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And you don't know what you've got until it's gone

And you don't know who to love until your lost

And you don't know how to feel until the moment's passed

Entries journal:

"The flight of the arrow is as true as the skill and the nerve of the man with the bow."


You're alone with your horse, riding in the purest and finest nature. With your bow and arrow on your back, you quietly move forward, while watching every corner of the environment you're riding in. Then, at 150 feet right in front of you, you see the shiny light from a big animal. Maybe a big deer, you know that they can be quite hard, which is a positive thing for your score. You let your horse move the other way, out of the small breeze and once you get close enough, you grab your bow tighly, pull your arrow backwards, breathe in and aim carefully...

Welcome to the Night of the Hunters Event!
It is all about arching while riding your horse, in the night, in a large nature area. You're hunting for magical animals, they don't live, they are made out of bright light. Now you may think: "must be easy to hunt for an glowing animal in the dark." But nothing is less true...


Lets start with some rules and basic info

~ Horses and ponies are accepted.
~ All fantasy horses are accepted, just don't use magic or fly etc.
~ Horse must be at least 3 years olds.
~ Entry must be a full body & you have to draw everything by yourself. No free/bought line arts, no photo backgrounds.
~ Your human character can dress up the way they want, be creative!
~ You can go bareback if you want, everything is accepted. Want to build a watchtower on the back of your horse? lol go ahead.
~ You can fall off your horse, walk next to it for a bit etc. without getting discount.
~ You can design your own bow and arrow. They can glow, but they can not possess any kind of magic. Arrows on fire are okay. Ask me about it if you're not sure.
~ Don't forget the bow and arrow on your back of course, if your char isn't holding them.
~ No crossbows
~ It's all effort based
~ Be creative, I don't want to see every single character aiming at all entries xD


Environment and weather

Every participant will get one  and a half hour to go into the big area and hunt for the magic animals (so you're not all the time galloping).
The area contains mostly forest, but also open grass area's with a few trees, streams and lakes. There are a few hills and mountains are surrounding the big area.
It will be midnight and the sky is very clear. You're overall at a higher place so the stars and universe are brightly visible. The moon is full, which gives quite a lot of light when you're in a more open area.
Some ideas:…………


The animals

Like I said, the animals are made out of light, they are not living and don't feel anything. They have lots of different colours. Every colour is possible as long as it is bright (not like brown or black). They can have one colour, or multiple.
What kind of animals are there? Well every animal that you can find in a forest actually. Feel free to give them a fantasy twist, like give a deer wings or create some sort of crossbreed. Just not something like a dragon.
There are three sorts of animals: Easy ones, normals ones and hard ones. That means that the easy ones are easy to catch and the hard ones are hard to catch. Easy animals bring you less points than hard ones (not that that counts for the judging, but for the idea). This doesn't mean that a bear can't be an easy animal to catch, you can't see that from the outside.
The rider has a bracelet with round lights. They are all off at first, but when you catch an animal, they will light up one of the lights on the bracelet. If you catch a normal animal, there will light up a middle row light, if you catch an easy animal, they will light up an upper row light. The more lights that shine, the better you're doing. Feel free to choose your own colours for the lights.
These animals are a light in the dark, but aren't easy to catch. They can all move very quick and have the ability to transport themselves to an other place (max. transport length = about 20 meters, depending on the difficulty of the animal).

Overall NotH guide
Night of the Hunters guide by Lunameyza

How to make an animal glow tutorial
Basic tutorial - Glow by Lunameyza



Effort: 0-30
Detail: 0-20
Creativity: 0-20
Total impression: 0-15
Story: 0-10
Tracing: -3
Correct background/cloting/weapons/bracelet/follows rules: 0- -10
Advertisement: +3 per advertisement
Advertisement: Draw something, a journal, poll, status update, place something on your profile... It must include a link to this journal. At least one week before the deadline.

Total: 95 points


Extra images

You can make a max. of one extra image. It can be a trainings picture, or before or after the event, maybe you lodge at someone else's stable...
Headshot/halfbody: +2 points
Fullbody: +5 points
Effort: +0-5



I really want to thank everyone SO much for helping me getting the points by donations and commissions.
Especially a HUGE thanks to the main donators:
:heart: :iconfrozenstallion: & :iconpinear: & :iconnaia-art: :heart:

**I would really appreciate any donation like breedings, points, imports, drawings etc.! <3**


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Samantha-dragon's avatar
I don't want to make any presure on you or something like that... I'm just curious about when the results will be avaiable? I can't to wait to see them :blush:
Lunameyza's avatar
I don't know.. I'm busy with them when I have time and I want to take my time for judging all of them to make it as fair as possible :) I really don't know when I'll be done, can be in a week, or two, or more...
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I understand and will wait, no pressures ^^
Faejala's avatar
damn....I thought the deadline was the 29th >.<
Lunameyza's avatar
Nawh D: That's pity.. but maybe it comes back next year :D
Faejala's avatar
hopefully :/
I really liked that concept...and I had such a nice image in my head ^^;
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Contest: Night of the Hunters by Samantha-dragon

I'm done :faint: maybe I'll try to write some story there but it depends on how much time I'll have at the evening :/ 
I'm sure I won't win, too many too good pictures are in already, but it was fun and I liked to join! ^^
Lunameyza's avatar
Ehm, you do know right that the deadline was yesterday? ^^;
Samantha-dragon's avatar
awwww, really? :'( stupid me, I was probably confused by title saying "last day" Stupid Me! 
Lunameyza's avatar
Yeah that was from yesterday, I didn't had time to edit it today... The deadline is at the bottom. I'll add your entry, but if other entrants aren't okay with it, then I'm afraid I still have to remove it :/
But at least it looks great! :D
BUGHS-22's avatar
I think you can keep it and let it compete. There is a lot of effort in this pic :)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Yeah, probably I've just remembered wrong day to the date u.u
Thank you, it's nice of you! ^^ Well, at least a little chance - but that changes nothing about the fact I enjoyed whole task :3
prte1's avatar
I'm in! :dummy: *and tired...*
Irsibil's avatar
Mi ten odkaz nefunguje O.o
prte1's avatar
Jej, špatný odkaz (to se mi stalo už po několikáté) -.-"
Správný link :)
TheChotta's avatar
Pleaseee tell me I'm not too late n-n

This is my entry :')
ArtisticallyMinded's avatar
I'm really sad that I missed this event, it looks like so much fun. Do you know if you will be holding it again?
Lunameyza's avatar
I will be I think so, maybe next year :D
ArtisticallyMinded's avatar
Awesome! Can't wait!
prte1's avatar
 Ahh, soo... I hope, I will finished it :D If not, this competition is amazing right now :D
And my donating:
For all six places Pixel icon or only pixel in this size (with background as example is) :)
For the first 3 places: any breeding of my mounts (not dragons and tokotas!)
For the first place is it free commission headshot.

 I hope, my donating will be ok. Oh and one note: When will be end, please write me a note about prizes :D
Lunameyza's avatar
Thank you soooooo much prte! I really appreciate it :tighthug:
prte1's avatar
You're welcome and good luck with judging (many greats pictures) :hug:
Lunameyza's avatar
Haha thanks! I'll need that :lmao:
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