-250 words for every entry. If you don't want that, then just don't read it xD

Did you win something?
Then go to the person offering the prize to claim your prize :D

So, here we go! :la: 

The Huntswoman and her Ice Queen - FIRST by Pinear

Pinear - 91,5 points

I am so incredibly proud of you. This is one of your first digital arts, and compared to the rest of your gallery this is far beyond anything I expected, honestly. You put so so much effort in this, I know that and it 200% shows off. It’s truly amazing how much you improved. I couldn’t do anything else than to give you all the points for effort. There are so many details, the leaves, the mushrooms, the trees in the distance, the tack, the grass, the shadows… I can go on and on. It’s also very creative to make them in this pose, and has a good reason. It’s totally different, which makes it totally unique from the other entries. It has such a calm atmosphere. You simply scored high on every point, congrats on that and on making this amazing piece and improvement! Seriously, everyone who reads this should check out her gallery and see it for yourself, what an amazing job she did on this entry!

:bademoticon: 2nd
*WON*Night on a prowl by Brissinge

Brissinge - 89 points

Bris. DAMN Bris. This is amazing. Your art is always great, but I can see you put a lot of effort into making it even better than your normal art! All those details... It's breath taking, yeah I see them all :eyes: You drew so many tiny leaves and grass parts and the camouflage on the horse worked out very well! I really love the light from the back and the animal mutation is just great! I almost don’t know what to say… xD The only thing that I can think of to improve are the amount of detail in the wood of the trees, they are just a little bit simple shaded compared to everything else. And the horse could use some more detail, but really, that’s all I can say, you just did great!

The final shot by Irsibil

Irsibil - 84 points

Very good entry Irsi! I really like the fact that you're showing the transport thingy the animals can do. The shading on the horse and rider looks so good, especially on the horse, I think the rider could use a tiny bit more contrast, but it looks great! The deer you made in the stairs is a nice touch, pulls up your creativity points ^^ And something that doesn't really matter to the competition, but because I'm the Lisqar creator: You made the crystals and markings glow exactly like they were supposed in this bright-night environment! Looking to your gallary, I can see you really put a loooot of effort into the whole picture! Congrats on that!

-= Chase + story =- by Naia-Art

Naia-Art - 82,5 points

The first entry that came in, and a very strong one! I love the dynamic pose and expression you choose for the horse and rider, that’s not the easiest thing to draw. It totally fits the forest area I had in mind, the moonlight is perfectly done. In my opinion you could have added some more details to the leaves and the bark of the trees. The bark is a bit ‘easily’ done and I’ve seen other drawings of yours with much more detail in the leaves. But on the other hand, you added little details which I really like: Mushrooms at multiple places, the texture of the jacket the rider is wearing, the texture of the cloth on the horse, the dim light from the bow that reflects on the rider… The combination of many blue hues and a bit of orange is lovely! Overall, you did a great job and it looks stunning!

[AkD] I forgot to shoot by BUGHS-22

BUGHS-22 - 80 points

You probably already know how much I love this, but I have to say it again: I LOVE this one!! It’s actually everything I hoped to see when waiting for the entries (same goes for a lot of entries, but I have to say it xD) it’s magical, it’s a pretty forest, it’s clearly all about hunting, it’s gorgeous, it’s surprising and creative! I’m totally in love with the idea and the colours. The expressions are very nice done and, especially the horse and rider have a lot details. The foreground does too, but I think the background could use a bit more, even though it’s more detailed than most of your other art. The little fireflies give a nice touch to it and gives just that little bit of difference from the overall blue looking picture. Only thing that gives you one point discount is the bracelet, where did it go? xD But I love this picture, it’s magical and breathtaking!

*@?#$%! OWL by Vizseryn

Vizseryn - 79,5 points

Wow Viz! Amazing art once again! That pose, is simply badass, how did you ever managed to make it look so good? *stare* The picture has a very nice and unique composition, it’s really different from the other entries which gives you a few more creativity points. The owl is in such a pose which makes it looks like it’s flying away very quick, so nice movement there! And then the details, great job on those, especially on the horse and rider! The fur looks great and the shadow and highlights on it from the moon look perfect. The details on the face and hair of the rider look soo good, but then I scroll down and see that little bush(or sand?) where Velocitron is standing in and then I’m like: Details, where did you go? That’s the only thing that’s bothering me a bit, and maybe the purple light is a bit too overwhelming since Lisqars don’t shine thaaaat much, or it’s just my opinion xD Further it looks amazing and magical! And I have to say, that dark skin from Rodaan is so pretty here!

