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And you don't know what you've got until it's gone

And you don't know who to love until your lost

And you don't know how to feel until the moment's passed

Main journal:


-= Chase + story =- by Naia-Art Forest hunt by vikula11  The final shot by Irsibil  *WON*Night on a prowl by Brissinge  Quiet Nights by Frozenstallion  Night Hunt Flames by Efirende  Night in sign of the Hunt by Ciy-chan  One Night Of The Hunter by Grifinia  Night of the Hunters by PonyCool42  *@?#$%! OWL by Vizseryn  Hunters Event: Inside the Darkness by AroonCat  The Huntswoman and her Ice Queen - FIRST by Pinear  Problems. Again! by KyraArt-cz  [AkD] I forgot to shoot by BUGHS-22  Let Fly by Moon light by Makoes <da:thumb id="642085006"/>  Hunter or Hunted? by TheChotta  It glows! by PoisonSoldat  The legend of the phoenix by SundaysPony  Night ilusion by prte1  Contest/Event: Night of the Hunters by Samantha-dragon  Night Of The Hunters Event by AonikaArt

Extra images:

Archery in Avathi by Vizseryn  -= Fireplace friends =- by Naia-Art  Hunters Event: The Start by AroonCat  Upcoming challenge by Irsibil  Madness of the hunt by Brissinge <da:thumb id="635758261"/>


Pinear: Drew something + Journal advertisement
Naia-Art: Placed something on profile
Efirende: Journal advertisement
Frozenstallion: Journal advertisement
AroonCat: Journal advertisement
Irsibil: Journal advertisement
Brissinge: Poll advertisement
BUGHS-22 Journal advertisement
Makoes: Journal advertisement

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PoisonSoldat's avatar
Good luck with judging all of these awesome entries btw ;w; I really hope this contest might come back next year!
Lunameyza's avatar
Thanks! I'll need that xD I'm so busy with school so it's going slowly, but I'll get there xD
Maybe, maybe I wait two years... not sure xD
PoisonSoldat's avatar
Haha, take your time, I relate to the school-side too ^^'
Well, I'll make sure to keep an eye out if it ever comes back :la:
Lunameyza's avatar
Naia-Art, vikula11, Irsibil, Brissinge, Frozenstallion, Efirende, Ciy-chan, griffidonka, PonyCool42, Vizseryn, AroonCat, Pinear, xClarXCheex, BUGHS-22, Makoes, sforcia, Chotta18, XxPoisonSoldatxX, SundaysPony and prte1, please check if everything you entered or did to make advertisement is added. I got so many messages with entries, extra pics and advertisement the last days, I might have missed something ^^;
prte1's avatar
PonyCool42's avatar
Looks good to me :)
Vizseryn's avatar
Efirende's avatar
For me its OK :)
PoisonSoldat's avatar
Didn't miss anything on my side ^^ !
Makoes's avatar
I did an advertisement here: 
Event announcement: 2016 Group Announcements 
Lunameyza's avatar
Thanks, added! :D
SundaysPony's avatar
Very annoyed by SundaysPony This is my extra image :D
It is also linked in the descitption and the story is too^^ (I´ll copy the prologue from the extraimage to the story, so it will be one big story and easier to find xD)
Lunameyza's avatar
Thank you, added! :D
Irsibil's avatar
I have other advertisement: comment and link under picture (not drawn by me) from 8 Oct - In the Moonlight
I dont know, if it counts :)

I have all in description under main picture :) Advertisements, extra, story... :)
Lunameyza's avatar
I'm sorry I can't count that as advertisement points for you, since you didn't make it :/
AroonCat's avatar
I don't know if the story needs to be added?
Lunameyza's avatar
If it's, or a link, in the discription, then it's fine like that ^^
BUGHS-22's avatar
I did a Journal about this event on 19th of October so I don't know if that counts ^^" but here it is:
Art/Harpg competitions
Lunameyza's avatar
No I'm sorry :/ advertisement had to be at least a week before the deadline :/
BUGHS-22's avatar
It's exactly 7 days if 19th is counting as a day, if I count right? But nevermind ^^ I understand.
Lunameyza's avatar
Oh that's right sorry! I'll add it :D
Brissinge's avatar
here's my extra, i hopeit's not problem, that there's no horse :D
Madness of the hunt
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