Contest/Event: Night of the Hunters by Samantha-dragon

Samantha-dragon - 79 points

I really like this one! I took a look in your gallery, and this is something different for you, right? Well, you did a great job! I love that the wolf is in the front, it deserves that spot because wow, it’s such a beautiful wolf! It’s so magical and the orange fits the background colours nicely. The horse, rider and background look amazing as well, especially compared to your gallery. Maybe you could have added some more details to the trees, but that’s it I think. You did the lightning very good, totally fits the event! I keep looking at the wolf xD I just love the sparkles, it makes it looks so magical c: Oh now I see, I’m missing the light from the fox on the things around him. He’s glowing brightly, but I see no orange on the bush he’s jumping over or on the trees. But that’s all I can think of, you just did a very good job!

Night of the Hunters by PonyCool42

PonyCool42 - 72,5 points

Oh how I love this entry! Yay for traditional! I’m stunned by how good you made the fox glow and how it reflects on the horse and rider. And look at that background!! It’s so pretty! I love the spooky atmosphere in the distance, while the light of the fox makes a comforting foreground. And the trees, they are very detailed and have very realistic shapes, I just love it. Same goes for the horse and rider though, look at them, it looks like drawing them was a lot of fun, and that’s important of course. Great composition as well! Overall, you put a lot of details in it, especially compared to your other traditional art. The leaves, structure of the trees, perfect lightning on the head of the horse, the trees in the distance… It adds up. I’m simply in love with this entry, you did a great job!


sta-a - 72 points

Oh Sforcia, I love your art, and this is another amazing piece. It’s very creative, I really like the idea of feeling pity for the animals! But of course, it doesn’t hurt. And the lightning, you’re so good at that, and you always make gorgeous lightning but this one is even better. I’m very curious where that green light behind the girl comes from tho xD I’m amazed by how well you drew the light animal, also because it’s lying partly against the girl and you worked that out very good! And damn, the horse is so pretty! Look at that horn, those manes and lightning, it’s so well drawn! Sforcia, go and make tutorials o.o But, eventhough there are more details in this one compared to your gallery, I’d love to see more. But the full picture is amazing and you did a great job!

It glows! by PoisonSoldat

PoisonSoldat - 71,5 points

This looks very good Poison! I can see you put a lot of effort in it. All the grass… well that’s a lot of work! Lots of detail on the horse and rider, and nice detail to add that bit of purple in the eye of the horse! I see those details! xD Great job on the jacket, the shading looks very good, but since it’s meant to be a leather jacket, you could perhaps add that bit of shine to it at a few places, just a tip c: It’s also creative, not just a standard shooting picture! Oh and the stump on the ground loos soo good! Maybe you could have added a little bit more structure to the trees in the background? And just a tip which might be useful, because I noticed you didn’t use it before (I think) while looking through your gallery: Put the pencil in a different mode and try things out, you can get very nice effects by playing with that! :D But, great job, really!

Hunters Event: Inside the Darkness by AroonCat

AroonCat - 70,5 points

Nice job Aroon! It’s quite a simple picture, but I can see you put pretty much effort in it, there are a lot of details! The grass and little flowers look really good, and the horse and rider are also very detailed. And the fish: First of all, it’s a fish, that’s a bit more creative than just a deer, and it looks very good! I guess you followed my tutorial? It looks like it, and if so, you did a great job, and if you didn’t you did an even greater job XD Lots of trees, must have been a lot of work, but you kept the details in it! I’m missing some leaves, looks like you tried to avoid them (which I can understand haha), but maybe next time you could have use some nice foliage brushes and draw a bit, gives a good look most of the time. Also, the ehm.. how do you say that? Well, the border between the grass and water is very abrupt, maybe you could have added some sand in between? The water is wavy, but the moon reflecting in it is perfectly round, perhaps you could have added some water textures to it. But overall, I think you did a great job!

The legend of the phoenix by SundaysPony

SundaysPony - 70,5 points

I’m in love with the colours you used, black, cobalt and gold, it’s very pretty! Classy, but still magical. The pose is nice, it’s a bit different, not too crazy since it’s still just a shooting pose, but it’s a bit different which is good. But then I take a good look at your gallery and most things are simply better worked out and more detailed. Especially the background, I see so many great backgrounds, but this one looks pretty quickly done. I’m missing the details you showed you can do. Also, the light from the phoenix should reflect on the horse and rider, even if it’s just a bit, but I can’t find any ^^ The ground seems flat, but the hooves disappeared :lmao: But the tack design is lovely!

Quiet Nights by Frozenstallion

Frozenstallion - 70 points

Daan, you really did such a good job on this one! I can see you really put effort in every part of it. I really like the fur on the back of Ember, it turned out so good! And the glowing things reflects on everything where it should be, good eye for detail work there. The water dripping from the belly, legs and mouth from Ember are nice details too :3 The water looks almost magical, with the glowish mist coming from it, I love it! I don’t really see a lot of things you could improve xD Maybe make the bow a bit cleaner? It looks a bit shaky. And you could have added the grey circles from the bracelet instead of leaving them away because they are off, it could increase your detail points just a little bit more, but overall, I really like it and the colours are beautiful as always, you are so good at that :love:


Night in sign of the Hunt by Ciy-chan

Ciy-chan - 70 points

Like I said before, I literally said “WOW” out loud when I saw this for the first time. I’m still in love with it. I love the composition, it’s unique, hard, and makes it totally different from the other entries. The expression of the horse is amazing, so it the pose. It’s quite pity there isn’t much detail in the whole picture. I like the overall picture being to painterly, but you could score more points on details for this competition. But next to that, I’m amazed by the great perspective of everything, and the colours, I love them! :love: You did an amazing job on this one compared to your gallery, keep up the great work!

Night Hunt Flames by Efirende

Efirende - 68 points

First of all, I’m in love with the colour scheme: Black, red and blue, nice contrasts and it makes it so magical! Second, I really like the fact you made some tracks of the deer, it’s not listed in the competition description, but I’m fine with those small extra’s so it adds a few points for creativity. I’m quite impressed by how you managed to draw the rider’s hand, it’s not the easiest pose holding a bow and arrow xD The light from the fire on the rider and horse looks very good, but I’m missing some light at some parts. Like on the chin of the horse and on the tack. Next to that, maybe you could have added some more details to the trees, the trees in the distance are just some simple stripes now. But besides that, you did a great job and it looks very magical!

Problems. Again! by KyraArt-cz

KyraArt-cz - 63,5 points

This looks very good! I like the way you made it stand out by making an unique but realistic tree, trees can grow in many ways, so this is really nice! I also like the thing with the bow hanging in the tree xD You did a great job on the water, you can really see the movement of it. The horse looks very good, but the rider compared to the horse, could use a bit more work. But then again, I don’t see many human drawings in your gallery so in that case, you did pretty good! The front tree looks so nice, you can see the depth and effort it in! But then the trees in the back look pretty simple, maybe you could add some more details to the things in the back too next time ^^ Also the saddle pad looks like it doesn’t have shading on it which makes it look like it doesn’t belong there. But overall, the mood is very mysterious and it looks very good! The tack is beautiful too <3

Hunter or Hunted? by TheChotta

TheChotta - 60 points

It’s so glowy! I love that, the animals look very good! And the idea is also very nice, gives you more creativity points. You’re very good at humans, the rider looks very good. But overall, I think it looks a bit quickly done, when I look to some other pieces from your gallery, they look much more worked out and detailed. The grass on this one looks a bit simple, the grass on your piece ‘Remedy’ would fit better, I think ^^ And the moon is shining on the horse and rider, maybe you could have added that to the grass too? The trees which stand further away, could use some detail too, while the horse and rider has pretty much detail! But I love the magic in the picture, not sure if the red from the horse should reflect on the trees in the distance, but it looks so pretty! xD

Let Fly by Moon light by Makoes

Makoes - 59,5 points

First of all, I really like the design of the bow! You did a great job on that! The light animals and the proportions look very good too. I see you used mainly brushes, which pulls down the amount of effort, if you drew most things yourself, it would be much more effort, so that’s a tip for next time! (: The boar seems to be pretty close to the horse and rider, but still you made the horse almost totally black, it would be more realistic if the horse wasn’t totally black and showed some green reflection, same goes for the nature around the boar, he glows brightly, that should reflect on all the things around him ^^ But overall, I think it looks good compared to your gallery! ^^ Oh and the water in the distance is so lovely and magical!

One Night Of The Hunter by Grifinia

Grifinia - 58 points

You’re really improving Griffi! Especially with the amount of detail in your digital arts, this one has a lot compared to your previous digital art. I really like the dark magical feeling to this, the little bubble-thingies next to the light animal and the masks adds to that. About that, the masks are a nice touch, I like the facts that you took the opportunity to play with the costumes ^^ Tip for next time: Take a good look at how people hold a bow and arrow, the left hand should hold the bow right in the middle, but that’s just a small tip ^^ Also, I don’t know what the bracelet is doing around Grifinia’s ankle, but oh well XD

Forest hunt by vikula11

vikula11 - 57 points

The first thing I noticed, was the effort compared to your other drawings. The overall picture looks really good, especially compared to the rest of your gallery! But when I looked closer, I saw some other pictures you drew before this one, and the horses just looked a bit more worked out than the horse from your entry. Great job on the details as well, could have been a bit more worked out as well, but again: compared to your gallery, you did a good job! I can really see you put effort in the light animal and the light that reflects on the horse, tree and grass. The light from the blue flame on the clothing looks very good! Perhaps you could focus next time on making things a bit more ‘logical’. For example: The front tree is floating, the grass starts as some really thick strokes which I’ve never seen before in real life ^^; and when I look to the shadow of the left tree, the light comes from the back, but when I look to the shadow of the horse and rider, the light comes from on top of them. But the full picture looks very good and I can see you put a lot of effort in it! Keep up the great work!

Night ilusion by prte1

prte1 - 56 points

It’s a creative pose, it’s different and that’s good, I also like the fact that you decided to show the light animal in the front. But overall, I know it’s a bright night, but it looks almost like it’s day ^^’ The shading looks good tho, and I like the motion in the hair of the rider! I think the rider is a bit too big compared to the horse, but I don’t judge on proportions if you don’t trace ^^ Perhaps you could add some more detail to the picture? I saw some other digital arts in your gallery where you showed you can do that :D

Night Of The Hunters Event by AonikaArt

AonikaArt - 51 points

Oh it’s so hard to judge an entry that’s not finished xD And how I wished it was finished, it would look amazing for sure! But of course, I can totally understand your situation! Health before drawing, even if it’s about your kids. So, for as far as it is now, I tried to judge it. The idea, it’s a great and creative idea! I would never have thought about something like this. I can see the fire in the rider, she’s really going for it, which is a lovely touch. The horse looks great so far, I’m in love with how realistic he looks but still totally has your style, that’s very important. The whole motion in this picture is just great and so are the colours! Sadly I can’t give you higher points because it’s simply not finished, but the idea only is already a very strong one!

When you re-read it and see all the stupid typos :') Sorry for those xD

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Vizseryn's avatar
Thanks for hosting! Ahh haha, it's supposed to be water, I was very confused even trying to draw it XD Thanks for the lil paragraph~ :hug:

side note...
"Playing: The Last Of Us"
1000% support this decision :la:
Lunameyza's avatar
You're welcome :3 It looks so nice, I'm officially a fan of your art :dummy:

YAAS <3 That damn rollercoaster of emotions is one of the best things ever *cries*
Vizseryn's avatar
Shucksss, youuuuu Innocent 

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So people, if you want your prize from me, note me! 
To: PinearBrissinge , Naia-Art , BUGHS-22 
TheChotta's avatar
Thank you so much for hosting this amazing competition! :hug: And for the feedback!

Yeahh it was a lil bit rushed XD I did it like the day that this competition ended hahaha I just really wanted to take part despite the fact that I was way too busy XDD The lighting doesn't even make sense to me hahah X"DDD 

But thank you so much for the feedback :hug: this was a really nice competition :heart: 
Lunameyza's avatar
You're welcome!
It still looks badass tho! :la:
TheChotta's avatar
Awhahah thankss XD :hug: 
BUGHS-22's avatar
By the holly Xyrian!! I am 5th out of 21?? O_O that's a real success of me, thank you so much! I can't believe I got more points than many of artist I look up.
Thank you a lot!

Q: "Only thing that gives you one point discount is the bracelet, where did it go?"
A: Oh? I wrote it in the picture description :) he has that bracelet on arm but for the story logic "contest bracelet is not glowing because Armitar didn't get any points yet"
Lunameyza's avatar
Congats!! You deserve it, you did a great job on your entry! :D
I read it indeed, but couldn't you still show a bit of it? The grey orbs perhaps because the lights are off? :D
BUGHS-22's avatar
Ok thanks ^^
Will remember it for the next time!
Efirende's avatar
This was awesome competitions :D So strong entries :D

Ah, highlights on tack, crap :D I knew that I forgot something :D When I look at it now, I would draw whole picture a little bit different :D Maybe next time :)
Lunameyza's avatar
Thanks! Yours was strong too! :faint:
Just a little detail, nothing too bad! :D
Efirende's avatar
Perfection is no small thing, but in small things lies. :D
Lunameyza's avatar
Lunameyza's avatar
Congrats to everyone! You did a great job and I wish I could place all of you in the top 3 because you deserve it! :faint: Thank you for joining and I hope you had fun!

Don't forget to claim your prizes! :D
Brissinge's avatar
oh myyy! :D i'm 2nd? thanksssss! :D
congratulations to all, this was one of most epic events i've been to, thanks Lun ^^

PS: don't forget to contact me for the sketch portrait Pinear and Irsibil

PPS: Didn't notice missing details xD It was only black on my monitore :D now on laptop screen i see all the empy spaces on horse and bark xD thank's for letting me know :D
Lunameyza's avatar
Congrats!! Your entry is sooooooo good! :faint:

I have that same problem :nuu: I'm working on a Cintiq and the colours are more bright and darker there than on my laptop, so whenever I think it looks good, I place it to my laptop and shit, looks crap :nuu: Different screens can be so annoying ):
Brissinge's avatar
indeed they can be :D
Grifinia's avatar
Congratz to all!!! 

1. Pinear  
2. Brissinge 

3. Irsibil 
All of you, please let me know your favourite color of real horse :D 

Vizseryn ,
 Naia-Art ,
Chose one of my horse, you would like to bred your horse with :D
 So comment or send me a note please 
:D (Big Grin)

Also Lunameyza  - I like your commnet a lot :D That braclet is at the ankle, becouse she wears clothes for masking at night hunt - dark purple and black. The glowing stuff on her hand would have let the animals know, where she is, so Grifinia put the braclet on her down leg - only there it fits and don´t fall down :D And yeah I still have problems with drawing people especialy with things in their hands :D 
Lunameyza's avatar
Congrats to you too! I wish I could place everyone at the top ten XD
Ooh I see, nice thinking there! :D
BafflesBafflegab's avatar
To be honest I'm not able to relate to your judgement. Of course there're some really nice entries (that's sth I won't deny). I can understand and (also think that it's  a pretty nice idea ) judging  the "artist's background" - as long as it's positive. Subtracting points JUST because earlier drawings were (for you) better is a mystery to me and shouldn't be part of a event. 
Lunameyza's avatar
No I look at how much effort someone puts into it, so everyone, also 'less great' artists have a fair chance ;) so if someone makes something that looks really good compared to their gallery because of the effort they put into it, then they probably get a higher score. It's all about effort, I think that is fair for every artist and I said that I would judge like this, I'll look to their galleries. If someome doesn't like the way I judge, they should not join this competition.
LukDomMoi's avatar
I am sorry, I don´t want to sound rude, but did the first place win because it is a horse from your own breed?
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